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So I was feeling horny and remembered seeing these clips of someone’s POV looking through small holes to see girls changing and those turn me on seeing a nice body getting unclothed but anyways it came to mind I should make small holes in the door so I can see my sister friend intentionally.

So I did and they weren’t to noticeable but anyways a week passed and I wasn’t able to use them because I never had the chance or my sisters friend didn’t stay over

But that weekend she came over I finally knew it was going to pay off. So I chilled for a bit no one was home except my sister ,her friend Vanessa and my aunt. I heard her saying she was going to shower so my heart started beating fast as she went in.I waited a minute and then I started to look through the small hole and i made the hole just right height to see her chest.

I don’t know why girls look staring at the mirror doing poses and taking pictures but I don’t care I find in kinda hot but anyways this was around 11pm I think my sister was asleep so was my aunt. So I didn’t really have to worry about someone catching me.

After looking for a few minutes she took off her bra and I was able to see here breast from a side view and man was I right she had those nice teen pink nipples on those B ish cup sized breast. They looked like Emilia Clarke breast

I was able to record it with my phone so I can save it for later but she got into the shower. So I stayed in the living room waiting to hear the shower turn off and when it did I quickly went to the hole and started recording her teen breast I was able to get somewhat a full view because she was checking herself out in the mirror.

I also made a lower peep hole just in case and it payed off
I went to the other and started recording and I saw that she was hairy down there but not really hairy probably 3-4 weeks after shaving to give y’all the imagination.

I recorded her a few times and still jerk off to them
Till this day but then at one point my sister took a shower and she was kind of busty she has tits like Megan good but a little smaller but perky and It came to mind I might as well see her naked but that’s another story.

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  • Reply Bkner ID:2ddiyw5t09

    I removed a panel from the back of the airing cupboard in my bedroom, then made a hole through to the bathroom we had Cork tiles so I made a small bung to fill the hole when not in use.
    My sister was the first I was so excited to see her pussy , I shook with excitement
    She stepped in to the bath, and stood there showering naked for me to see, I was around 2 foot from her pussy, loved when she bend over showing her open bum crack and pussy lips

  • Reply Anonymously ID:bpcjnotv3

    The girl in the washroom was she wareing a bra was she in a training bra I got a once in a lifetime chance to see my little sisters boob’s at 12 years old she did not like to ware a bra when she did it was a 34c.

  • Reply like2watch1576 ID:fyghs2dql

    I know how hot that can be. I have an older sister and was able to secretly watch her and her hot friends change clothes & shower. Which I got to see a lot more of my sister after she walked in on me jerking off one day and ended up sucking my cock. After then she sucked my cock or had me fuck her whenever we could. And when she went to college I’d spend weekends sometimes. My hottest experience was a threesome with her and her really hot roommate. It doesn’t get hotter than fucking a girl while she eats your sisters pussy.

  • Reply Lil brother ID:3zxjk3e66ia

    I was on ferry when I used the washroom to take a dump I noticed there were small holes which went through to the women’s washroom and the stall next to me. I looked in a saw a woman maybe 30 or so changing her tampon and after she left a girl of maybe 12 come in and as she sat there she started to rub her budding tits. After a few minutes she put her hand between her legs playing with her nearly bald pussy. In maybe 10 more minutes she jerked as she looked to be coming. She lifted her hand from between her legs smelling her fingers before licking one of her fingers that was wet from her pussy. It was to bad the ferry ride was only 90 minutes cause i was really enjoying watching the women doing their thing. i still get hard thinking of that little girl thou.