The principles office

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I m a sixteen yr old girl with a firm body and nice perky tits,one day at school I was sent to the principals office for disrupting the class, shortly after I got there I was sent in and the door was closed, he asked why I disrupted the class and I smiled and explained what happened ,he was a nice looking mani thought to myself ,afterwards he smiled and asked me what he should do ,I was wearing a skirt and top with pantied and bra, I said I didnt know and he stood up and came around his desk and sat on it in front of me,then he looked me over a momentand then he asked me to stand up so I did,and then he saidto me that he had a special punishment for me and I asked him what it was and he smiled and said it was going to be between usand I said ok as I brace myself not knowing,then he said to me that I was bend over his desk I kinda looked at him and then I did , he got behind me and told me to stay quiet and then I felt my skirt lift up and being placed on above my ass and he gently lowered my panties I started to object but I didn t. I felt him rub my pussy til I was wet and then he pulled out his dick and he slowly slid it into me it hurt and he was big it was deep in my cervix and then he slowly fucked me until he filled with his cum after ward he had me suck his dick clean,I smiled after I stood up ,I told him I like his punishment ,he smiled and asked if I wanted to stay after school and I said ok and he told me to meet him here in the office. After school I had called my parents to let them know I d be late and they were ok with itand I went to the office and he had me come in,I had cleaned up after we met earlier ,we kissed and he smiled and asked me to undress so I did and then he had me lay on top of his desk while he sucked my titties and ate my pussy and then I got into a better position and he slid into me agai and slowly fucked me as he did he told me I was his sex slave from now on and iwas to do as he wished I looked up at him and ok I enjoyed having him in me he soon filled my pussy with his hot sperm and then he fucked my virgin ass it felt wonderful I knew I was his and would do anything for him,little did I know what that would be .

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  • Reply jacqui ID:5q8ituf49b

    WOW how things have changed over the years.
    When i was called into my Headmasters Office so many years back I was given the strap f0r bring mischief in Class
    Oh to be in this scene with School Principals of to day.
    [email protected]

    • Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

      Yeah, but were you stripped naked before getting the strap? Headmasters have always been naughty!