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I watched From My Wheel Chair

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Another great wife turned slut story.
by N Stevenson
I was in a car accident a year back. I,m happily married with a 2 year old baby son. I’m 29 years old and as a result of my accident have been bound to a wheel chair for the past year or so. Not only did the accident put me in a wheel chair, but it also resulted in sexual impotency.

Up to the point of my accident I was a successful businessman involved in real estate. How ever I had borrowed a huge amount in loans to just keep the business , which was run by me solely . With my accident my real estate business was just about going under, as a result my wife Jenny, who also used to work as a real estate agent, decided to take over.

Jenny is 25 years old, she has shoulder length blonde hair. She is slim and very attractive. Ever since my accident she has tried her best to keep the business afloat, but things were on the rocky side. We had to sell the house that we were living in up to this point in order to pay my medical bills, as a result, we moved into a 2 bedroom rented apartment. Jenny tried her best to look after the kid as well as keep the money coming in for us to survive, but at this stage it was becoming near impossible.

It was at this point that I received a call from one of the loan sharks from Malaysia, asking for the huge amount of accumulated interest to be paid back, with the threat that if it wasn’t done my business would be pulled out from under me. He also told me that his 17 year old son Jim, who was a highschool student here in the states took care of his business in the states, and that he would pay me and my wife a visit the next day. after this call I was just dumbfounded. I knew their was no way of putting it off for a while or borrowing more money , since I was upto my neck with debts.

As soon as my wife got back from work that day I told her what had happened. “Oh sweetheart , I”m so sorry ” I told her.

Jenny was nearly in tears. She just came into my arms and kissed me. “It’s not your fault. We’ll take it as it come’s, Ok? I nodded and kissed her.

The next morning we prepared for the arrival of Jim. Jenny wore a Green summer frock and looked stunning. Jim was on time as expected. He may have been still at highschool, but he was driven in , in a black Mercedese by chauffer, and another guy who worked for his father. Jim looked his boyish 17 year old age, he was rather charming, about 5’7 in height and slightly built. Both his chauffer/bodyguard and the other guy were also malaysian, but more around 6 feet tall with pony tails and looked very muscly and rough looking.

“Hello , you must be Jim” as soon as he came in the door I offered him my hand , “and this is my wife jenny” .

Jenny and Jim got along quite well. The body guard and the other guy however did not really speak to either of us. The just kept an eye on us while we were talking. The unpleasant part of Jim’s visit was talking business. Charming though he was , he did have a certain cold air about him where business was concerned.

“Mr.Smith, you do owe my father $40,000.00 as interest for this year alone. I know you are going through a rough patch at the moment, but we also have a business to run. I think my father is running out of patience” He said. I know that Mrs.Smith is doing her best to keep the business afloat, as well as take care of your child, but judging from your books, even if you did sell the business, still you wont be able to pay off out debts. This is nothing personal Mr.Smith, but business, is business. I’ll have Duke here (Referring to his fathers thug), come in later in the evening , you can talk with him and come to some sort of arrangement. Now, if you would excuse me, I’ll take my leave. It really is good to have met the two of you and your little baby”. With that he shook hands, and they took their leave.

After about half an hour or so “Duke” came to pay us a visit. “Hello Duke” I said and held out my hand to him. He just ignored it got down to talking business straight away. “My boss and Jim aren’t happy with the way things are going with you. We need you to turnover your business to us and all other assets that you own instantly”. He said looking at me and Jenny with a cold smile.

“Please” I said . “Just give us a bit of time , I”m sure we could work something out”.

“I”m sorry, but you don’t really have a choice”. With that Duke pushed some papers infront of me. “Sign” he snapped.

“No, we have to atleast have a lawyer present” jenny said in desperation. “I”m sure we can work something out”.

At that instance Jim’s chauffer/body guard came in. He came upto me with a base ball bat , got hold of my left hand, and twisted it till the bone snapped. ” AAAArrrgh” I screamed in pain.

“You bastards”, jenny cried , and came towards me. I was still in my wheel chair. She cradled her arms around me and rocked me too and fourth. She was waring shorts with a black halter top. She was sobbing but she still did look stunning.

“We don’t need this. No matter what happens we have each other , and I love you ” She said between sobs. “Just sign it baby” she said. I think she was afraid as to what might happen if we didn’t give in.

I was in terrible pain. I couldn’t even move. I had the feeling that my left arm was broken. With my right hand, between sharp outbreaks of pain, I got hold of the pen and placed my signature on it. Upto the point of my accident even though i did have large loans , I was successful in business and did show a lot of promise.

Duke took the signed paper from me with a cold smile. Jenny and I cuddled and held on to each other. I tried to be as strong as possible. But i don’t think i was being very successful at that moment.

Duke and the other guy, who apparently was addressed as Mich, just stood their waiting for us to cool down. “You have taken all our belongings, now get the hell out” Jenny screamed.

Duke just looked at Jenny calmly and smiled his Icy cold smile. You see Mrs. Smith, even after selling your business, We still would be short of around $100,000.00 , thats forgetting the years interest you owe us.

Here are your options Mrs.Smith. I cant see any way that we would be able to get that money. My boss does not like to loose in a deal. Unfortunately we are going to have to set an example of your behaviour to other people who do business with us. Either , we shoot your invalid husband and son, or you let us have a good time with you now and relax, so that we may be willing to spare their lives.

I heard Jenny gasp. She tried to look strong as possible about it, but i felt her body shivering next to mine. I was just speechless. I knew that loan sharks could be rough , but this, it was just unbelievable.

I heard Duke and Mich letting off the safety latch’s of their guns. Both of us looked up in fear. At that instance Duke shot the tyre of my wheelchair, giving both of us a fright. “You don’t have time Mrs. Smith, and we really are being generous to you” Mich snarled for the first time.

My wife was just stood their , trembling next to me.

I finally found my voice. “Look here” I said moving my wheelchair towards Duke as if to strike him with my right hand. I just felt a loud thud on my head and I passed out.

I think I would have been out for about 20 minutes. When I was coming back into my senses all I kept hearing was constant moaning. I also kept hearing constant moving and pounding sounds, as if springs were pounded on at a rhythm. Somewhere in the process of waking up I realised that the moans were of a woman , and the springs were of the familiar sound as when having sex. However the pounding was very hard.

I slowly started to open my eyes. The first site was of my wife. I was somewhere in my wheelchair at the foot of the bead. From the angle I was I could see my wife’s back , then It came to me with horror…… It all felt like a bad nightmare. she was being fucked doggy style by one guy, and she was giving a blow to another. I felt as if I was in some sort of dream. From the angle at where I was gave me a very good view of my wife. I could not see her face properly, but well enough to know what was happening. “Oh god” she moaned. “Oh ggooooddddddd” she cried. At that moment she released the other guys prick and looked back at the guy who was fucking her. From that point she would have been able to see me if she looked , but she was too entangled in her own emotions. A shiver ran through my spine as I realised that her moans were of pleasure, and not a protest for him to stop. She started to hump harder on to the guy who was fucking her (it was Duke).

I just wanted to scream , but it’s as if their was a huge lump in my throat. Here was my beautiful blonde wife, moaning at the pleasure being given to her by two asian hooligans. At that point I realised that neither of my hands were moving. I guess they would have broken my other arm too. It also occurred to me that I actually could not speak. Though I tried to move my lips, it just didn’t move. All i could do was stare at what was happening in front of me. I didn’t know it at the time , but I was actually paralyzed.

Hearing that familiar sound of my beautiful wife coming close organism brought back memories. I was feeling awfully angry and jealous to watch my wife being well fucked by these too massive asian guys. Ever since my accident I haven’t being able to do my husbandly duties since i was unable to get an erection. Jenny brought home a dildo one day, and ever since then , the only pleasure I have been able to give her was by using that dildo and oral sex. Jenny seemed to be content with it. However , watching her here being screwed made me realise how much she would have needed it.

Jenny gave another scream, at that point I knew that she would have had a orgasm. “I”m coming” shouted Mich who was in Jenny’s mouth. Duke still kept pounding. I saw Jenny’s head still bobbing up and down on Mich’s cock.

Suddenly Duke pulled by the hair and bent her neck backwards, and started pounding as if he was attached to a speed train. From Jenny’s muffled cries, inspite of the pain , i knew she was coming to an orgasm again. Duke came in Jenny with a loud groan, and i heard her muffled cries as she also came with him. Afterwards all of them fell onto a pile and just rested. Dukes cock was still inside Jenny.

At this point I managed to make a muffled groan. Jenny lifted her head and looked back at me. I guess that It was at this point that she realised that I had come to my senses. She just stared at me for a while, and I felt her Eyes soften the way they always do when she looks at me. I”m sure I saw tears coming to her eyes, but she just looked away, and rested on top of Mich. “Look at the whimp” Duke said looking at me. “I”m sure we would have given him quite a nice performance by fucking his wife in front of him”. “What a pathetic bastard. If I were him I would wish my self dead than watch someone screw my wife. But from Jenny’s performance I don’t think he would have been able to do her any good for the past year or so”. I heard Mich laugh. “Well guys, I”m hitting the shower” I heard Jenny as she wriggled herself from between the 2 guys. Without looking back at me she just went into the shower. Duke and Mich got up to join her. Duke was still limp, but from what I could see, it looked a monster. As if reading my thoughts he just rubbed his cock up and down a couple of times, gave me a nasty smile and went in to join my wife. He seemed awfully happy that he had brought my wife to orgasm. I just felt useless. I felt like screaming out, but no words or sound came out of my mouth.

I heard the shower running and my wife was laughing at a joke that Duke had cracked. I had this sinking feeling that it was about me. Their was a lot of laughter in the shower. It made me feel weak and angry at the same time. Not only had I lost every possession that I owned, but it also seemed like my wife was enjoying screwing the guys who took all of it right from me.

My wife came out wiping her hair with a towel. She looked at me once , then just looked away. I just was unable to read what was on her mind. She just looked her stunning self. I guess after sex, she even looked radiant. She just sat at the edge of the bed. Duke and Mich also came out of the bathroom. Mich was already hard. His cock was a 7″ and thick. Duke on the other hand was semierect, and looked the same size as Mich’s. I imagined that it must be atleast 9″ when erect. From the way he was fucking my wife earlier on I just couldn’t imagine how she would have taken all of him. No wonder she was moaning away.

Mich sat next to Jenny on the bed and started massaging her right breast. Duke just came and stood infront of Jenny. My wife just kept looking at Duke’s semi erect penis in fascination, and watched it grow bigger. She looked up at Duke , gave him a sexy smile and started to massage his cock. “Oh baby, you are well hung” she said to Duke not taking her eyes off his now 9″ cock. She just kept running her hand up and down its length. I felt that I didn’t even exist to her.

Mich by this time wanted to fuck my wife. He made her get up on her four’s on bed with her ass towards him. Her face was towards the edge of the bed, and Duke started mouth fucking her.

I just felt tears swell in my eyes. But I was just unable to move. Mich entered her pussy , and She released her mouth from Duke’s cock to look back at Mich , she moaned a bit , then started giving head to Duke again. I just couldn’t believe that the mother of my son was acting like such a slut when he was asleep in just the next room, and with me at the foot of her bed. It’s true that I haven’t been able to satisfy her sexually, but I didn’t expect her to act this way with these thugs. At this point Duke had a grip of my wife’s hair, and was controlling her movements. He was picking up pace as if he was close to cum. She was pushing back hard on Mich.

Duke suddenly pulled out of her mouth. “Now I”m going to show you what a good time is Mrs. Smith. With that he pushed her onto the pillow. “Turn around bitch and get on your hands and knees like a dog” he snarled. My wife did as she was told. At this point she realised what was happening. The same thought went through my mind as well. “Oh yeah big boy” she said looking back at him and spreading her arse cheeks in invitation. She was wriggling it to him, at the same time I saw Mich jerking his cock harder. I guess watching this beautiful young mother wriggling her arse at a big asian guy for anal penetration really turned him on. All I felt was shock.

Initially Duke finger fucked her. When Jenny started pushing back on his fingers I new that she was ready and hot for the invasion. Duke initially pushed the jelly coated tip half way in. My wife was clutching on to the pillow which was infront of her and moaning. She was not pushing behind on him any more. Mich was watching all of this and just kept jerking off. He was jerking off very slowly. Obviously he wanted to savour every moment of it. Duke started his invasion at a very slow pace. After pushing his head in he relaxed for a while letting my wife get used to the sensation. She just rested her head on the pillow while still clutching on to the pillow. After resting a bit Duke started to invade her arse. Bit by bit he started to push his enormous cock in. From the where I was i could not see Jill’s face, but from the whimpers and loud moans she was making , I could tell that she was crying. by this point he had most of his thick cock buried in her arse and started to hump her. Jill kept a steady groaning noise. It was mixed with moans. From the noises she was making I could tell that she was in pain. Duke showed her no mercy. He started a steady pace of fucking her arse.

By watching all this it didn’t take Mich that long to shoot his load. He splashed most of his come on my wife. The bed was creaking at a rate now. “Oh god…..oh ggoooodddddd………” I heard my wife cry inbetween groans. Her head was resting sideways on the pillow. She was still clutching on to the pillow. Duke was holding on to her by her hips and each time he pushed into her he buried his entire length of cock inside her, and pulled the entire length out. I felt my wife coming close to orgasm from the noise she was making. Duke increased his pace .” Take it with me bitch” he shouted. “Oh yeesssssssss” was her cry , and Duke started humping her hard as he poured all his come into her. After their intense orgasm he kissed my wife’s neck and collapsed on to her.

All of them rested this way for a couple of minutes , and Duke and Mich hit the shower. My wife just rested on the bed. She seemed to be oozing with sweat.

After the shower both of them left with a kissing my wife on the way out. Its been a week since this incident happened. I”m still paralyzed and Jill takes care of me. How ever as part payment of our debt, she had to sleep with Duke and Mich the entire week and also they have made it a habit to video their sex in bed with my wife each time they come over. Later on we found out that the reason for the video was upon request by Jim, who loved tailor made pornography. After each time they had sex with her, in the night she would bathe and put me to bed , and I would hear her weep. At the moment she’s getting ready for a visit from Jim. It looks like Mich and Duke want my wife to initiate Jim into sex.

The best part is , each time she entertains someone in our bed she insists that they keep me in the wheelchair in our room. I have a feeling it indicates to the others that she’s married and does love me, and also maybe because it does turn her on a bit that I”m forced to watch other people enjoy her in bed.

All this is very sad and humiliating to me. All I am able to do is watch other people have sex with my wife in unimaginable and perverted ways. The fact that all this activity if being taped for the fancy of a 17 year old and his friends to jerk off to disgusts me. My wife does seem to enjoy some of these things, then again , given our situation I don’t think she has a choice, or atleast, I prefer to think of it that way.

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