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Brother fucked me (Part 2)

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Hy i am Malissa.I shared my first sex with my brother(sam).now im gonna share what happened after that.
So sam fucked me that first night.i enjoyed it but i knew he did that so he was gonna do it again.so after the night he fucked me.on the morning when i was eating breakfast he started to talk with me. Indirectly he was asking me that if i were awake last night.i said that i was not.i added that i am a deep sleeper and i dont know anything happens around me after i sleep.i saw his devil smile on his face.then he started to move forward.he started flirting with me.i let him do that.after a while he said something strange that i wasn’t prepared for.he told me “you know sister i usually sleep naked.but now im sharing room with you thats why im not comfortable”. i said “so you wanna change room? If u want i can sleep with dad”. I saw his face turned sad.i said ” but dad sleep naked also.so i cant sleep with him.so im not gonna make you feel uncomfortable.if u want u can sleep naked with me”. He became happy .he said “are you sure?” I said ” yes sure.you are my brother so its okay with me.i saw you naked many times when you were child”.he said “thanks you are best sister ever and can i be comfortable? Like be naked infornt of you”.i said ” haha.sure”.he smiled.but then he said something strange. He said “you can be comfortable also.like if u wanna sleep naked that’s okay with me”. I said ” sure i will if i want”.
Later that day i was watching tv on couch.he came there.he was naked.i asked him why he is naked.he told me that i said he can be naked infornt of me.so i said okay he can.his penis was hard on.he sit next to me.i started to watch tv.he was kind of showing his penis to me.he took his hand on his penis.i was kind of staring at his penis.he was massaging his penis slowly like masterbation.i was using mobile phone so i carefully video recorded it.i dont know why but.i liked it.he went from there when dad came home.i got a text on my Facebook.so i started chatting.after chatting for some minutes i figured out it was my brother fake account.i wanted to to see what he was up to.so i let him think that i didnt know that was his account.he was chatting and chatting.he was asking me some intimate questions again and again so i was answering them.he even send his penis photo.we were chatting like 2 hours.after dinner he went to room.i finished my kitchen work and went into room.i saw him laying om bed and using phone.i went to washroom and changed my clothes.i wear a tshirt without bra and penty.i turned off the lights and went inside the blanket.i saw he was naked.when i laid under blanket i took off my tshirt.he was saying “so u weren’t comfortable sleeping with cloths right?”. I didn’t replied anything.he asked me “hy as u r naked can i cuddle with you like usual?” I said “hmm no problem u can”. He quickly cuddled with me.i felt his penis on my ass.i didn’t say anything.after a while i was using my phone.i felt his hand was going up over my breasts.he slowly took his hand on my breast.i didnt say anything.i took off my phone and started acting like i was sleeping.he didnt waste his time.after 5min he didnt even checked me if i was sleeping.he got up and spread my legs.i felt his lips on my pussy.he started to suck my pussy.i was really enjoying it.i felt his tongue inside me.after a while he took his penis inside me in missionary style.he started fucking me.lights were off so i didn’t say anything just acted like im sleeping.he became so confident started fucking me faster.but not so fast.i feel like im in heaven.after a while i felt his precum inside me.he was about to cum.he took his penis out.he jurked over me.his cum dropped on my body.he cuddled with me.i felt his hand on my breast.i felt so good.he slept without cleaning me.on morning i woke up but i had to wait for him so that he could clean my body.after that he woke up he cleand his cum from my body.
That was the second day.i will share what happened next…

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  • Reply alsager ID:6nzrkvhhzw1

    From the depth of my heart, I wish I were your brother and you were my sister.

  • Reply Anonymous ID:fx7i918rc

    Another stupid story with the high ratings,and here comes the group that follows this bull shit.

  • Reply Irft ID:p8vi95qra

    What’s your discord

    • Malissa ID:645f8ywpm3


  • Reply Mike ID:21z667x6id

    Damn those are hot

  • Reply myriamenvie51 ID:1ah8bnn6t0a

    hi. i’m french. i’m a brother and i do this but never enter in pussy.

    • Malissa ID:645f8ywpm3

      What did u do?

  • Reply Allen ID:5u1d7ch49a

    Melissa loved your story I had sex with my sisters also text me 77065378700 I’ll tell you about it

    • Malissa ID:645f8ywpm3

      My discord

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:fzq5oov9i

    how young are you and your brother?what happends if you both get caught and is sister get pregnant then what?

    • Malissa ID:1u7y10x8

      I was 24.brother was 18.we did get caught by father but ill share it later.no i didn’t got pregnant

  • Reply Alfe Platz ID:7d2wk81m9a

    dat was nyc now I wanna try with my sister also