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Passed Out Girl
My wife and I had moved to a new city about 40 years ago. We moved into small apartment building. Next to it was also another similar apartment building. Most everybody that lived in both units were under 20-30.

My job required me to sometimes have to go in pretty early every now and then. My wife usually just grunted when I kissed her goodbye those early mornings. One morning there was a light frost. So I went out to start my car to let the frost melt away. In the parking lot of the next building, I saw a car with the door slightly open and the light on.
When I went to shut the door to be nice, I saw a girl in her early/mid 20’s sitting in the driver’s seat. I didn’t recognize her because she was a babe and nobody that lived in that building looked anything like her. I tried to wake her by talking and then by shaking some, but she never woke up. She smelled like a distillery and was obviously passed out drunk. Back then, most cars had bench seats in the front (a seat that went all the way across), as did her car. I laid her down across the seat, trying to be helpful. Then the brain in my smaller head started to think for me.

I had to feel her tits. I did, and they felt great. Then I had to feel them skin to skin, so I slid my hand down her top and bra and squeezed her nipple a bit. By that time, I had a raging horny. I unbuttoned her top some and raised her bra up exposing some beautiful tits. I had to have more, so I started to rub her pussy though her pants. She actually responded a little and rubbed against my hand. I unbuttoned her pants and slid my hand under her panties and slid a finger into her warm pussy. She again responded a bit and pushed against my finger. I could not take it anymore, so I slid her pants down around her ankles and worked her pussy with my fingers even more. I then slid my pants down, raised her legs above her head and slid my dick into her. Hot, tight, and wet. I didn’t get too carried away because i didn’t want to wake her. After I fucked her for about 7-8 minutes I unloaded inside of her.

I pulled my pants back up and hers too. I put her clothes back to where they appeared normal.. leaned over and kissed her , got out of her car and quietly shut the door. i went back into my apartment, kissed my wife goodbye, got the grunt again, and left for the day. I never saw that car, or her again. I think she thought she was someplace else. I sure wished she would come back.

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    • Doug ID:7zv1ks6zra

      Hopefully you got her pregnant

  • Reply Retta ID:1ek20tf20c

    Wow… That is hot i bet she was just pretending to be passed out to see what you would and she loved it…I hope you find her or maybe someone else maybe your wife would be open to joining in…. Does she like sex? If you wanna chat….909 890 8824

    • Anonymous ID:g29r92fv3

      Hi reetA