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Happy birthday to me

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It was my 14th birthday and my friend secretly hired a 19 year old prostitute to come to my little party.

It was my 14th birthday and my parents finally let me have the house to myself, as soon as my parents got in the car and drove off for their weekend away, me and my mate Simon headed to our den in the woods, where a few days earlier we’d managed to persuade some guy to buy us loads of booze and we’d stashed it away in our den, we collect it all and took it back to my house and piled it up on the table in the basement.

I didn’t have a lot of friends though, it was just me, Simon, Ricky and Callum, we were basically the nobody’s of our school, outcasts, geeks, nerds, whatever you want to call us, not very popular at all, but we didn’t care.

Simon and I made a start on the drinks and waited for Ricky and Callum to arrive, when they get to my house we went down to the basement, my basement had a TV, couch, stereo and Xbox, we just chilled and played video games and drank quite a lot, we ordered some pizzas in the evening and had a good time.

We were looking on Facebook and stuff and looking at photos of the hot girls in school and then we started to watch some porn on pay-per-view adult channels, just being lads and commenting on the naked ladies bodies how unrealistically large the men’s cocks were and stuff.

Then there was a knock on the door, I quickly paused the TV, “Who’s that?” asked Simon, I didn’t know, we weren’t expecting anyone, so I rushed up stairs, I tripped because I was a bit drunk, and I opened the front door, it was a girl, she was about 19 years old, 5’8”, had long curly blonde hair and she was wearing a long white like trench coat or something, “Uhm – can I help you?” I asked.

She looked at me like she was expecting someone else, “I’m look for, Big Rick.” She said, she had an accent and spoke broken English, it sounded Russian or Czechoslovakia or something, it was then that my mate Ricky walked up behind me and put his hand on my shoulder, “Hi, I’m Big Rick.” He said, confidently, “You must be the beautiful, Karina.” He added.

“How old you?” asked the girl with a confused grin on her face.

Ricky leaned out of the door and held her hand, “Age is but a number.” He said, leading her through the front door, he then walked her through the hall and down the stairs in to the basement, Simon and Callum stood to attention and quickly straightened themselves up when they saw Karina come down the stairs.

We all just stood around look at each other for a few moments and looking Karina up and down, “I was told it was birthday?” she asked, breaking the awkward testosterone filled silence.

I held up my hand and smiled, “That’s me. Daniel. It’s my birthday.” I said.

“Happy birthday, man.” Said Ricky, whispering in my ear and punching me lightly on the arm.

Karina put her bag down on the table next to the alcohol and loosened the belt of her coat, when she opened her coat she was naked, she threw her coat over the bannister on the stairs, pulled off her high heeled boots and walked over to me, she had a sexy walk, “Happy birthday, Daniel.” She said, then she leaned down and kissed me on the lips, then she stood with her hands on her hips, we stared at her naked body, her breasts were huge and symmetrical, they were obviously implants but still perfect.

I couldn’t believe there was a hot young girl standing naked in my basement, “Who is she?” I whispered to Ricky, who was standing beside me.

“Prostitute, dude. Paid for with my dad’s credit card. Is she hot or what.” He replied.

“Strip.” Shouted Karina, startling us all.

“I’m sorry. What?” I queried.

“I said, STRIP!” she shouted, like some sort of drill instructor, very assertively and dominatingly, all of us immediately stripped to our boxers.

“You are virgins yes?” she asked, we all nodded, “We fix this.” She said, then she got to her knees and ordered us all to gather around her, she yanked down all of our boxer shorts and had a good feel of all our cock and balls, we didn’t need any stimulation, the second she opened her coat we were all rock hard, fully erect and praying for it.

Karina worked us over, she’d alternate between sucking one of our cocks and jerking two others as she worked her way around us, Callum suddenly ejaculated, his come shot all over her tits, “Oh. You very excited. That is a lot of come for such young man.” Said Karina, then she wiped his come off her tits with her fingers and tasted it, “Very salty. Is good.” She said with a smile.

Then she stood herself up, held my hand and dragged me over to the couch, she pushed me really hard and I fell backwards on to the couch, tripping over the arm, she climbed on top of me and lifted my cock vertically, “Are you ready, Daniel?” she asked, was I ready to have sex with a hot 19 year old girl, of course I was ready, I nodded enthusiastically, then she pressed my cock between her wet pussy lips and lowered herself down on to my shaft.

She rode my cock so good, she’d flick her hips forward, lift herself up, quickly slide herself back down and repeat, my cock was in heaven, finally I knew the feel of a girls tight pussy, the feel of her firm yet soft breasts, and her loud and foreign sounding groans were sexy as hell, it was intense, I quickly started to come, “I’m coming.” I announced, thrusting my cock inside her, “Good-come for me, Daniel. Come for Karina.” She demanded, and just like that, I came, we both groaned with orgasm as I shot my load in to her, inside a girls pussy for the very first time.

Karina pinched my cheeks and then got off of me, she walked over to the side of the couch and bent over, placing her hands on the arm of the couch, “You..” she said, pointing to Ricky, “..fuck me up ass.” She demanded, Ricky stood still all wide-eyed and nervous, “Now!” she shouted.

He jumped in fright and then hurried behind her, she reached around and guided his cock to her butt hole, “Push.” She demanded, so he did, he squeezed his cock in to her tiny little butt hole and started to fuck her up the ass.

While Ricky was fucking her from behind, she called Simon over, when he was close enough she grabbed hold of his cock and pulled it in to her mouth, they were enjoying the sex when Ricky suddenly thrust his cock deep in to her rectum, Karina cried out in orgasm before sucking on Simon’s cock with determination until he came in to her mouth and she swallowed his massive load.

Shortly afterwards we all put our clothes back on and Karina put on her coat, she reached in to her pocket and pulled out some cards, “You call yes.” She said, handing each of us her calling card and a kiss, then I walked her up the stairs, I opened the front door and she paused on her way out, she gave me another kiss, “Happy birthday, Daniel.” She said, rubbing my cheek, then she walked out and got in to a taxi and left.

It was the best birthday ever.

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  • Reply Emily

    If anyone wants to fuck email [email protected] for more details and a place to meet up

  • Reply Callum E

    Holy shit Danny, that time was awesome. Prostitute loved our dicks. I never expected to see you here too lmfao