A lonly day with my dog

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A young teen takes masturbation to a new level.

It was a lonely summer for me. I had just broken up with my boyfriend and didn’t feel like doing anything except watch T.V., play with my dog, and exercise. For a 13 year old girl, I was pretty fit. Tight round ass, 36c bra size, and athletic body. I had just found out about masturbation through some of the movies I had been watching late at night. It was fun, but it got to be too much the same all the time.

But one lone day, I discovered a new way to masturbate.

I was home alone in my room with my dog, a mix between a German shepherd and something else. He was a big guy that came to my waist while standing up. I was watching T.V., when Manny (that’s his name) comes in running with his tongue sticking out and salivating: the obvious sign of hunger. So I headed down stairs, opened up a can of dog food, and set it on his doggie plate. I sat next to him and watched him use his powerful tongue to grab the food. I was sitting with my legs spread out, so my clit was more opened than usual, and that got me horny. I was wearing tight shorts, and the fabric was rubbing on my pussy. All this while I watched my dog eat gave me an idea.

I grabbed some of his food and “Oops.” I said as I rubbed it on my leg. My dog came to clean up, licking my thighs in a very pleasurable way. “Let’s take this up stairs, boy.” I say getting up and grabbing his plate. He goes crazy. I go up the stairs with him tailing me. In my room, I shut the door. I then set his food on my desk. “We’re in for a treat.” I say as I take my shirt off. I remove my bra and then I rub the doggie food all over my breasts. Then I lay flat on the ground. Manny comes running and hops on top of me. He begins to lick me all over. His rough tongue giving me chills all over. I pet him in the belly, and run into his small doggie cock. At first, I’m a little disgusted and I pull my hand away, but then he begins to lick on the mouth, and for some reason, that turns me on.

I get up and remove my little shorts along with my panties. I then grab another handful of food and I lay back on the floor. I spread my legs and start masturbating as I rub the food all over my wet pussy. I stop, and Manny comes in. He begins to lick. “Ahh.” I moan in pleasure. Manny’s quick tongue movements massage my little pussy and I begin to cum on his face. Now I’m horny as hell! I get up, grab more food, and lay back down with legs spread. This time, I don’t just rub the food, I nervously stick some if it into my pussy hole.

Please don’t judge me, I was very horny.

My dog starts the licking, this time thrusting his long rough tounge in my vagina. “Ahhh! Ahhh! Yeah! Deeper!” I grab some more food and push it deeper into my pussy, this time real deep. He thrust his tongue deeper. “AHHHHHH!” I moan loudly for it feels so good! My dog then gets on top of me and he begins to lick my face. I open my mouth in the heat of the moment and lick him back. I reach back down, I grab his dick and I start jerking it rough. At first, my dog seems to enjoy it, then he yelps.

A little frightened, I stop and look at him. He keeps on licking me, then he sniffs me out, making his way to my wet pussy. He sniffs me there, but his nose keeps poking at my butthole.

I get the idea, and I turn over and get in all fours. He sniffs my butt thoroughly. “Come on boy.” I say as I reach over and start putting my finger in my asshole. Honestly, I had never shubbed anything in my butt before, but I was so horny, and its true girls have some type of G-spot in their butthole. I found that out.

Manny then began to lick my ass cheeks all over. Then, he got on top of me. I could feel his dick, hard and a little wet. With no second thought, he stated penal thrusting me in my butt. At first, it hurt a little. I yelled in pain even, but then I got comfortable with it. “Ohh. Ooo yeah.” At the same time, I start fingering my pussy as it starts dripping cum on the carpet. I pull away and I turn around. I spread my legs as wide I can and I let my dog jump on top of me. He continues penal thrusting me, this time in my pussy.

His dick was wide, so that hurt. But it wasn’t quiet as long as I would’ve wished. “Ahh. Ahh.” I moaned. The good thing about dogs, is that they don’t get tired for a long time. Even though his dick wasn’t popping my cherry, he kept giving me orgasms just for lasting so long. It felt good! Finally, I decided to pull out, and crawl under him. It smelled bad, but I still put his dick in my mouth and stated licking it. Soon, he spilled a hot liquid all over my face, and I let the boy go.

I was still very horny.

So I did something that I never knew capable of doing. I went and searched my mom’s drawers: where I found a purple 13 inch dildo. So I took it to my room. I layed in my bed, and I thrust the giant thing in. “Oooo…” the first four inches were nice, “Ahhhh….Aohhhh…” but the next five started to hurt. But my hornyness got the best of me, and put all 13 inches in. “AHHHH!” I screamed as I felt it break me inside. There was pleasure in my pain. I Shubbed in and out in and out, I found myself thrashing in my own bed as if I were raping myself. As I reached an unbearable climax, I screamed in pain and pleasure. Then I pulled it out slowly. Yes, it had blood in it along with other liquids. I was so exhausted, I fell asleep right there and there…

Until the phone rang. I answered. It was my friend, Sofia. She was the most beautiful friend I had. She asked me what I was doing. “Nothing,” I answered, “ Say, you wanna come over?”

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