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An Awkward Re-encounter with my Great Dane & Boxer

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*Part 1: “Losing my virginity to a Great Dane & Boxer” is my first story. So far, i got 4 rates, and 5 comments (*4 of them fixing a few word/sentence errors, and a reply to someone else, who, comment #2, asked me to share more. I’m doing so, right now.

Also at 14, like 1 week after the first incident, i still had, and have, Scott (Great Dane) & Chomp (Boxer). At this tome, even the 1 week earlier, i lived in an apartment, mine was on the left. My neighbor’s was on the right. Like the last time, they were not home, same as my parents. They like to take dates/vacations. Anyways, i’m listening to music on Spotify, where I go upstairs to take a leak. I hear Chomp’s footsteps going downstairs, as he probably went to get a sip of water, which i was correct. I took a quick, daily shower. As soon I go back down, i check on him, and the dogs water & food bowls are all eaten up, so i refill both of them. Afterwards, i let my dogs outside, at night, to use the restroom. My apartment was next to city roads. Once done, i go down to my basement, and I see the pile of cloths that I had to wash in the washer, and the pair of clothes I had to change into. I go back up to my room, where i stop at the point i’m just naked, whereas, my dogs rushed upstairs chasing each other around, playfully, and surprisingly, Chomp starts mounting Scott in my room, and I quickly seperated them. Once done, Scott starts licking my face, which i have taken from a lot of dogs. I get the gist of what happened the last time, so, i get down to the basement, where I just about get out of their scent, mainly due to that they never really go to the basement. However, Scott gets his scent on my clean body, from my recent shower. He was close to the basement. I hear him, with Chomp following him, and what i forgot to do is grab my clothes from 3 minutes earlier. The laundry is still going, and I can’t grab any source of clothing. They spot me, rushed to me, and get me down onto my back, catching myself, where I land on an old king-sized mattress, 2 layers long heighted layers. Chomp climbs up, as I quickly attempt to go back upstairs. I got up, surprisingly, and try to go upstairs, but however, Scott catches me, jumping on me, and starts mounting me. He drags me back to the mattress, where i hop on, pat him and Chomp off, but, it’s not enough. Scott laid on my body, licking my face, and with Chomp licking deeper through my ass. I couldn’t move. Chomp powerfully, due to Scott, pulled me to the edge of the mattress, and mounts me furiously with me laying on my back, and with Scott just laying next to me, licking so fast on every part of my body. I was being dominated, again. After 2 minutes, i turn around, where Chomp gets his grip harder. After 1 minute, his knot gets in, and I screamed lightly, and we were knotted for 38 minutes. Scott hops on when Chomp gets done licking his hot, amazing cum off my ass. Scott mounts me like the last time, and during his mounting, his ball sack, like Chomp’s, got in my ass. I moaned very loudly. He knotted my ass with it inside. It was a LOUD pop. I start cumming, in screaming enjoyment. His balls got out while connected, because it was halfway out when knotted. We actually stayed there for 1 hour, and 22 minutes. It was a long, sized cock, up to 11′-20′, if even higher of 11′ was possible for his species. After this, my dogs became more and more interested. I had received a good amount of organisms that day. I took a long shower, afterward. I walked slowly, once it was all over.

There are a few more stories.

Part 3 coming later.

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      Me too email me [email protected] got my dick in my hand jerking reading this my dick is only 8”