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Step-sister joins in part2

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things heat up with Terri, things that were brewing for some time.

Terri later on that afternoon came back into the house after sunning herself for about 2 hours. her halter top still untied in the back she covered her tits with the towel as she clambered up the stairs toward her bedroom. She stopped and knocked on my door ,”hey thanks again for the rub down” she yelled thru the door. I was across my room at my desk just finishing a report that was due for my American history class next week.

That night at supper Terri sat across the table from me, I gave her a good look over as she chatted with my sister Sheryl, thinking she didn’t notice my blatant perusing of her frame, how nice her breast floated above her chest, how well formed her waist was, she was very nice indeed. During our dating I never really noticed these things It seemed like since I was getting my cock serviced alot this past summer thing had changed and i was more cognizant of the fairer sex. Soon I was dreaming of what those tit’s felt like how firm they really were, my mind drifted as my eyes became fixated on Terri’s torso. just then she got up to get another soda from the fridge for herself and asked if anyone else want one. I asked her for one ,she returned and handed me a coke and sat back down as she sat she smiled and winked at me?? WTF was that I asked myself did she just wink to me? I blew it of as nothing and opened my soda and continued to eat. I started to take up where i left off scanning my step sisters upper body primarily her tits. She obviously had a bra on but it wasn’t for support from what i could tell from seeing them earlier, it was more for modesty. I then saw that my starring at her tit’s got noticed by her and she got my attention and I noticed she winked at me again. A few moments passed and i felt confused was she enjoying my lusting over her boobs or was she just teasing me. I got a shock as she took her bare foot and found the divide in between my legs as i sat there, soon she was messaging my groin with her foot under the table. I moved slightly wondering what she was up to and she smiled a grin to me knowing full well what she was doing! Supper was over and my cock was at full mast from her foot fondling it. I stood and tried to keep anyone from noticing my boner.

Later that night all us “kids” watched tv in my room Terri ,Sheryl, and I sat on my bed, the younger two lied on the floor and watch my 21 inch black and white tv. By 9pm the young 3 went to bed the older step brother retire also ,so it was just Terri Sheryl and myself left watching tv. Soon it became evident that something was up and not just my cock. My sister watched another half hour of tv, then told me and Terri she was going to bed, that she was “tired”. So Terri and I both sat and watch another hour or so of tv. I noticed Terri scoping out my groin, I wonder if she was looking for a hard on . At commercials Terri would start to ask how things were going for me at school , if I was dating or going steady with anyone, what was new ,etc. I hadn’t expected her to be so chatty after all we were boyfriend and girlfriend last year and she never seemed that interested before. Something had changed and her probing of my groin at the kitchen table made me believe that she was having sexual relationships with boys. Soon it was closing in on 11 pm and I was getting sleepy myself. I didn’t want to sound rude, but I kinda wished Terri would just go to her room and let me go to bed, sex never entered my thoughts. Just then Terri excused herself saying she was headed to bed and thanked me for letting her watch tv. She got up and started towards her and Sheryl’s room, as she left I watched her ass sachet across the room, it was nicely shaped and taut in her shorts, she closed the door behind herself and I got ready for bed. I have always slept in my boxers at night no pj for me , so I doused my light and headed off to slumber land. After a half hour i noticed noises coming from the girls bedroom, lustful noises. Now what?

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