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Surprised sex

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I had sex with my sister. And I will tell you how it happened.

First of all, I never thought about having sex with my sister. It just happened. But it was not a one time thing. After the first time it occurred frequently. We also never talk about it. We just pretend it never happened. The first time was absolutely an accident. Me and my sister loved to annoy each other but she was much better in it than me. She was blonde long hair and a perfect, I would call it, apple ass and some b cub sized perfect breasts. Her face is also what I would call just beautiful. She could have been a model. So it was no wonder that I snapped. She is also 2 years older than me and I was 14 and she q6. It was just a regular day at our home. I was in my room doing some exercises In a t shirt and my shorts when she plopt in my room and sit down on my desk. She was obviously bored and was talking bullshit to annoy me. I told her to get out but I was also in my exercise so I did not wanted to stop and force her out. But how could I know that just minutes later I would force my dick inside her. She was wearing a skirt and while she was sitting on my desk I could see out of my mirror, which I was staying in front of for the training, that she was wearing a normal green panty. She also checked here and then her phone and I don’t now why but when she did I couldn’t resist to peak below her skirt, which was hanging over her knees. She was sitting on my desk since my bed was full off my stuff that I had put on top to get space for training and since I mostly never did my homework it was perfectly free. She had angled her knees on the desk and like I said her skirt was falling back. She was sitting wide spreaded so it was no problem to see her underwear. When I first saw her pantys I was immediately focused on it. Her pussy lips were very thick and the panty was basically highlighting her soft pussy. I was trying to only look when she was looking at her phone so she couldn’t catch me since I really enjoyed watching her vulva covered in panty. It tooked me like 3-4 peaks when I started to get horny. When I first realized my penis getting bigger, I immediately started to train harder but when I started my exercise with the dumbbells I could not resist to look again. But this time I noticed something different. She had a hole in her panty. And it seemed, while she was moving around giggling about something she was writing with a friend that the hole had ripped bigger. Her pussy was squeezing out! I don’t think she had noticed it. But I did. I was paralized. I wanted to say something or continue with my training but instead all my thoughts went into watching it and my dick was semi-erected. Thats was the moment when she started to trashtalk me again. She still was bored and so she called me stupid names and asked me if I stopped training since it was to heavy for me. I immediately turned around still focusing on her pussy squeezing out of her panty. So I thought to myself I have to get her out of here. So after I turned around I came closer to her to do what I usually do to her, beating her up. Since I was younger and just stared training (I was quite skinny) it never really hurt her but she moved or run away. So I came close told her to fuck off and grabbed her feet she was pushing against me, pulling her legs apart, since that was the only way to get close enough to hit her on the head. She really tried to kick me away and hold her legs together but with one lucky move I spreaded her and was right in front of her. She was hiding her face (she knew I would go for the head) when I saw that her panty had completely ripped apart and her pussy was completely exposed to me. She was shaved and I was immediately rock solid. My penis was pushing out of my boxershort and I don’t know what made me do it but I just pushed my hips foreward… By the way the desk had the perfect hight for my penis to go straight to her pussy…. My dick was aiming for her spreaded pussy. And just in the moment when I would probe her pussy I started to hit her. At first while she was trying to defend herself I only pushed a little bit of my head between her lips.. It was so soft, I was immediately forced to push more. I wanted to have this lips catching my penis. At first it was very dry below there but after like 10 seconds of beating her while my hard penis head was pressing against her lips, I felt that it was getting moistered! And my trys to get my head depper when easier. It was then when she grabbed both of my armes and pulled toward her. I slipped completely in and was getting my hands free, she was looking at me with shock but I didn’t gave her the chance to react. I was inside my sisters pussy!!! I felt the heat of a vagina the first time and her inner walls were squeezing me so tight!!! It felt amazing. I immediately started to thrust again but while I did she actually wanted to say something. When I firstly penetrated her she moaned and then looked shocked at me but then I already started to beat her up again, she was screaming that I should stop but it could have been referred to the beating or the thrusting. She was calling me:”Tony stop! Ahh uhh stop it!” but I really tried to stop her talking and beat her mouth, so she had to close it and defend herself. I just want to notify you that I still couldn’t really hurt her, so my beating was not like really hurting her but it was enough to keep her mouth shut. I was full beast mode at this point. Raming my dick deep inside her wiggling body, building up a big load. The itching was unbearable, I needed to scratch my penis inside her. Waves of orgasm stared to materalize and my dick and my head were on the bring to explode. Since she couldn’t say a whole sentence she just started to scream stop! And then she squeezed her pussy together, probably trying to stop me or something but she was also starting to feel pleasure. But when she squeezed together I couldn’t hold it anymore. I grabbed her arms and really pulled her to me and then I shot my first load in a Vagina. I was probably ejaculating, pumping and throbbing for 10 seconds while I hold her arms and looked at her face. She had closed her eyes not watching me a single moment while I was unloading my balls. Then I pulled out. My dick leaving her pussy was immediately followed by a cum drip. It was like I had completely filled her up. Without saying anything I watched it for like 5 seconds before I grabbed the dumbbells from the ground turned around and told her:”now leave, that’s what you get for annoying me”…?my sister heavily breathing on my desk, her pussy overflowing with cum, opened slowly her eyes, sat there for like another minute, breathing and also giggling a little, before saying :”next time I beat you up” and then left. I was putting the dumbbells down after she had left and at least jerked of 3 more times since her pussy, her face and the whole thing couldnt get out of my mind. I knew she must have noticed everything but what was it that she said nothing? It was clear that I had to try to fuck her again and Guys this was just the beginning.

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    Can I see your sister’s pussy pics?

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    I do disagree with the ratings of these fucking stories,this is a 3 star rating not 4 1/2.i read some good powerful incest stories on here that got low stars.

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    Would you share pics of your sister?

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    Sounds like fun

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      Would you share pics of your sis?

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    Is that real.story

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