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Brother fucked me

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My name is Malissa.I am 26 years old.I have father and one brother in my family.Lets assume my brother name is sam for privacy. He is now 20 years old.
It was one and half years ago after mom left us.My family shifted to another town for dad government work.We had two rooms on that apartment.Me and sam was okay with sharing one room.so we were sharing one bed also.I used to wear a tshirt and short pant in bed.He used to wear his pajamas.He used to cuddle with me in bed while sleep.Just like the siblings cuddle.As he cuddle with me sometimes i felt he had boner.But i thought its normal for a boy to have boner at night.
After some days,one night he was cuddling with me but i felt his penis was hard and it was touching my ass.I ignored it as normal days and i slept.At the middle off the night i felt he was rubbing his penis with my ass.Lights were off.I felt uncomfortable but i was worried to wake up so i acted like i was sleeping.As he was cuddling with me i felt his fingers were touching my breasts over my tshirt.After some time he slept.After that day i was going to talk about it with him but i couldn’t somehow.He was doing it everynight.But one night he went to far.I felt his penis between my legs.His hand was inside my tshirt.He was pressing my breasts.He took his penis between my legs.he rubbed his penis there.next night he did a step ahead of that.he slowly took of my pant to my knee.he put his penis between my legs.his penis was touching my pussy. He was rubbing it there.i got wet.he was doing that everynight.i kind of started to like that.i started wearing only a long tshirt without pant.he became so confident that after i ne night he put some lotion between my legs and started rubbing his penis.he cummed between my legs.he cleaned me.i was enjoying it so i let him do it.i thought as long as he thought i was sleeping everynight so it was okay.
One night before we were going to bed.he asked me something straight.he asked me if he could sleep naked.i thought for one minute then i told him he could sleep naked.i saw happiness on his.face.we went to bed.he cuddled with me.i felt his hard penis on my ass.i started to act like i sleepy.after some time he put some lotion between my legs then started to rub it.my legs were to sleepery and he was rubbing to fast that suddenly his penis went inside me.i felt his hard worm penis inside my pussy.i felt like in heaven.i wanted it for so long.but he took it out.i felt his body was shaking.i knew he got scared.i didn’t move a bit.so he got some confidence.he put his penis head in my pussy hole.he slowly put it inside again.i felt he was pushing his penis slowly inside me.after some moments i felt his penis went fully inside my pussy.after he put it inside he didn’t move a bit for some minutes.then he started to move his penis slowly on my pussy.he was doing it very slowly.i wanted to stop him but i thought of having some feel.he pushed his penis inside me for a couple of minutes.then he pulled it out and i felt his cum dropped on my ass.he cleaned it and slept.
Next day i woke up and saw him sleeping.i took shower.he woke up.he was checking me out.i felt he was worried that if I knew or my reaction.i ignored everything and be normal with him.i thought he wont do it again.so we went to bed.he slept naked.i wanted to see that if he would do it again.so i acted like im sleeping.but on midnight he came close to me.we were laying face face.he pulled my left leg over him.he took his penis on my pussy hole.i thought he was gonna put it in slowly.but he put it all the way in and started to fuck me slowly.i felt his precum on his penis.he was pushing it in and out slowly.but after some time he started to move faster.he got overconfident after last night.i felt his hard penis was killing my pussy.he was shorter then me so his face was infront of my breasts.he started to suck my breast.i feel so much good.he was sucking my nipple so good.he kept fucking me.when he was about to cum he pulled his penis out but his cum drop on my pussy.he laid like that.he slept after that.i will share what he did after that night later

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  • Reply Starky ID:4bn00en3fia

    That is what my elder brother did to me,he met me bathing and he was sexually attracted,he simply pulled his cloth and started fucking my pussy,both of us ended op happily.

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    Thank you soooo much. Really, fucking elder sister while she is pretending to be sleeping is the best, horniest, most erotic and most exciting kind of incest sex stories.

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    I used to share a bed with my brother 16 yo – 3 yrs older than me. He used to cuddle me from behind and feel my budding tits and stroke my belly and downward. I could feel his hard-on pressing against y ass cheeks. It felt so good that I quietly enjoyed it. One night I slept in nude and he slowly probed my pussy, fingered it. Next night he used some body lotion to massage my pussy area, intuitively I opened my legs and he fingered fuck me and I could bot do but hold his erect cock. He came in my hand. Within a week we were fucking full length – OMG, it felt so good and physically rewarding in my teen years. We are now in our late 30s, and married but we still fuck whenever opportunity allows …

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    When will you post the next part

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    Ur sweet malissa I like to fuck you

  • Reply Anomalously ID:7zv39j5yql

    Malissa what are your bra and panty sizes and what type of panties do you wear?

  • Reply Malissa ID:n3e8ovk0i

    As to your response Warren Kegler,because the story is made up bull shit that is why it stopped.fantasy purposes only.

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    Hey mailssa do u have a email let’s talk mine is [email protected]

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    Sounds hot, I use to spy on my older sister through a vent and watch her and her friends change clothes. I’d been doing if for a cpl of years and would jerk off thinking about what I’d seen. But in my mid-teens, things got hotter after she walked in on me jerking off. She ended up sucking my cock that day and after that she sucked & fucked me on a regular basis. Always taking my cum in her mouth. But our hottest experience was a few yrs later when she was in college and I’d gone to spend a weekend with her and we had a threesome with her hot roommate. Was my 1st time seeing 2 girls together and fucked them both. So I was well educated sexually when I started dating. I have some stories here you might like.

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      What’s ur kik or discord

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      Hey Malissa what’s your kik username

  • Reply Ally ID:bggglvrd2

    So what happened next

    • Malissa ID:1u7y10x8

      I’ll post later about that

    • Tom ID:4059nkihi

      I would play with my sister tits all the time

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:fzq5oov9i

    if you enjoyed it so much why did you stop? you should have kept going?text me and tell me more at(347)949-2811

    • Malissa ID:1u7y10x8

      Sorry.but u can add me on kik or discord

    • Malissa ID:322pmhgct0c

      I didn’t stop

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      What’s your discord server or name?