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My dad have sexsomnia

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A story with roots in reality, written from the perspective of the instigator (victim)

My mom and dad have been married long before I was born. I had a lovely childhood with my big brother, daddy, and mommy. An overall average family with no needs or wants.
The most weird thing was when my brother and i had nightmares. We were not allowed to come sleep with mommy and daddy to feel safe. One of them would always come tomour room and sit with us till we fell back asleep. I never thought much of it, I knew mommy liked to have a lie in on weekends, and on weekdays, she had to get up very early to go to work.
It was daddys job to get me and my brother up to go to school.

The mornings were always the same routine. Mommy woke up at 05:00 got ready and left at 06:00
Daddy would wake up at 07:00 and wake my brother up to get dressed, he was a heavy sleeper and a chore to wake up, at 08:00 daddy would wake me up and get me ready and at 08:30 we left for school.

It was around my 10.th birthday I learned why we could never sleep in mommy’s and daddys bed.

Mommy and daddy had an argument on the Saturday morning of my birthday, cause apparently daddy had kept mommy awake all night with his behaviors. I didn’t really know what she meant about it, and at first didn’t think more of it. Daddy apologised and said he had forgotten to take his pills.

The following Monday when daddy picked me up from school, my curiosity for some reason brought back the memory of that argument. I asked daddy why mommy was angry and what pills daddy had to take, worried that he might be sick.
“Don’t worry about that, Princess. Daddy just have some sleep issues, and it wakes mommy up, she doesn’t like it. Daddy takes some pills to help with the issues.” He told me.

I wanted to know more, and asked if that was why I couldn’t sleep in their bed when I had nightmares.
“That is right. I am sorry about that, but I can’t help it. I have no control over it.”
I could see daddy was genuinely sad about it, so I hugged him to comfort him and told him it was okay.

A few hours later it was time to pick up my brother and mommy. We went out to eat somewhere nice that day and got ice creams for desert! Mommy said it was a waste of money, but daddy loves treating me to ice cream cause it makes me so happy!

The next few days went by as normal without much happening. Then came Friday and we all stayed up late for the weekend.
Mommy and daddy told my brother and me to go to bed at around 20:00, when I was younger I didn’t understand why, but as I grew up, I learned why.
Friday was their sex night.

They would put us to bed and then wait a couple of hours to go upstairs themselves and have sex! They thought they were quiet, but I could always hear mommy moaning and swearing.

The first time I heard it, I thought daddy was being mean to her but that thought was disproven when they were done and she would tell daddy how good that felt, and then they would giggle and talk before sleeping.

This Friday, a week after my 10.th birthday, was no different. And like last week the next morning mommy was upset. Daddy had forgot to take his pills again!

Daddy seemed really upset and sad about but mommy was in a huff.
After things had died down a bit I went to ask her directly.
“Why do you get mad at daddy, has he done something wrong?”

My mom sighed and smiled with worry as she looked at me, thinking over an answer. She must have thought I was old enough, cause she decided to tell me the truth, and the whole truth, I was not prepared for:

“Daddy has a sleep disorder. It’s like sleep walking, but instead of sleep walking, he will put his hands on mommy and touch her in places he shouldn’t be. He can’t help it, I know, but he should remember to take his pills.”

“Is that why I can’t sleep in your bed when I have nightmares?” I asked.
Mommy looked at me and nodded.
“Yes darling, cause he can’t control it, and he will not know who he is doing it to. Sometimes it’s to himself, sometimes it’s to mommy. But we do not want him to do it to you. So ignis not safe for you, or your brother, to sleep in our bed with us, ever.”

I thought this over, and a plan was forming in my head before I even knew it.

The year before, on the 9.th birthday I had some friends over for a sleep over. One of my friends had introduced the rest of us to masturbation.
She had showed us her girl bits and played with then infront of us, showing us how to feel good.

Ever since then I had become obsessed with that feeling of stroking my girl bits and rubbing them against anything.
My mommy had seen me do it and told me it was wrong and little girls shouldn’t be doing that.

When my daddy caught me do it he just smiled and said it was normal, everyone does it. But it is a private thing, so I should only do it when I was alone and never talk about it.

I had followed his advice since then, only touching myself when I was alone in my room.
Mostly on Friday nights while liste ING to mommy and daddy have sex.

That night we went to bed at 20:00 again, mommy and daddy waited a few hours as usual on their sex nights, and I stayed awake to listen out and play with myself.

Once they got started and I could hear the creaking of the bed and the moans of my mom, I snuck up. I went out of my bedroom and snuck over to their bedroom door. I peeped through the keyhole but couldn’t see anything.

“Mmhhh yes eat that pussy! Just like that!”

I had never heard my mom say such a rude word before, but I loved it. I had never heard their words through the wall before, but it was amazing.

“Mmmm your pussy taste good on daddys tongue. Be a good girl and cum for daddy.”

Hearing my daddy speak like that nearly mad my moan out loud, but I caught my voice before it escaped.
My hand had stroked its way down to my… pussy. To my young little ten year old pussy, and was stroking on its own without me even realising it.

My young oussy was more wet than it had ever been before, drenching my fingers with a few little tiny drops sliding down my fingers and hand, on to my thigh and down my leg.

I felt my knees giving out as I heard daddy huffing and moaning, but I had to see.
I very slowly opened the door to their bedroom and put it just ajar enough for me to see.
And what a view.

Mommy was lying on her chest with her but sticking up, and daddy was grabbing her but hard with his fingers and thrusting his hips violently against her bum. I felt a shooting lightning from my young pussy go through my entire body. There was nothing I could do to stop the gasp escaping my lips as I came for the first time ever.

Thankfully mommy and daddy didn’t hear me, cause daddy was groaning loader, thrusting harder and deeper. I think he came too.
I like to think he came because he heard me cum.

While the were finishing I hurried back to my room to go to bed. Only too late did I realise just how wet my panties were. They were drenched as if I had wee’d in them. But I didn’t mind. It felt nice knowing why they were wet.

That night I fell asleep with my fingers stroking my pussy through the wet panties.

Sunday came, and it was a normal Sunday as always.
Except this time I saw my daddy in a new light.
And the night before had sealed my plans.

They would unfold Monday morning.

I searched for my daddys pills, and took then away, hid them so he couldn’t take them. I knew mommy would be mad, but it didn’t matter. She wakes up at 05:00 and leaves at 06:00. She had told me daddys issues were worst in the morning just before he woke up. This was perfect for my plan.

I didn’t have to set an alarm, mommy’s alarm would wake me up. I waited for her to leave, and then I snuck up, walked into daddys room and watched him sleep.

True enough, he was stroking his man bit already, fast asleep. I climbed into bed with him to watch him stroke his cock. I began rubbing my pussy again, and we masturbated together for nearly an hour.

I kept an eye kn the clock to make sure I would be gone before he woke up to wake up my brother.
One hour wasn’t enough, I wanted more.

I convinced my brother to sleep.kver at a friend’s house from Monday to Tuesday. It was no problem he had done it before plenty of times.

Another night came and went, mommy got up, got ready and left.

Now I had two hours before daddy had to wake up.

I snuck into his bedroom again, wearing my smallest panties and shortest top.
He wasn’t playing with him self this time.
I snuck closer and crawled up on the bed.
Last.morning he had his cock out stroking it, but this morning he was still covered under the duvet.

I raised it up a bit to crawl underneath and get closer to his manhood. I could smell his scent easily as I crawled closer on my elbows and knees under the covers. It was hard to see, but that was okay, I had seen it already. This time I wanted to touch it.

When I found his body I roamed.my little hands to his crotch, and very quickly found his very hard cock. I could feel the blood pumping through it as I gripped it.

I slowly.moved.my hand up along the shift to the tip, and when I reached it daddy moaned. I froze, worried he had woken up. After a few quiet moments I felt his cock moving in my hand. It twitched, and then daddy started thrusting slowly and lightly.

Daddy was using my little hand to masturbate his cock. It felt wonderful in my hand. But I wanted more.

I.let go of his cock and he stopped thrusting. I very gently removed the covers and crawled onto of him.
I splayed myself out on his belly and rested my head on his chest, and then I shimmied my young little, ten year old, panty covered pussy down to my daddys sleeping hard cock.

I felt his shift against the cloth covering my lips. And I started rubbing against him gently.
Daddy started thrusting gently too.
His sleeping hands came up to hug me. They stroked my little back and my tiny waist before groping down to my petite little ass.

One of his hands alone could easily cover both my cheeks, so when he grabbed my ass, on cheek in each hand, I felt completely at his mercy.
My little body was now his toy to play with, and I loved it.

Daddy pushed my ass down on his throbbing, thrusting cock and used my panty covered pussy to masturbation with.
It felt so good I couldn’t stop moaning and gasping, my hips wiggling ball on their own too to rub harder against daddys cock.

This went on for a few minutes, and then my daddy, in his sleep, turned me around, or at least I thought he was asleep, but he must have woken up, cause I heard him say clear as day “mmm princess, let daddy taste your young little pussy.” In his groggy morning voice.

I panicked, but my little ten year old body was nothing but a sex toy kn his hands.
My placed me on his chest and stroked my pussy with a finger before I felt his tongue lick from the top of my pussy and down to the hole, where he thrust his tongue inside me.

I yelped with pleasure and that lightning going through my body came back, my body trembling with ecstacy.
By instinct I grabbed his cock and started licking it eagerly. I pull his skin down to expose the tip fully, I licked it and felt my daddys body quiver underneath me.

I liked and kissed and stroked the tip of his cock with my lips, sometimes opening up to take the whole tip in my tiny mouth. He thrust his cock into my mouth while he locked my ten year old pussy so good I came over and over, my body quivering in a puddle of my own cum ontop of my daddys body.

When he realised I was unable to move, he gently put my to the side and rolled me over.
He spread my weak fragile legs and started stroking his cock, rubbing the tip against my drenched pussy.

Everytime he hit the top j felt the shooting jolts of pleasure again, and my whole body would twitch and convulse with pleasure.

Daddy jerked his cock on my pussy until he came all over it, covering my lips and my hairless crotch entirely in his cum. He played around with it, and used the tip of his cock to push some of his seven inside of my young, little, 10 year old, tiny pussy.

I stayed home from school that day.

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