Playing simply turn’s into prostitutions

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During our second trip to the flea market in Nashville Tennessee, it was selling with a twist. After last month’s exciting time here, where I accidentally walked into the men’s restroom and shower room where I had my first gangbanging. I began to get excited as we prepared our spot for vending,its early just after day light. Once we had everything all set up, I went to the van and prepared it to be lived in for the next 3 days, soft bed, Ac. For the readers who didn’t read last month story. I’m a happy house wife, who likes showing off my body, while using my body to sell. I love to wear skimpy clothes, this excites all men,I’m 5’2″ weigh 135 long blonde hair, green eyes and nice big 40dd breast and big butt. Today I wore a loose fitting halter top, that when I bend over gives a good look at my areola, my extremely cut off Short’s that shows both ass cheeks, wearing no panties so when I set down with my legs open giving a view of my pussy lips.. We got busy, I didn’t know that my husband put a 300$ price tag on my ass. My husband telling me how these guys all wanted to fuck me, that I was turning them on. This guy named Steve was talking to my husband, when he said, I I’ll give you 300$ can you gift wrap it. So I replied, 300$ for what and what we wrapping? Your ass Steve said you got a price tag on it…300$ ,here’s the twist. I told Steve that it’s already wrapped and ready,oh really, cash or card..just joking I said Cash. To my surprise he pulled out his wallet took out the money and asked me.. What do I get? So I looked him straight in his eyes and said… 30 minutes of anything you desire.. OK ,so I took the money and told my husband… Hell you sold me now I’m gonna fuck Steve, grabbed Steve’s hand and led him to the van.when we got inside, Steve stuck his tongue down my throat while his hands undressed me. His kiss was passionate, he laid me down ,spread my legs and his hot tongue found my clit,his hands squeezed my boobs. My pussy began to pulsate and in a couple of minutes I filled his mouth with my juices flowing out of me, as he licked and slurped at my pussy ,I asked him to fuck me now, hard as he could. His dick was little bigger than I was use to, he placed the head at my slit,lifted my legs up and slammed inside of me.. Oh shit I screamed, as I was forced open, as my Orgasm started to go Steve blurted out I’m Cumming,cum baby cum in me I said, as he exploded, spurting his sperm deep into my womb, flowing up my tubes, looking for an egg. As we just lay there catching out breath, we got dressed kissed and unloaded from van telling each other how good that was. Business continued, for me I had to go shower and get clean on this day I took 5 showers. Still got Saturday and Sunday to go. Made 3grand ,$$. Sex does sell

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    Sexy story, you tell the truth. I love your body.