Through hell and back

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I reached over and put my hand on his shoulder, he never stopped me, I ran it down his body slowly and he never stopped me, in that moment we both knew what we wanted

I have tried in the past to tell this and always failed so here we go again, I was 19 when all this happened, I had a very happy upbringing and loving parents, but this was all to end with one of them.
My Mom & Dad were always happy, Dad was a Luthier or guitar maker and as soon as I knew what I was doing in the business I joined him doing his books contacting clients and basically keeping everything running on that side of it, as well as learning to play myself!
They would have nights out together and with their friends and everything was great, then one Mom said she wanted to go out with her friends, a girly night out as she put it, nothing wrong with that is there? I mean I did that even though I had a boyfriend!

They still had nights out with each other but that was soon to end as it become more obvious she wanted to spend more & more time with other people, her attitude started to change to, she would spend nights out saying she could not make it back and stayed with friends and would return the next morning when me and Dad were busy at the workshop.

Mom had become more argumentative too not only with Dad but with me too, this got a whole lot worse in the coming months too to the point of shouting at both of us if we got anywhere near asking her about these nights out, she always went out dressed, well like she was going out with Dad! this had been going on for at least 6 months when one night she went out, I decided to call some of her friends to see who she was out with, all of them answered there home phones and one was in hospital!

I had been worried for months along with Dad but this was a huge red flag, where was she going and who was she with, the time had come to confront her with what we knew as we had had enough of the worrying and her attitude and in fact my own Mother was scaring me, she had become a Jekyll and Hyde and it just couldn’t go on as it was affecting everything even my own relationship with my boyfriend.

I think it was just after 4 in the morning when the front door woke me up, I got up and went to the top of the stairs, it was Mom, she was back way too early for her, she looked disheveled as she climbed the stairs and her speech was slurred, in fact she reeked of brandy which was her favorite drink but I had never before seen her in this state, she made the top of the stairs, just and I grabbed her arm to steady her, I need a shower she stated, Mom I think you need to go to bed I said, you can shower in the morning, no now she growled at me and preceded to undress, put these in the wash for me now, it was all her clothes, I tried to explain it was after 4 in the morning but all I got was, Just fucking do it you little bitch and off she went to the shower.

I didn’t know how to feel, I was confused and my eyes were filling up, I got downstairs with her clothes with tears rolling down my face and got to the washer, I don’t know if it was meeting me, the drink or what that night but she had made a very big mistake, sorting through her clothes I got to her underwear, these is not what she normally wore I thought and there were two pairs together like one! i was horrified at what I found, they were soaking wet with cum and reeked of sex, a lot more than one man could produce that was for sure, I realized while I could smell the brandy and perfume on her it masked all of this, it suddenly dawned on me what was going on, I dropped everything in an instant and went upstairs and woke up Dad while she was still in the shower.

I whispered to him, Mom is home, she’s in the shower but you have to come downstairs now Dad, he could see I visibly upset to the point of shaking, whats wrong is she hurt he asked, Dad please just come down to the kitchen now, please I said, I left while he put on a dressing gown and followed me down and I showed him what I found, his face went ashen white, is that what I think it is he said, yes I replied and there is lots of it Dad and her skirt is marked too, she asked me to it all in the wash but I couldn’t when I found this.

We were both upset, but Dad was surprisingly level headed about it, sweetheart do me a favor, bag all this up with a plastic tie and throw something else in the wash and bring the bag to me please, I did as he asked while we had time, Mom finished her shower and did her usual trick by going into the spare bedroom to sleep the rest of it off, like nothing untoward had happened!

The next morning was different though, Dad had all he needed thanks to her mistake, we both stayed up that night trying to figure it out but we had no answers to what we were asking, we did not go to work that morning but waited for Mom to get up, when she did finally show she saw the two of us there sitting drinking coffee, Not at work today love, no something came up and he stood up walked upstairs passing Mom on the way and went into the bedroom, mom came down sat at the table with a coffee, Dad came back down with the bag of clothes and calmly sat down and said, I was wondering if you could explain this, her face was a picture, she could see they hadn’t been washed and she instantly changed, she knew the cat was well & truly out of the bag, she stormed off upstairs, shouting and screaming as she went, I followed her up to see her getting dressed in a hurry, to say she was furious is an understatement, she wasn’t on the same planet, she finished dressing shouting all the time, grabbed a suitcase and put some things into it, pushed me out of the way and stormed downstairs, I’m fucking leaving and don’t expect me back she yelled, and with that she slammed the door got into the car and left, the neighbors came out to as they heard her.

Amazingly she forgot to take the sealed up bag from the night before, which remained sealed for the next few months thank god, a few days later a letter arrives, it was from a solicitor on behalf of Mom, she was suing for divorce citing god knows what including domestic violence, Dad had to answer to all of this through his solicitor but instead going through all of that, we still had that sealed up bag with her clothes in it, I suggested it would be easier instead of him denying he simply presented this bag for testing and said she was unfaithful, which is what he did, he had to pay for the testing and the report read like a horror story, there was at least 7 of different types DNA found, none of it Dads as he gave a test specimen, the final conclusion of it stated there must have at at least 7 layers of sperm inside her possibly more, it was all he needed and presented it to his solicitor, it was an air tight case, not that this made us feel any better, we were still asking questions as to what the hell happened.

At the end of it all though Dad still had to either sell the house or give it up, he asked my opinion and I said just give it to her dad, we will find somewhere else so he could restart his business eventually, so we started packing everything up, including machines used to make and shape guitars, put all of it in storage and moved to rented accommodation on the other side of town, we never told anyone where we were just in case mom found out, and changed our mobile numbers too.

We had time to start talking properly, contact from mom was kept at arms length through solicitors while the house was on the market, Dad said if I wanted to move on by myself I could as it was grossly unfair he should expect me to stay with him, I was an adult after all, and after considering my options carefully I elected to stay with him, if I stayed in that town eventually I was going to run into mom and like Dad, I’d had enough, but there was more to follow.

Dad told me about an account he had, a client account with his solicitor, no one knew it existed as it was a sort of secret account! he explained it was supposed to be for when he retired, a nest egg so he and mom could retire nice and quietly somewhere but obviously that option had evaporated, and there was enough in there to get well away and start somewhere new, thats if I wanted too or set me up with my own place, still I elected to stay with dad, like him my life had been destroyed, my boyfriend had gone, mom knew him and where he live so telling him was nothing more than suicidal, she would eventually find out where we were through him, we both agreed to move.

Dad got us a cottage in Wales, Snowdonia, a beautiful part of the world nice & quite and standing alone, the old house was eventually sold and that ended all association with mom, we got it really nice and there was water tight out buildings too where a workshop could be set up, life was looking up after the horrible time we had both been through but it was only an illusion, in a few months I started having nightmares of what had happened, I would wake up crying and covered in sweat and couldn’t get back to sleep, Dad fared a little better but even with him being a rock through all of it, the cracks were showing, he started to show little interest ion his work and eventually stopped altogether, Dad used to hear my crying in my sleep and come in and sit with me, it was the only time I could get to sleep, knowing he was there but if he left and I knew it that was it, after about a month of this we were both for want of a better words, basket cases! we were so tired and depressed that something had to be done so I arranged to see my new doctor and I told him everything, he said he didn’t think drugs was the answer but would refer me to a psychologist for a chat.

The following week Dad drove me to the local hospital for a chat with the psychologist, it didn’t take long for her to figure out what was going on, especially after I said part of it was being left all on my own, Mom’s behavior had left it emotional scares and it started to manifest itself with bad dreams, she said it would eventually go away but how long it would take, she couldn’t say, the same thing was happening to Dad too but affecting him in a different way.

So that was it, mom had caused so much damage in our personal lives she had come close to destroying us, and she didn’t care! we were both advised to stop looking for answers we won’t get and to get on with our lives best way we could, eventually it would turn itself around or there was drugs we could take. and that was no option, both of us said no to that!

So we went back home, none the wiser really but at least we tried and had at least got part of it, and after another week of not sleeping properly I had enough, the only time I could was when Dad was there and that did him no good whatsoever, in fact it dragged him down with me, I made a suggestion, I said if I put on some pajamas, and he did too, we could sleep in the same bed, he sort of looked at me and was taken back that I has said something like that! Oh sweetheart we can’t he said, and for the first time in my life I raised my voice to him, I said if we didn’t do something to help each other we were both going to go mad, who the hell is going to know out here in the middle of nowhere, I’m not asking for sex, I just need to sleep, I just need you there, and I was by this time crying my heart out, he put his head in his hands and it was the only time I saw Dad shed tears, he had been so strong throughout all of it but both of us had come to the end of the road emotionally and mentally, he stood up came over to me and gave me a wonderful loving hug and said Ok sweetheart, lets at least give it a try.

So that night, we both put on some nightwear and climbed into bed into bed really early, around 8 o’clock I think it was, I got the most wonderful nights sleep ever! in the morning I woke up, Dad was still there sound asleep, I leaned over and kissed the back of his head and said thanks dad.

I got up and made us breakfast when I heard him getting up, he asked how I felt and I said still a little tired but otherwise really great, I slept straight through the night apart from having to get up and pee!

Thing were slowly beginning to turn themselves around, I never went back to my own bed although it was my intention in the end to do so, the awkwardness we felt at doing this had completely vanished and it felt like it was the normal thing to do at night, never at any time did it enter my head to try it on with Dad and seduce him, it was a means to an end, and it worked but I was still a little afraid that if I did stop it would all start again, we would sometime wake up and we would be cuddled into each other! it didn’t mean anything sexually, but it felt good, but even that eventually was about to change, we had both come from having normal healthy sex lives with our respected partners, to having everything we knew and loved ripped from us including that.

I remember that night very well just like the first time with my boyfriend, we had been sharing the same bed for months, from the end of one summer to the beginning of the next, nothing had happened like that, we were healing each other of the emotional scares and in doing so, getting closer to each other, we went to bed this night, it was warm, it had been roasting hot all day and the night brought no relief from it even though the windows were open, we both decided to lay on top of the bed, I mentioned it getting hotter and we both laughed about it and said we should get a fan or something! in the end with my pajamas wet and sticky on me I stood up, I said I was going to take them off and get back on the bed, and before he could say anything, I was naked! I knew even in that light he could see me, I didn’t really care though, I lay back down on the bed next to him feeling cooler, he never said anything which I must say I was surprised especially when I said he should do the same, cause the heat was relentless, a bit like the summer we have just had, he thought about it and stood up and took his pajamas off and l lay down beside me.

I saw him naked for the first time, It was an immense turn on I’m sorry to say! I turned to one side and said Dad, he turned his head towards me then his whole body, I don’t think we said anything after that but I do remember it was me who initiated the first move, I don’t know what made me do it, except for the fact I had needs, a little selfish of me I know but………………………

I reached over and put my hand on his shoulder, he never stopped me, I ran it down his body slowly and he never stopped me, in that moment we both knew what we wanted, there was no need for words, not now, I ran my hand down to the top of his hip, like me he was wet with sweat, I stopped for a moment before letting my hand fall on his balls, he still did nothing to stop me, his eyes were closed but he wasn’t asleep, far from it he was enjoying me touching him as much as I was, I fondled his balls then moved on to his cock which was getting very hard, and big, I stoked it and caressed it causing him to get absolutely huge, before taking him and wanking him, it felt so good but after a few moments I stopped and lay on my back again, dad opened his eyes and looked at me, I took his hand and put it on my breast, he didn’t need another invitation as he fondled me and stroked my nipples hard, Jesus it felt so nice someone doing that again, he would move his hand down to my stomach and back up again, he did that a few times until I got hold of his hand and put it on top of my pubic mound, by this time my left hand was playing with his cock again.

He stroked the top of my legs and pubes, I felt one of his fingers sort of go between my legs and back up again, my pussy was soaking wet and not with sweat, after a couple of times I willingly opened my legs for him, his whole hand covered my hairy pussy, he rubbed and stroked me while I did the same to him, eventually his finger entered me, not deep at first but after a couple times all the way inside me, followed by a second finger, I couldn’t help myself, my pussy contracted around his fingers as I came on them, in that moment we forgot who we were, we weren’t dad and daughter any more, we were lovers enjoying each other, I stopped dad fingering me and me playing with him, I wanted him, I wanted his cock inside me, plain and simple, I wanted sex, I got up over the top of him, and straddled his cock, neither of us raised the slightest objection, I took his cock and rubbed his pre cum into my pussy lips before sitting down on it, I was so wet his whole length slid inside me in one, I just stayed there for a moment before leaning forward, I started to ride his cock a little before he started to, he was so gentle with me, after a min or so I stopped and he took over, I came and came over him, he made me squirt for the first time, something my boyfriend never did!

After 10 or so minutes he slowed down, I sat back sending his whole cock deep inside me, I felt him jerk then cum, I could feel the heat of it hitting my cervix! I could do nothing but moan with delight as he flooded my pussy.

After that we just lay there, I had this wonderful feeling come over me and after 5 minutes or so I pulled dad over the top of me and between my legs, , this was all him this time as he put his cock inside me and rode me slowly, letting me feel the full length of his cock going in & out as I lay there, after that it was not over! I climbed over him! he licked my pussy while I sucked his cock and made him cum in my mouth, we suck & fucked each other for over half the night before finally getting some sleep, he was up before next morning, he had got me some cereal and some coffee with orange juice!

I did ask him during breakfast if he regretted the night before, I had too, Dad looked at me, and after a few seconds he no absolutely not, I said I didn’t either but we had crossed a line and there was no way back, we didn’t talk about it again after that, we never wore anything in bed again either, we shared the same and made love to each other like we were married from then on, although he did say I would have to get the morning after pill! Lol’s, and I never did get to find out if I could sleep alone again either!
That was ten years ago now and guess what, I feel silly calling him Dad now, John’s business is better than ever, I can sleep on my own! but even better, we have two children.

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    Nice Story. Do you have a Video? Thats were really nice to watch it. I am from Germany is too far from your Country

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    Dad and daughter helping each other, wonderful.

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    pleased it all worked out for the two of you, love is love and you have double the security with your dad