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Hold her legs apart

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While working at the flea market in winney Texas,my drugged up and drunk wife gets her pussy ripped open by unwanted big black dick. It was just a typical day of vending, selling items in our booth being in may it was warm. After we had closed for the day we went to eat and get cleaned up. Once back at the booth after getting ready for the next day we started relaxing ,drinking a few shots of tequila ,and smoking a joint of kush we were preparing for bed my wife who is 40 yes of age. She is 5’2″ @135 lbs Sandy blonde hair big blue eyes and 40dd big breast with large round areolas nipple’s like my little pinky finger. She had taken her Xanax bar for night. Before we went to bed she had to go to the restroom. We walked from the booth up to the restroom. As we approached I stopped to talk to some guys so they could get a good look at the shape and size of Pat’s breast. While talking my wife excuses herself and goes to the restroom, as she walked up to the wrong restroom sign read men,she grabbed the door opened it up and went inside. As we talked about my wife I told them that she just went into the men’s room. As I went to see about her. When I got inside I could hear some talking inside of a handicap stall,as I listened I heard dam you have some pretty titties, take her nightie off. I could hear her say no don’t, no don’t, someone ordered take it off of her. We are going to fuck you good, now suck my dick, no, yea open your mouth, that’s it yea baby suck it that’s it oh shit that feels good. I could tell that there was 3 guys with her, get her wet someone said. Oh yea that feels good suck my big black cock,3 talking at the same time, lots of sound yea now hold her legs apart I’m gonna stretch her white pussy open. No no ooh ooh ,oh no was the sounds coming from her. Her pussy is so tight and hot shit it feels good, muffled sounds of moans and groans came from stall,it wasn’t long before I heard my wife having an Orgasm’ oh yea baby cum for me,that’s it cum baby my wife let out a loud Orgasm’ ooooh oooh yea baby I’m gonna bust my nut here it comes y.e.a oh shit shit that was good. Next I heard someone say now just sit down on me,that’s it sit all the way down on me yes yes now fuck me that’s it move your ass oh it’s so big oh yea.finally after about a hour I had to ask them to finish up with my wife. Next day her pussy was so sore she could not walk.

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