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I fucked a Zebra

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I love having sex with my dog but he wasn’t enough for me, so I found a bigger cock.

Hi, I’m Kelly, age 14 and I’ve been fucking my dog since I was 11.

My dog is a border collie, his names Toby, and I let him fuck me all the time, mostly he like be on top and hump my pussy or he gets me on my hands and knees and fucks me up the ass, but my favorite position is Toby laying on the floor on his back with me sat on top riding him, I push his cock and knot in to my pussy and I ride him for ages, I like it when he comes in me but I just keep riding him until he comes two or three times, he just stares at me licking his face and nose.

I always enjoy fucking my dog but it wasn’t satisfying me as much as it used to do and I needed more, I needed something new.

We live on a farm with rescued exotic animals and it was winter time one evening, I’d just finished fucking Toby’s cock off and he went in to the corner of my room and fell asleep but I was still horny, I remembered my dad had just brought home a young Zebra from customs, it didn’t have the right papers so we were asked to look after it for a while until it was sorted, I put on my long warm bubble coat, I was still naked underneath, and I put on my wellies and while my parents were watching TV I told them I was going out to feed the Zebra.

I ran through the snow to the barn and went inside, I stroked the Zebra and fed it some grass then I sat on a stool in the corner watching it eat, when I plucked up the courage I walked over to it and stroked it some more and then I kneeled down and looked under it, I salivated at the sight of its cock, I began to stroke its cock and it didn’t seem to mind, after a while it got bigger, it was like a man’s cock but really long and it wasn’t hard, it was flexible and had a big wide knobby bit on the end.

I took off my bubble coat and crawled underneath it, I shook its cock, it was really flexible and bendy, then I licked the knobby bit and then put it in my mouth, I had to open my mouth really wide, so wide it hurt but it wouldn’t fit in my mouth otherwise, I got the knobby bit in my mouth and licked the end while tugging on his long shaft with one hand and fingering myself with my other hand getting wet.

I was so horny and I took the enormous cock out of my mouth and started to rub it on my tits and over my body, I arched my back pushing my hips in to the air and rubbed it along my wet pussy, I wanted more, I crawled out from under the Zebra and gave him a pat on the neck, he was still crunching at the grass, I brought over the stool and placed it underneath him then I got on my knees and bend myself over the stool, I held his cock and tried to push it in to my pussy but it wouldn’t go in, I rested his cock on my back and I pried apart my pussy lips as wide as I could, I’ve had Toby’s knot inside me so it should stretch wide enough, then I took his cock and tried again, it took some effort and wiggling but the knobby bit finally went in.

I tried to fuck his cock by swaying back and forth but his cock was too flexible it wasn’t really sliding in and out, so I had to put my hands behind me and hold it while I swayed back and forth, it wasn’t perfect but it will do, I fucked his enormous cock for about five minutes then I got really tired and my arms were aching so I stopped, I pulled his cock out and I turned around and got on my knees and started to suck and tug on it again instead.

His cock felt like soft leather as I tugged the hell out of it with the knobby bit rammed in my mouth, I was taken by surprise when he ejaculated, so much spunk shot in to my mouth at once, so much that I had to take his cock out of my mouth, when I opened my mouth, no word of a lie, a river of Zebra spunk gushed out and ran down my chin and down my body, covering my tits and legs, it didn’t stop though it just kept coming out in big long heavy spirts, it would have filled a bucket, I’ve never seen so much spunk in my life.

Like a good girl I let him come in my mouth a couple more times and I gulped his spunk down, Zebra spunk tastes really nice, it’s really thick as well, it’s like yogurt, when his cock stopped spirting I gathers the spunk off my body with my hands and poured it from my hands in to my mouth and swallowed as much as I could.

I got up and hugged the Zebra around the neck and patted him, thanking him for his massive cock, I cleaned myself off as much as I could, I had loads of hay stuck all over me, then I put my bubble coat back on and went back to the house, I fucked the Zebra again the next day, only this time I took a bottle with me and filled it with his spunk so I could take it with me, I laid in my bed that night after riding Toby before bed and I was swigging Zebra spunk from the bottle and pouring a bit on me and rubbing it in to my pussy, I’m such a spunk whore and love animal cock.

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  • Reply Anonymous ID:2ruix4xij

    Obviously not true, because a stallion only cums if its tip swells up and the cock is HARD. So this is just copied from one of the many fake horse cum videos.

  • Reply linda ID:21zg5n3hri

    have you sucked other animals since you live on a farm

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  • Reply Anonymous ID:200aa2fij

    what is your snap or intagram ? mine is lenin1268 ONLY GIRLS CAN FOLLOW ME AND TALK TO ME

  • Reply Avid_luster ID:5spbi1nm4

    Great story, hope it’s real! Would love to hear more, esp about how you started, and who / what else you’ve fucked! Send your snap or something if you want

  • Reply T ID:3zxjngw5v99

    Whats your social or email