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This one is mostly chat/cyber/sext. Hence the suffix in the title.

[HeyLee wants to chat.]

“Huh,” I checked her profile, then I remembered her, from her pic. A selfy, holding the tabletphone up to cover her face, and turned so that you couldn’t see her crotch, but one buttock peeking around behind the other one, with a slight twist at the waist to match with her small, but perky breasts.


HeyLee: I have a problem.

Jackweb: Well, you know that’s the first step.

HeyLee: Haha, very funny. I mean I have a more immediate problem, and I don’t know who else to talk to, but how do you avoid offending?

JackWeb: Well, I’m not a sex offender, so. What kind of offense are we talking about here?

HeyLee: Yeah, well I read your story, and it was pretty hot, but prostitution is also illegal, you know.

JackWeb: Yeah, I know, and I’m not going to make excuses about it being a victimless crime.

HeyLee: Well, while I have you here, there is something I don’t really understand about how it isn’t gay.

JackWeb: Well, it was homosexual, of course. They were gay men, but that doesn’t make me gay.

HeyLee: Yeah, you wrote that a lot in your profile story.]

Which reminded me to go back, and check her profile. The attached document, which I have access to, being the webmaster for the forum. Her driver’s license, sideways, because she hadn’t had time to get it updated from the underage one, to one she could use to buy cigarettes, or tickets to X-rated movies. For example, but I had to verify her age, for the site’s legal requirements.

[HeyLee: What you up to?

JackWeb: Well, I was just checking your profile, and you wouldn’t happened to have renewed your license?

HeyLee: Oh yeah, sorry I forgot. Let me just take a picture of it, real quick.]

The photo is dated, and timestamped from when she uploaded it. The same day as her birth, only 18 years later. She couldn’t wait to log into the site, and share her story with addiction to Erotica.

[HeyLee: How’s this?]

“Uh!” Just managed to get her tits in there, with the card across her tummy. Her shirt pulled up over tanned abs, and her hand down the front of her pants.

[JackWeb: You think you could find a table or something?

HeyLee: Oh yeah, let me put it out, and go back inside real quick.]

I noticed after she said that that it was obviously sunlight, and she was obviously tanned. A lot more tanned than a couple months ago when she showed her underage ID

[HeyLee: Sorry about that.] She also put down a sheet of paper, and zoomed in on a closeup.
[HeyLee: I want to molest a boy in his sleep.]

She sent another picture.

[JackWeb: That better not be childporn.

HeyLee; Oh no, he’s not. He’s 18, I just can’t get in his pocket, to show you his ID, but I guess he does look a little underdeveloped.
HeyLee: I didn’t touch him, bye the way. He left his pants unbuttoned, like that. I’m pretty sure to tempt me, so. Is that wrong?

JackWeb: Yeah, it’s pretty wrong to me. You better wait for him to wake up, so you can role-play it, and he can just act asleep. Your boyfriend?

HeyLee: No, brother.

JackWeb: Yeah, that’s definitely wrong.

HeyLee: IKR! Don’t worry, I went back outside to smoke.

JackWeb: Scratch that about role-playing it together when he wakes up.] “Shit.” [JackWeb: He older, or younger?

HeyLee: Oh, only younger by about an hour, and a half. Like I said, he’s 18.] I’m starting to wonder if I can trust her, but it took me a moment to realize that she said he was 18, like her, and her brother. I’m pretty sure that she lied, because I know what a little under-developed looks like, and what a little boy’s penis head looks like, even just sticking out of the top of his underwear, and zipper, with the button undone.

[HeyLee: Talk to me, I need something else to think about. Tell me about the whole not gay thing.]

[JackWeb: Well, it’s really as simple as that. You’re either gay, or you aren’t, but whatever you do as an adult doesn’t change your birth sexuality. Any more than putting on a dress would make me a woman.

HeyLee: No, but it would make you a transvestite, at least. What do you look like, in a bra, and panties? Maybe a garter belt, and fishnets?

JackWeb: I don’t know, I never tried it.

HeyLee: No, but you tried it with that drag queen, you rote about in your background story, in your profile.

JackWeb: Yeah. I might look into finding some shoes that fit me, some more. I really shouldn’t be encouraging you, and you know that you shouldn’t be teasing me with dick pics.

HeyLee: Why? It making you hard?

JackWeb: Of course it’s given me an erection, and no, I’m not going to send you a picture.

HeyLee: Don’t bother, you seen one, you pretty much seen them all. You circumcised?]

I’m really tempted to take a picture, and send it to her, and I know that she knows that, so doing so would just confirm that, she’s getting to me, and luring me off.

“Huh!” I took one anyway, and deleted it, along with the childporn pic I definitely don’t want to have on my computer.

[HeyLee: You there?

JackWeb: Yeah.

HeyLee: That yes, you are circumcised too?

JackWeb: No, just confirming that I’m here for you.

HeyLee: Well, I’m only really interested in dick picks if they’re uncut.]

“Huh!” Click!

[HeyLee: Ooh, nice one!] “Hhuh! Huh!” [HayLee: Jack?] “Huh! Uh!” Click! “Uh, huh! Ah fuck!” I smeared fresh semen on my temple, face palming.

[JackWeb: Look what you made me do.

HeyLee: Wow, that’s a lot of jizz! It looks yummy too. You been saving up?

JackWeb: Yeah, it’s been 4 years without cheating on my wife.

HeyLee: It’s not cheating on your wife.

JackWeb: Oh yeah? Well, why don’t you go right ahead, and tell me what my wife considers cheating, or doesn’t.

HeyLee: Don’t be mad.

JackWeb: I’m not mad at you. I’m just disappointed in myself.

HeyLee: She doesn’t have to know.

JackWeb: She doesn’t have to know it was you, but I can’t lie to her. Believe me, I’ve tried, she can see it in my eyes. I can’t hide it from her, any more than I can resist you, but if that’s what it takes to satisfy you, so you won’t go in there, and take advantage of your brother’s incestuous advances.

HeyLee: Yeah. I’m pretty bored with his bullshit anyway, but really thanks a lot. You helped a lot.

JackWeb: Well, you’re right. It is a lot, and it is delicious.

HeyLee: I know that he did it on purpose, because he wrote about it first.

JackWeb: Online?

HeyLee: No, not online. He writes them out on a notebook, but I better go wake him up, before his parents get home, so TTYL?

JackWeb: Yeah.] I just [x]ed it out, and went to wash my hands. Catbath off my chest, and belly, so I could pull my shirt down, without sticking to it, but that last admission wasn’t a big surprise.

He wasn’t her brother, let alone her 18 year old twin brother. She was babysitting him, and that was so much like any of the cliche stories I’ve read, from her, and other authors. It’s supposed to be a safe outlet for our sexual urges, writing therapy can be even more helpful than talk therapy, because you can write things that you’d never be willing to talk about in person, but it also opens you up to people who can take advantage of you.

She knows that too. Now she knows that she can get under my skin, and make me do things, that I know I shouldn’t do, like go right back to her profile, and read what she’s added to her personal story.

[I’m mostly into erotic stories, because for me, the wronger, the better.] She still hasn’t corrected that, so I know it’s intentional. Like mispeling corect, and eror, something else she’s done on a number of occasions, but I’m not just a fan of her’s any more. [That’s what makes erotica even better than real life sex. You can get away with impossible things, stuff you would never do IRL, and just improbably combinations, like the rape victim being black, lesbian, and married with a bunch of mix breed kids to watch…]

[Personal Message from KayLee]

“Uh!” At least it wasn’t another picture.

[Spring Break is cumming up.]

[I thought that was already over] I sent back.

[Not High School Spring Break yet. Not here.]

[I can’t let you come here.]


[Cleveland.] “FUCK!”

[I can drive to Cleveland, easy.] I know, the driver’s license also included an address. All the same information, just printed sideways, with an updated photo, and the one she took on the sun lounger. That was a tease, too. It showed me just enough to make me want more.

[So, what does your wife consider cheating?]

[Anything, outside of our marriage. I shouldn’t even be talking to you at all, and I have work to do.]

[I know but I can’t help it. I’m intrigued by you, and you said that your wife was into it.]

[She was, I haven’t updated my profile in a while, because there wasn’t anything to write about. I haven’t been doing anything, up until now, but I’m supposed to be helping you, and other people like you.]

[Oh, you have. I haven’t offended yet, but I’ve never been so close, and I’m scared. I broke it off with him and his family. I told them that I’m too old to be babysitting, but I really shouldn’t have stuck around, knowing what temptations I had there, but you finally gave me the strength to quit.]


[I have to confess that I didn’t read about that sleeping molestation story in his diary.]

[Let me guess, you wrote it?]

[Why don’t we go back to chat?]

[Because you can’t send me more photos in PMs.]

[Of course I can.]

[Only as attachments, I don’t have to open those, I can just delete them.]

[Yeah, right.]

[I just got off, and I’m satisfied, so if you want to test my willpower now, go right ahead, but I warn you, it’ll be deleted immediately.]

[No, that’s okay, I’m satisfied too. I kinda left a puddle all over their balcony, I should have cleaned up.]

[I’m gonna let you go.]

[I’ll TTYL?]

[We really shouldn’t continue this any longer.]

[I know. That’s why we will, because we shouldn’t…]

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