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Cuck Butties

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I had my boyfriend over to watch some porn, and we’re just making out, when I got a sext from a guy from work.

“Huh!” We’re just kicking back, watching a movie, and making out on the couch, when Lance sexted me.

[I’m Horny] He sent me a dick pick.

[Me too.] My other boyfriend stopped, and slipped his hand out of my bra. “Who’s that?”

“My boyfriend.” He stood up, and zipped up his pants.

“I thought I was your boyfriend.”

I shrugged, and pulled off my top. “More of a fuck-buddy.” I shook my bra strap until my tit settled in, and took a pic. [Can U cum over soon?]

“Well, if you want to see other people.” [Already here.] He just flashed it in his car, right out in the parking lot.

“Oh, don’t be upset, you’re just jealous because he has a bigger dick?”

“Are you sure? It didn’t look that big to me.”

“Why don’t you stick around, and find out?” He knocked on the door. Meaning Lance, who was really more of a fuck-buddy.

He had his own key, though, so he unlocked the door. “What are you doing here?”

My boyfriend backed up, pulling his shirt down over his impressive chest, and rippling abs, but he hadn’t buckled up his belt. “What are you doing here?”

“Hey, I was invited.” Lance didn’t push his way in, the other man already out of his way. (For fairly obvious reasons, he doesn’t want me using his real name.)

“Well, I was just leaving,” he tucked in his shirt, then buckled his belt.

“Oh, you don’t have to leave. Lance, maybe you could help us settle a bet. He just said your dick wasn’t as large as his.”

“Well,” he unzipped his pants, and I got up. Unhooking my bra, I felt around my boyfriend’s waist, and pressed myself topless against the back of his shirt.

“Oh,” I rubbed him though his zipper, and pouted. “I’m going to have to get him hard again, just to be sure.” I stuck my hands in his pockets, and led him back to the couch.

Lance picked up the remote, and switched it from the Pay Per View I’d rented back to the menu. PLEX media server, and brought up our videos. Our private sex videos, with other women, and other men. “You always wanted to try a threesome, remember?” I turned to my boyfriend, and pulled his hands back up to my chest.

“Yeah, with another woman.”

Lance laughed, “Well, we don’t have another woman here, but haven’t you ever been a little bi-curious?”

My boyfriend shook his head, which gave me a chance to wink. Of course, my boyfriend had said the exact same thing to me, along with how do you know you won’t like it, if you never tried it? As if anal sex was like broccoli, or I was a virgin at all back there.

“No, because I’m not gay.” He stood up again, but lance looked down, and my boyfriend covered up his erection.

So,Lance finished fishing his out of his fly, not fully erect, but bloated up to full size, he squeezed it hard, and used his other 3 fingers to pull his balls out of his fly. “Fine, then you don’t have to do anything gay, you’re the one with a point to prove.”

Lance had nothing to be ashamed of, sure it was only 5 5/8″ but it’s not about the size for me. It was for my boyfriend, who could easily get it up to almost 7″, when he wasn’t so self conscious.

“Huh!” he sighed, and unbuckled his belt. “Fine,” he turned around, so I grabbed him by the lose tail, and held I finger up beside his hip.

“Just give me 1 minute.” I fished it out, flaccid, but still chubby.

“Don’t look at my ass, man.” Lance looked up innocently, but I just shook my head, and turned back to pop it in my mouth. Slip my fingers into his zipper, and curled them to yank his pants down. Hook his scrotum, and pop his balls out, once by one. “Smup puh!” I licked my way down, and swirled his pubes around with my tongue, holding his schwantz up, and slipping it through my fingers, wet with my spit. I sucked in a teste, and rolled it around, letting it pop out, and turning my head. “Smup,” Sucking the other ball in, and rolling it around. Feeling his blood pump in pulses until he was fully erect.

“Swopuh! Let’s settle this now.” I gently turned him by the pockets, but Lance was already naked except for a jock strap, a cock ring, and a butt-plug.

“Uh!” I had to grip him by the base, and squeeze him hard before he lost his erection. Standing up, and rubbing his back with my breasts, holding his damp balls in my other hand, he refuses to shave them, like Lance. “Lets get this over with so you can leave.”

“I’m not leaving you here, alone with him see? I told you my dick’s bigger.”

“Huh, good. So, he can have my ass, while you fuck me the old fashioned way.” I let go to slap his ass. “You know where the rubbers are, go get them for me, hun?”

“I got it,” lance turned, and shook his ass, so the buttplug was clearly visible.

“Huh, you better take off your pants, honey.” I pulled out my broomstick skirt, and hooked the thong of my G string to slip that off my hips with it.

“So, you’re ready for the DP?” He gripped it, and stroked it, to keep it hard.

I laughed, “With you? I do it all the time, we’ve got video if you’d like to watch. You think that’s help you keep it up?”

“That mean we won’t need this?” Lance threw my harness on the recliner, along with a bottle of lube.

“Maybe after he blows his wad, and leaves. If he can get it up again with another dick in the room.”

“Huh!” Lance rolled his eyes, “I’ll go get him a cock ring, what size is he?” He shook his ass again, to show that he left the butt-plug behind, but he was nice and buttered up for more.

So to speak. 😉

“He really take it up the ass?”

“Why, you thinking about maybe trying it?”

“Anal?” He shook his head.

“Oh, how do you know you won’t like it, if you don’t try it? He’s really tight, even tighter than me. Uh!” He twisted my arm, turning me roughly.

“I’ll show you, is this what you want?”

“Hey, hey man.” Lance came back, and picked up the bottle of lube. “Use this.”

“I don’t need a cock ring to fuck My girlfriend. You can stick around, and watch if you want, buttboy.”

“No, use some lube.” I told him, rubbing my shoulder. (I’ve had worse.) “You’ll have to forgive him, he’s never done anal before, so he doesn’t know how it works.”

“Let me show you,” Lance popped the cap, to squeeze out about a tablespoon into his palm. “I’m just going to use my fingers to loosen her up.”

“Let me see that,” he took the bottle.

“Huh, guys. Will you stop fighting over me long enough to give me some dick?” I bent over, “I’m so horny, I’m gonna need both of you, the dildo, and strapon, inh!” I put my head down, and turned it, away from the back of the couch.

“Hm!” Lance’s greasy finger found the spot, and pushed it in, stretching it, but my big dicked boyfriend was starting to get comfortable. I blinked, when he turned around, but kept stroking his condom, with a hand full of lube. Watching me bounce up and down, the meat in a man sandwich, while another one pulled my hair in both fists. “ARGL!” My tongue stretched out, reaching for the balls with the head lodged deep in my throat. “KHAH!”

I’d seen this one, but my eyes fluttered, remembering that night. My first triple penetration, double anal, and double vaginal, all in one night. Not at the same time, of course. Only 3 guys, they had to take turns, and switch around, to fill all my holes to my satisfaction.

No, I’m not a slut. I’m a porn-star, but I’d only even played out this fantasy before. Lance wasn’t just a fuck buddy off work. He was also a top, and a bottom at work, but my boyfriend wanted to get into the business with me?

He’s going to have to get used to getting it up, and keeping it up, with other men in the room.

“UHN!” That wasn’t me, that was Lance! “Huh, nice big dick uh! Huh fuck man. You sure you’ve never done this before?”

“Huh!” He reached around to get a grip. “Not with another man. She’s right, you’re nice and tight.”

“Kegals,” he nodded, “It just takes practice.”

“Huh!” I rolled over, and turned around. Sitting on the end of the couch, so Lance could waddle up, and let me lick the prostate fluid, running down the tip of his cock, while he gets fucked.

“Oom, mph! Smup, suck guck gack KHAWK! Sptooh.” I pushed him back, and turned around. Bending over, and reclaiming my position on the end of the couch.

Finally, I was getting fucked, and at this point, I didn’t even care which hole. I clamped down, just like Lance taught me.

Kegels, with enough practice, you can be as tight as you want. “UHN!” After that, maybe we can help my boyfriend think up a better porn-star name. Since he’s proven his point…

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