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My Girlfriend’s Best Friend – Part I

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This part of my life story occurred just after the one called ‘Invading Virginia’s Virgin Valley Part 8 The Confrontation…

Graduation night, 1977 hit. I was only at the end of my junior year of high school and had one more year before I would join in the proceedings. But since I was the first chair percussionist in the orchestra, I was present to play my part in the music.

After the graduation ceremony ended, Laurie, a girl who played the flute, asked if I could give her a ride home. I probably wouldn’t have never gone after this girl on my own (I liked my girls thin and athletic, she was a bit too skinny for my taste), but she was a cheerleader and had great lips that reminded me of Ginny’s perfect blow job lips. So I took a chance and gave her and her best friend a ride home.

Laurie invited me in. She introduced me to her mother who was busy putting her twins to bed, two boys about 7 or 8 years old. Then we settled on the couch with me sitting between Laurie and her friend, Ruth.

We talked for a while about whatever and I noticed that Laurie kept snuggling closer and closer until she was nearly sitting on me. It wasn’t long before she had an arm wrapped around my neck. Then she leaned in and we kissed for the first time. And she was a pretty good kisser.

We must have gone after it for a while because I forgot about Ruth sitting next to me until she did an ‘ahem’ to bring us out of the building intensity. Laurie pulled back and gave me another quick kiss then went to the kitchen for a couple of sodas. That left me alone with Ruth for the first time.

“You and I need to get a couple of things straight”, she began. “Laurie usually gets what she wants, and she wants you. Now that she’s got you, you need to understand that she’s a virgin and is going to stay one until she gets married.”

She thought that Laurie had me? I started to laugh but was quickly cut off with a fairly decent punch to my arm.

“I’m not fucking with you, Rocky. She left us alone so I could explain this to you. We know about you and your, uh, reputation, so I need you to understand that she’s not going to be another piece of ass for you to fuck. If you get horny, you come see me, okay?”

I didn’t quite understand what Ruth was trying to say. I mean, I got the part about Laurie wanting to remain pure (like that was going to happen if I was her boyfriend), but I didn’t know what she meant by coming to see her if I was horny. When I asked, she looked at me like I was an idiot.

“What’s it sound like I mean?” she asked. “If you and Laurie go out and you wanna get laid afterwards, bring her home then come and see me. I’m still a virgin right now but it’s not like I’m trying to save myself for marriage or anything. I just haven’t found the right guy yet. So I’ll fuck you so Laurie doesn’t have to.”

I had never heard anything like this before and started laughing, thinking she was totally bull shitting me. But she didn’t laugh with me.

‘I’m serious”, Ruth stated. “I tried to talk her out of going after you because I knew she wouldn’t be a virgin for very long once you two started dating. Everyone knows that you fuck around a lot, you know. Laurie was pretty sure she could handle you until we heard what happened with Arlene last week. But after she broke up with you, Laurie decided it was her turn to try and tame you. I know you aren’t gonna change, and even though I know you’re a male slut, I’ve also heard that you’re really, really good at it. And that’s what I want, someone who knows what the fuck they’re doing. So keep your dick out of my best friend, okay? When you need to fuck, come see me.”

I sat there looking at her, confused about all but one thing: Ruth wanted me to fuck her.

“And Laurie knows about this?” I asked.

“Why do you think it’s taking her so long just to get a couple of Cokes? She knows what we’re talking about. And she’s good with it.”

I stole a glance towards the kitchen but couldn’t see anything beyond the hallway wall. I thought over my options. I was still seeing Jocelyn two or three times a week, Sheryl about once every couple of weeks, spent a couple of weekends a month with my married girlfriend Michelle, fucked Ginny when I couldn’t find anything else, and was getting laid after almost every gig my band played. I didn’t need this high school drama bull shit. But…

I took a closer look at Ruth. At first glance, I really hadn’t thought much of her. She had a Mediterranean look about her; olive skin and dark hair which she wore in a ‘Fro. For whatever reason, I didn’t think her hair looked good with the rest of her. Maybe if she just left it with it’s natural curl that would hang down around her face…

Her clothes didn’t really flatter her body, either. But sitting on the couch like she was, with her arms folded and tucked under her boobs, made me see that she did have a pair, and they looked nice. Compared to Laurie, who looked like she might only have a pair of fried eggs at best, Ruth had a fairly decent set of tits. I had seen the gentle swell of her ass even though she wore loose slacks, and she was definitely small enough for my taste.

Then I studied that Greek face. The longer I stared, the better she looked. Was I just thinking that way because I was horny? I don’t think so, because all I had to do was imagine her without the afro and she would actually be pretty.

I figured it couldn’t hurt to have one more back up pussy plan, could it? And who knew what would happen when I was alone with Laurie. It might be quite possible to talk her into doing something, even if it was just blow jobs at first. That would mean having two more girls in the rotation. My calendar began looking very full for the immediate future and I could only be happy about that.

“What?” Ruth wanted to know why I was eyeing her so intently. “You need to check out the goods? Bring it on!” She unfolded her arms and scooted to the edge of the sofa.

I reached out and cupped a breast with each hand. She had a bra on, but it didn’t feel like one of those functional mom bras, more like a sexy lacy thing since I could feel the weight of each tit in my hands. I didn’t squeeze, just held them gently, lifting only an inch or two to feel their heaviness. My right hand lowered to her flat belly, going from the front around to her back, quite satisfied that she felt fit. I reached under her bottom and grabbed a handful of her ass. It was nice and round, but firm.

I leaned in for a kiss. She turned her cheek to me at first until she felt my hand sliding up between her thighs. She gasped for breath as my fingers made contact against the material covering her virgin pussy. She turned her face towards me and our lips met. I pressed harder with my hand on her cunt and her lips parted, allowing my tongue a moment of brief access to her mouth.

She only let our tongues meet for a couple of quick probes, then she pushed away from me, breaking the moment before either of us got carried away. She reminded me that I was going to be Laurie’s boyfriend, not hers.

“Think of me as a safety release valve”, she giggled. “When the pressure gets to be too much, call or come over and I’ll be ready and waiting. Agreed?”

I smiled. “Sounds like a plan.” I went in for another kiss and feel, but she moved to stand and went to find Laurie. I felt her ass as she walked by and she slapped at my hand. But she smiled as she did it so I knew she was just playing.

A few minutes later both girls returned. Laurie took a drink from her Coke then handed it to me. She smiled and sat on my lap while Ruth took her seat beside me.

“Ruth says you understand the rules”, my newest ‘girlfriend’ said. “I really do want to be a virgin for our wedding night. So thank you for accepting my terms.” Then she leaned in and gave me a very long and sexy kiss.

My mind flashed momentarily to what she had said about remaining a virgin until ‘our wedding night’.??? Why the fuck did these girls make such drastic fucking assumptions about what was never going to happen in the future… but my mind quickly kicked out the thought because…

The way this girl kissed was hot! She used flavored lip gloss, which I loved. But it was her tongue work that made my cock dance in my pants. And she was a tease as well, since she could feel what was happening beneath her as she just kissed me harder, wiggling her bony butt against my crotch to get me even more excited.

When she finally broke the kiss, she looked over at Ruth and said, “I hope you’re ready, Ruth, cuz it feels like he’s gonna need some relief tonight!”

We sat and kissed and talked, and I could feel Ruth’s tits press against my arm from time to time as Laurie showed me some of her family photo albums. Whenever she left the room to find something new to show me, Ruth would lean over, kiss my neck and grab my cock, squeezing it until she heard Laurie coming back. Finally, around midnight, Laurie started yawning and said she was tired. She was ready to go to sleep.

She asked me, “Where are you taking me tomorrow night?”

I had to think for a second. It would be a Friday night. Did I have a gig? No. Did I have plans with any other girl? Michelle, maybe, if her husband was on the road with his truck. I seemed to have the night free.

I shrugged my shoulders and asked, “How about Santa Cruz?”

I loved the Beach and Boardwalk in Santa Cruz. It was one of my two favorite places on Earth when I was a teenager, with Arroyo Seco river being the other. The Boardwalk was ALWAYS a fun time!

Laurie looked over at Ruth to see what she thought. I was kind of baffled by this. Was she seeking permission from her friend or what? Ruth said that it sounded like fun.

Laurie looked back to me and asked what time they should be ready. That’s when I understood that Ruth was coming with us. This really confused me since I was supposed to be Laurie’s boyfriend, I could only have sex with Ruth, but I would be paying for both girls on the date. Oh well, I’d spent money on worse things before.

Ruth was staying the night with Laurie, so I didn’t get to take her home and fuck her right away. She gave me her phone number and address and walked me out to my pickup after Laurie gave me a goodnight kiss.

“That’s my private number”, she explained. “My parents are big on expressing freedom in a lot of different ways. And some are pretty weird. They won’t say a thing about you spending the night with me. Hell, if they do find us in bed together, mom will be happy for me and my dad will probably congratulate you. You’ll find out how they are. They may not be real big on privacy, they kinda let it all hang out for anyone to see, but they are big on allowing everyone to be who they really are without any judgement. Sorry about not being available tonight, but I had already promised Laurie I’d stay here, okay?”

“Not a problem, darlin’. I do look forward to being with you, though.”

She wrapped a hand around my neck and pulled my face down to hers. We kissed for just a few seconds, then she whispered, “Tomorrow night.”

I nodded in agreement, then kissed her slowly once more. She walked back in the house, waving as I drove away. My dick was still hard and needing some attention. It was too late to go see Ginny. Sheryl, my Island Goddess, lived with her grandmother and I didn’t want to disturb them at one A.M. Michelle lived out in Prunedale, which wasn’t that far of a drive, but if her husband’s big rig was there then it would have been a wasted trip.

That left Jocelyn, who had graduated from Salinas High that same night. Sweet Jocelyn and her incredibly yummy pussy. I drooled over that girl! All I had to do was think about putting my tongue in her tasty twat and my saliva glands went into overdrive. She had invited me to a graduation party at her house that her parents were allowing her to have. Candace would surely be there as well, another girl who was a great fuck. I decided to drive to the south side of town and see if it was still kicking.

Sure enough, the lights were on, a few people were standing out on the front lawn, drinking from red plastic cups, and I could faintly hear Boston’s ‘More Than a Feeling’ coming from inside the house as I pulled into the driveway.

Some drunk idiot came up and tried to tell me I couldn’t park in the driveway, parents rules. I got out and told him I could. Once he got a look at me he didn’t try to argue. I went in through the kitchen door on the side of the house and saw Candace pumping beer from a keg. She looked pretty loaded when she recognized me. She tried to set her cup on the counter but dropped it. I lunged forward to keep it from spilling and was lucky enough to catch it in time.

Apparently, Candace thought I was reaching for her. “Rockeeee!” She shouted excitedly as she stumbled into my arms. Her next words confirmed that she was shit faced. “It’s sho good to shee youuu, luver.” She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me hard, then dragged me into the living room where most of the kids were.

“Loook, everbuddy, Rockeee’sh heeer!” she shouted over the music. “Thish guyysh the besht fuck I ever had! Ishn’t that right, Josh?”

Jocelyn was standing behind her parents bar when I walked in and smiled at me. She looked great, too. I could see she wasn’t nearly as far gone as Candace. She walked over and helped me find Candace a seat. I was glad Candy had left her beer in the kitchen.

“Yeah, Candy Land”, Joc agreed. “He’s one helluva fuck. Hey, Rock, I’m glad you could make it.” She turned the music down and introduced me. “Hey, everyone, this is Rocky from North High. Pretty sure most of you have heard of him, but he’s actually a nice guy. Guys, just don’t fuck with him and he’ll be cool. Girls, I don’t want you fucking him either, cuz he’s all mine tonight. Okay?” And the music was turned back up.

Jocelyn pulled me back behind the bar and kissed me. The fourth girl I kissed that night, counting drunk Candy, but the only one I ended up fucking. I spent the night with Jocelyn, and we ended up having to confiscate a number of car keys and call some parents so they didn’t have to worry about where their kids were.

It was probably about 4 a.m. when we were finally able to get in bed together. We only fucked once, which was a rare occurrence for me. Since neither one of us got trashed, we got up around ten and I helped her clean the house. Her parents had stayed in the little cottage behind the house for the night and had already left for work by the time we woke up. With more than a dozen drunk teens sleeping it off in various rooms on the first floor of the house, Jocelyn had her work cut out for her that day.

After we got the house mostly in order, I went back to my parents house, took a shower and went to pick up Laurie and Ruth. Laurie sat next to me as we drove up highway 1 to Santa Cruz. The girls chattered excitedly since I was the first boy that either had ever gone out with who could drive. They were both a year behind me in school which would have made them just finishing their sophomore year and getting ready to be juniors.

We had a good time together. I got a lot of stares from people because I had two young girls at my side either holding my hands, hanging on to my arms, or with my arms wrapped around them and theirs around me. Laurie kissed me all the time, kinda like showing that she was the one I really belonged to. But when she went to the rest room or to look in a shop, that gave me some freedom with Ruth, and she was the one who really gave her all to me in the few moments we had. I knew where I would be spending the night.

We rode the rides, played the games and spent time in the arcade. I still go to the Boardwalk occasionally and still have a great time. That place is full of nothing but good memories for me. And the bands I was playing with back then played there often enough that most of the security personnel knew who I was. We were treated like royalty and the girls were impressed.

But the place closed at 11 p.m. and we had to drive back to Salinas. Laurie had a midnight curfew but it was only about a forty minute drive. I got her home with time to spare. We kissed goodnight on her front porch, but my mind was already on Ruth. I knew when I took her home, there wasn’t going to be a goodnight kiss on the porch. She was going to take me to her bedroom and I was going to take her virginity from her.

Ruth lived in roughly the same neighborhood as Laurie, only a few blocks away. We arrived in just a couple of minutes. When we got there I was looking at the only two-story houses in the circle. She had me park in the driveway on the outside edge of the attached garage. When she took my hand and led me inside, I saw that we were standing in a beautiful home. There were many pieces of art, works of wood, clay, bronze and other mediums, along with numerous paintings hanging on the walls.

“My mom’s an artist”, Ruth explained as she led me around the house. “Some of this is hers, but most of it is from little known artists around the world. My parents love to travel and find obscure, out of the way art shops in the smaller cities of foreign countries. They’ve been to every continent except Antarctica and have visited close to eighty different countries. She’s always able to sell her pieces in many of the same shops where she makes purchases.”

I was impressed and asked about her father.

“Dad’s a lawyer. He makes a ton of money fighting against government regulations and keeping his firm protected from outside interests. At least that’s how he explains it to me. He doesn’t really bring his work home with him. When he’s here he likes to devote most of his time to what my mom likes to do. ”

“Are they home?”I asked with curiosity.

She looked at a clock on the wall made out of what looked like a dozen different types of wood. It read about 12:10.

“Friday night, just after midnight? Nah. They probably won’t be home till after 2. And just to let you know, they probably won’t be alone. They almost never come home alone. And remember what I told you last night? About how weird they can be? I better explain now so it isn’t a surprise.”

Ruth took my hand and guided me to the kitchen which was across the entry hall from the room we had been in. I don’t know what you would call a room like that. It definitely wasn’t a living room or family room. It was more like a museum/art gallery/library, with four high backed sitting chairs surrounded by bookcases along each wall, half full of art, half full of books. Several tables sat a few feet from each wall with enough room to walk between the tables and walls. It was all arranged so everything was easily accessible.

Once in the kitchen, we raided the refrigerator. Ruth said her parents didn’t bring a lot of junk food into the house, but there was a pretty big variety of fresh fruits to choose from, including my favorites: pineapple and watermelon. We sat at the small breakfast table and she began explaining about her parents.

“When I was seven or eight, I remember spending the night at Laurie’s, but I got sick and wanted to come home. It was still kind of early so Laurie’s mom didn’t call before bringing me home. I walked inside and called out for mom, but she didn’t answer. I heard noises coming from their bedroom so I went upstairs to let her know I was home and not feeling good. You haven’t seen yet, but the only doors we have inside the house are on the bathrooms. My bedroom, my parents bedroom, every other room only has an arched doorway. So when I went upstairs to tell Mom, I was surprised at what I saw. ”

She took a deep breath as if gathering her thoughts before continuing. “There were four people on their big bed and they were all naked. My dad was on top of a lady who wasn’t my mom, and my mom was under a guy who wasn’t my dad. They were all making a lot of noise, kissing each other and, well, fucking is what was happening. Of course I was too young to comprehend the reality of it all, so I just stood at the doorway and watched until they all finally screamed and groaned and then lay together kissing. The man on top of my mom got off first and when she sat up, she saw me. She said something like ‘we have a little visitor’ and then everyone looked at me. My dad said ‘Hi, sweetie. We thought you were staying the night at Laurie’s.’ I told him I didn’t feel good and wanted to come home. The whole time, the guy who had been on my mom was just standing on the side of the bed with his big, long dick hanging down. My dad was still on top of the other lady while he talked to me. No one tried to hide anything from me; nobody put their clothes on or tried to cover themselves. My mom held her arms open and I ran to her. When she hugged me, I noticed an odor that was new to me. I asked what that smell was and she told me ‘that’s what sex smells like’. And with that simple explanation, she picked me up and brought me downstairs to my room. I think she gave me some Pepto then tucked me in. When I woke up the next morning and went into the kitchen, the other people were still there and dad was cooking breakfast for everyone. They all acted like nothing weird had happened and they all said good morning like we were best friends. Everyone was dressed and after we ate, the people left. My parents asked if I had any questions about what I saw and I said no. Mom told me if I ever did have any questions I could always come to her about anything. And she really has been great about it. I had questions later, especially after seeing a few more different, weirder things, and she has always been honest and truthful. And I’m only telling you this shit because I have a feeling that you’re gonna be here a lot. Nobody knows about this, not Laurie, not other friends… NOBODY! So keep this to yourself, please.”

“Yeah, no sweat”, I promised. But I wanted to hear more about the ‘weirder’ shit.

Ruth popped a piece of pineapple in her mouth and continued. “When I was ten, I came home one afternoon after a soccer game at school because I wanted to tell my mom how I scored the winning goal. The team was supposed to go get pizza right after the game, but I asked our coach to stop by my house first. I ran upstairs but stopped when I looked in the doorway. I saw my dad laying on his stomach in a swing like thing and his hands were tied behind his back and he had something tied around his head with something stuffed in his mouth. My mom was standing behind him with her back to me. She was wearing a black leather outfit and pushing my dad forward and then pulling him back on the swing. Every time she pulled him back, she pushed her hips forward and my dad would grunt and moan. I heard my mom saying stuff like ‘you like that, don’t you, you little bitch. You’ve been a very naughty boy and I have to punish you, so take it like a good little bitch”. I had no idea what the fuck was going on and I really didn’t want to know. I didn’t say anything and went back out to the team van. A few weeks later I told my mom that I had seen dad in the swing and asked her if she really did punish him for doing something bad. She explained it was all just a sex game and that all adults should enjoy a little anal now and then. I didn’t understand what she meant at the time. I’m still not sure about the whole anal thing, whether I would like it or not, but my dad seems to really enjoy having my mom fuck him in the ass with a dildo. And my mom says it gives her the absolute best orgasms when she gets fucked in the ass.”

I was fascinated with what I was hearing. My dick felt like it was about to explode as I thought about shoving my hard cock up Ruth’s tight butt. And she wasn’t finished.

“For the last couple of years, my mom and dad haven’t really tried to hide anything from me, and the stuff they’re into now is the kinkiest. They only bring men home with them now. A lot of times it’s the same guy, but there’s been a few I’ve only seen once or twice. I got curious one night and I knew I could see in their room from the top of the stairs. The guy they brought home was fucking my mom really hard from behind. My dad was standing at the side of the bed watching until they were finished. The guy pulled his big dick out of my mom and sat on the edge of the bed while my mom rolled onto her back. Now this gets really weird. My dad got up in between my mom’s legs and ate her out. After he finished with her, he got off the bed, kneeled in front of the guy and sucked his dick. The guy got hard again while my dad was doing it, then he pushed my dad away, climbed on top of my mom and fucked her again. And my dad had a big smile on his face! My mom was obviously enjoying herself, the guy seemed to really like my mom, and my dad? He had a hard on, but compared to the other guy it was really pretty small. After my mom and the guy finished again, my dad did the same thing as before. But after he finished sucking the guys dick, I heard my mom tell him to masturbate in front of them. And he did! It didn’t take long for him to cum, less than a minute for sure, and my mom told him that was why she needed a real man with a real cock to take good care of her. But she was smiling as she said it and my dad bent down and kissed her. He told her he was happy that she was getting fucked by a bigger and better cock than he had to offer. I went to bed after that and had to masturbate myself! I don’t know why it made me so horny seeing that, but it was like I couldn’t control it. I wonder if that’s how my dad feels when he does that stuff, you know, like it just takes over and he can’t say no.”

Ruth sighed, then told me that the weirdest part came the next morning.

“I woke up and went to the kitchen. My mom and the other guy were sitting together on on one side of this table, drinking coffee, cuddling together and kissing, and the guy was wearing my dad’s bathrobe. My dad was sitting on the other side, having a cup of coffee and reading the morning paper like it was just a regular day. And he was wearing my mom’s bathrobe! I haven’t watched them since that first time, but either that same guy or somebody else has been here almost every Saturday and Sunday morning since. So, I’m warning you in advance; my parents are freaks! See what you have to look forward to in the morning?”

My cock wanted to bust through my jeans. I couldn’t wait any longer. I stood and picked Ruth up in my arms and had her show me the way to her room.

I tossed her on the bed and ripped her clothes off, wondering if she was as horny as I was. When I reached down between her legs, I felt the wetness and knew she was. I tore my own clothes off and stood over her, my thick prick bobbing up and down to the rapid beat of my heart. She reached out and put her hand around it and a shiver went through my body as she grasped it tight.

“Oh my God, Rocky!” Ruth’s eyes were very wide as she looked at the throbbing shaft in her hand. “It’s… it’s so… big! I mean, my hand doesn’t even fit around it! I… I don’t know if it’ll fit inside of me.”

“It’ll fit”, I promised. “We’ll take it slow, and it might hurt a little at first, but I guarantee that it will fit.”

Ruth still stared at it in amazement. It seemed as if she was uncertain now about proceeding.

“It just seems so… so big around! God, the biggest thing I’ve ever had inside me is a tampon. I just can’t imagine this thing fitting in my…” Her words trailed off as she leaned forward and put her lips around the tip.

I was in heaven! A virgin who took it in her mouth first. Definitely my kind of girl. She didn’t give me a blow job, just wanted to know what it felt like, tasted like… wanted to know me in a more intimate way. And for me, there was no more intimate way to get to know each other than with lips, tongue and taste buds.

While Ruth got to know my raging penis, I leaned over and began exploring her body. Her breasts were extremely nice, kind of ski slope shaped, or what I like to call ‘cum on me’ tits. She had a sweet little trimmed bush, something I suppose she picked up from her mother. When I touched her pussy she moaned and pulled my dick out of her mouth but kept stroking it with her hand. I’d been hard for so long that I felt like I might shoot my load all over her.

“Ruth, you gotta stop… I… I can’t hold back…” Her hand sped up. I went with it and gave in.

I thrust my cock through her warm hand and exploded, catching her by surprise as my cum spurted all over her face, hair, tits and belly. I couldn’t believe that it happened. My cousins had taught me how to control myself better than that. But hearing those stories about what she had seen her parents doing had made me lose control.

And at that moment I really didn’t care. Ginny was the only girl whose face I had cum on before. Now I looked down at Ruth, who was still gripping my cock while coaxing all the sticky fluid from it. The last drops fell on her chest, but my erection didn’t surrender. It stayed strong in her hand. It was time to invade another virgin valley.

Part 2 cumming next.

Thanks again,
Rocky J.

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