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Dad dog best friend and me 2

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Tina’s plan she was determined to get Benny the great dane to knot me but first the little matter of my virginity!

I’m back in school with Tina when she tells me she has a plan but I will have to do as she requests well as we have shared everything togethers shes licked me to shacking orgasam let Benny take her and knot her in front of me it seemed fair as I trust her . First step would be a repeat performance for Dad to see his reaction, Dad by the way is 6 foot tall slim quite athletic as he runs and plays squash he works in pharmaceuticals we have a large four bed detached house and for my mum well she went out when I was young and forget to come back Dad I’m sure has seen other women but never brings them to the house .Tina’s parents know dad well and we were always together at hers or mine staying over was a regular thing.
We went to mine on monday night Tina said we need to see weather the last time with Benny and Dad was .one off taboo or still of interest to him?

First step Tina said would be tonight and as light grey knickers had given her away maybe it would be same for me not sure what she ment but Dad would be back at 6 30 . At 6 she said bedroom let’s get yo ready I followed waiting to see she told me to find light grey knickers and undressed I did exposing my firm 36 inch firm boobs she squeezed my nipple saying that need to do there part she knelt in front of me pushed a finger in me and started licking I loved Tina’s tongue and was soon twitching and wet okay knickers on she said once on she used her fingers to push cotton into me soaking the crotch then after licking and biting nipples put my t shirt on and back down stairs.

Tina positioned me on the rug opened my legs enough for Dad to see my wet crotch as soon as he entered living room tv on Tina hid in kitchen which led to conservatory as escape if required, Dad opened front door with Im back in front room I said he entered living room and stopped saying nothing looking right up at my wet knickers after a short pause he cleared his throat and said no shorts ? No I said you said Benny was okay playing and I do like it ,he sat on the coffee table and said I dont mind but it’s not really normal for a Dad to watch I knew I had to do something or I would not get Dad to play and Tina and I would have failed,I knelt up to speak but saw my dad looking st my boobs with rock hard nipples like he had never seen them before he folded his hands in his lap hopefully to hide his growing interest.
I like Benny licking me and you licked watching and I’ve never been so excited as when you watch so we arnt harming anyone, yes but said Dad ,I knew this was now going bad so I rose to my feet pulled my knickers down and stood in front of him firm boobs hard nipples and thanks to Tina soaking wet pussy please Dad I want to please watch I got on all fours and Tina pushed Benny into living room he instantly came behind me licking nibbling and probing as much as I was enjoying it I was watching Dad I asked him to sit on floor that way he could see Benny’s tongue lapping me and watch my boobs jiggle by now he was showing a huge bulge I was now twitching like mad Benny was licking my clit I to a frenzy I grabbed my Dads leg and screamed I’m coming and with that I exploded liquid poured down my inner thighs I knelt up making sure my Dad saw my legs wet through I opened my legs wide to show him all my cum dripping of my lips he was mesmerized I then led in his lap feeling his huge bulge twitch and I said I love you Dad you make me so wet he replied anytime a statement he would never be allowed to forget ,we both got up and went upstairs. Tina had gone of the back and was know knocking on front I’ll get it I shoutd okay love said dad, Tina grabbed my hand took me upstairs told me that was perfect as I was wearing a towel she asked if I had washed i said no with that she pulled it of me inserted a finger and said my turn she laid me on the bed sat on my face putting her lips around my mouth she was so wet and sweet then she buried fer face in me only first stage and I was In heaven.

Tina’s Tuesday plan get dad to touch me ! She gave me strict instructions I had to follow so 6 30 ìm in kitchen short t shirt only Dad walks in and said yesterday no shorts today no knickers it shouldn’t be a problem there is nothing you havent seen and Tina says I have a cute ass he looked slapped my arse and said shes right no Benny not yet I said ,he went up to get changed on his return I was face down on breakfast bar legs apart best view offered ,still no Benny he said no I’m usually damp and he must get my cent but not working tonight shame said dad wow he wanted it again slap my ass Benny will come he did but still no Benny may be if we get you ready ! I felt my lips part and a finger enter me YES my dad was fingering me result I was wet In no time your ready as he shouted Benny he held my hands stretching me across breakfast bar open your legs wide let him really get to you again Benny brought me off to a thunderstorm cum on my legs floor everywhere Dad was breathing heavy just staring at me .I unzipped him release all thick ten inches and started massaging his dick you know I’m a virgin but come on my tits he said nothing but closed his eyes I removed my T shirt drop his pants to the floor played with his balls and pulled harder and harder till he moaned opened his and shoot three times on my boobs I stood up kissed him on his cheek said I love you and went to wash we had tea and went to bed next Tina’s final plan

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    Would love to watch

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    Ummm I love stories about lesbians,dogs,horses,incest. I guess I really love going down on women with my tongue.

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      Me too

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    if i was not for lesbian garbage beurk could have been good

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    Doggy knot is the best….i just love it. Soon i will put in that story, okay

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    Waiting on part 3 this is good

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    Loved it

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