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I am 35 years old unmarried Lady with good figure.I have no interest in boys so I never had sex. I worked in pvt company.. I stay alone in one bed room apartment. One day when I was coming from my office .I saw a lady standing on road alone.it was 9 pm. I stopped my car and asked her why are you standing she said she is new in this city.and searching
A place to stay . I asked her do you know any body in city she said no.I felt pity so I asked her can you stay with me to night ..she said its my pleasure
She came with me in my room. I said we comfortable wwe had dinner and talked on
Different subjects .she asked me why you ere single I said I don’t feel interest in boys. She said you should have interest life Is boring without it you are not compete women too so you should try and enjoy sex life it gives pleasures. II have only one bed so I asked her you have to share my bed .she said o k. I put my night gown .I don’t bear bra and pant in night .I ask her to get ready for sleep.she did not have gown so gave her mine..she slept with me ..in night I put my hand in her .she put my hands on her breasts.and ask me to press them .I started pressing her breasts her nippals became hard and erect..I
Now she put her hands on my breast and started pressing. MMy nipples also became hard and erect and gave me pleasure. SShe asked me do like it .I said. Yes..she said do you want more pleasure. I wlll give you more she remver my gown and stared sucking my breasts I screamed..I never felt like this before .she sucked them for 20 minutes. My cunt was wet .now she started massaging my cunt lips .and inserted onefingrr in it I was screaming with pleasure..I Became very hot and I wanted some thing in me .now I rembed her gown
.and I was shocked to she that she had a Had a big cock and was erect I asked her are you shemale she said yes..I was angree
For some time but I was shoot so kept calm and hold her cock it became he’d and bigger by my touch..nowshe also got hot and said I will give you pleasure of a life time.now I also wanted so I said o k come on .she came on me an
And put his cock on my cunt and stared rebbing my clit manking me wild .she put a pressure and cock went inside .I cried in pain.she said relax..and gave another push half cock was inside. I was sweating and crying in pain she gave another push now while cock was inside .she waited for 10 minutes and I asked her to fuvk me she said o k .and started fucking infill speed..she fuckef me for 30 minute .and I discharged three times .I never felt so much pleasure.. She stayed with me for one week and had sex daily .

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    I bet you loved that cock pounding your wet pussy