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Your dad your saving grace

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This is not the same story neither continuation nor sequel to my last story

My name is Alwin and I am 34 years old married and live with my wife and my daughter in a private village. My wife works as an engineer in a semiconductor company and I work as tattoo artist. And our daughter Lyza is 14 years and studies in high school.

It’s started when my daughter was into a relationship with her 16 years old boyfriend that came from a very wealthy family. My daughter and her boyfriend have been dating for almost a year now. One day my daughter came home and shocked us bringing a news that she’s one month pregnant. We were kinda upset and disappointed until she said her rich boyfriend is going to let her move into their house and live there when their baby is born and then get married when she is 18. We feel a little bit relief. My wife kinda happy as she is going to have a rich son in law very soon. And I too feel the same. The boy’s parents are expecting and very excited to see their grandchild soon. They are anticipating for it’s their first grandchild ever.

One day when my daughter when my daughter walks into her bathroom, her foot slides and in an instance her butt fell off to the floor very hard. The impact hits her badly. My daughter had miscarriage. Both my wife and daughter, their dreams have shuttered like a broken glass. The boy’s parents and the rest of the family members never had an idea about the incident. I asked my daughter to keep the incident for a while from her boyfriend while we we’re thinking of a solution. We’re aiming to be part of my soon to be son in law rich family. And the risky and degrading idea to my mind. I told and shared the idea to my wife and daughter. My daughter agreed but my wife kinda half agree half disagree. But my wife then soon agreed with the idea in order to fulfill and secure my daughter’s future. The idea is I will have sex to my daughter. So we set a night to make it through.

Then the next night I went to my daughter’s bedroom and found her already wearing nothing while she’s laying in bed. Immediately, I started taking my clothes off and throw them on the floor. I crawl in bed and position myself on top of my daughter’s naked body and starts kissing her lips down to her tiny breasts. I suck her small pink nipples while my fingers playing her soft tender pussy. My daughter asked me why do I need to kiss her lips, her breasts and nipples though I just need to impregnate her. I told her I have to do it to make her feel sexually aroused. Then she agreed. Then started licking and eating her pussy. My daughter moans loudly. I continued sucking and eating her pussy for ten minutes. Then her pussy gets wet and lubricated with her sweet juices. Then I asked my daughter to lick and suck my penis but she refused and asked me why do she needs to do as it’s not part of the procedure of making her pregnant. Then I told her it’s necessary to make me feel sexually pleasured. Then she started sucking my five inches penis which is fully erected. I let her suck my penis for ten minutes. As she continued sucking my penis I asked her to go faster and faster and she did. Shortly, I ejaculated inside her mouth. She was stunned when I asked her to swallow all my sperms. Then I asked her to crawl facing the headboard and she did. Then I position myself behind her and started burying my hard erected five inches penis into her soft wet pussy from behind her. Then I lowered half of my body forwardly and crawl on top of her and started thrusting and penetrating inside her. I’m fucking my daughter in doggystyle. It feels so good fucking her like I’m a mad dog. I could see my daughter loved the way I fuck her. I have never felt sexually pleasured like it ever. It seems for me like I’m in heaven. I’m thrusting very fast and harder. As I am getting closer to my culmination I wrapped my other arm around her body and continue thrusting fast. A few minutes have passed I cummed, ejaculated and exploded inside her. My whole body numb due to the intense sexual sensation as I keep squirting my sperms multiple times inside her.

After I ejaculated, I asked her to lay down. Then positioned my self on top of her and spread her legs wide. Then I inserted my penis again inside her pussy I lowered my body pressed against her and started thrusting and penetrating inside her pussy. I asked her to wrap her arms around me. Then I thrusted faster and deeper. Her face is on my chest. I asked her to kiss and lick my chest as I continue thrusting and penetrating inside her faster than ever. My daughter started complaining as I pressed my body against her. So I loosen up. Then suddenly, I hit and strike my last strongest hard thrust as I cummed and exploded inside her wet pussy. When I pulled out my penis, loads of my sperms coming out of her pussy dripping around her pussy. My penis remains hard after my third climax.

My daughter though we were done but I am not satisfied yet as my penis still hard and erected and wanted more of her pussy. So I carried my daughter and pinned and driven her on the wall. As I pinned her on the wall, I make a way of my arms beneath and between her legs. My arms carried my daughter beneath her thighs to support her weight. Then I slides my hard erected penis pointing to the opening entry of her pussy. I asked her to wrap her arms around my neck as I started thrusting and penetrating inside her pussy. This has been the best and the most intimate sex position I have ever had. As I continue pushing and thrusting fast, my daughter asked me how long I’m having sex with her? I said to her that I need to fuck her multiple times to ensure her pregnancy again. Before she speaks again, I kiss her lips so badly as I continue thrusting and penetrating inside her very fast. I keep on thrusting and penetrating faster than ever. Then I feel I am about to climax again for the fourth time around. And finally ejaculated inside her again exploding another batch of semens inside her. It feels so good fucking my own daughter. Then I carried her and walked heading to the bathroom. My daughter asked what are doing in the bathroom? I told her that I’m going to fuck her for the last time and it will take place in the bathroom.

I positioned her on top of the covered toilet bowl in a kneeling position facing to the wall and both her hands on the flush tank. I’m standing behind her and inserted my hard erected penis inside her pussy from her rear window and immediately started thrusting. I hold her butt cheeks as I continue thrusting and pounding my penis hard and deeper inside her pussy back and forth. I continue and go faster and faster. I then wrapping my arms around her waist as I’m getting ready to explode again. For over ten minutes I’m fucking my daughter hard and deeper, faster and faster. She turned her head on me and said “I’m having the best sex experience ever dad.” Then I answered her “I’m having the best sex experience too as I’m fucking the best and most delicious pussy in the world.” Then I hit my last three harder and deeper thrust as I’m cumming inside my daughter’s tiny pussy. I couldn’t seem to believe myself that I have gone too far and made five sexual climax and explosion in just one night.

A month have passed my daughter is pregnant again but to her own father’s semens. I did my job and save her future with her boyfriend.

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