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All women deserve rape

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All women deserve to be raped and all men deserve to use women for their pleasure.

Everyday you could always find some girl being raped or fucked. In the street, bathrooms, everywhere. The laws that are set in place say that any man can do anything he wants to a woman. This includes rape, murder, literally anything.
But because of this, men were able to get more done, be more productive. And the world was thriving. Women have cunts for men to fuck, there is no other purpose for cunts.

I am a 14 year old girl and have been raped over 100 times, there is really no point keeping track. Sometimes during school, which was where we learned how to please men, the teacher would get distracted and wanna rape someone. Or when I used the bathroom at a restaurant or something, a man would come in and start to pound his dick in me. I love being used, i need to be, its what I deserve.

There was this one time I was walking with two of my friends who are also girls and these 3 old guys stopped us. “Strip sluts,” the oldest looking one said. I started to but my friends hesitated and even started to refuse. “You fucking bitches never learn, only one of you knows your place.” One of the guys yelled. The oldest one looked at me and told me to crawl to him. Immediately I did and I knew my friends were just watching and judging. Fuck them, its not my fault I know the law and they dont.
As I crawled the three guys got their dicks out and started stroking their meat until I got to them. The biggest one picked me up and put his dick inside me while he still held me and my legs were wrapped around his waist. “Thats a good girl, now what should we do to your little friends?” He whispered as he started thrusting. Between moans I said, “Rape them please. Fuck their pussies up and make them do disgusting shit. They are breaking the law and deserve punishment.”
His two friends heard this and smiled before stalking over to my two other ex-friends. They started crying and backing away but the two guys grabbed them and started to brutally punch them. Blood was flying everywhere, but they stopped before any serious damage was done. Then they stripped them and slid their dicks into their pussies before brutally fucking them.
Me and the guy fucking me just watched as he continued to fuck me at a nice pace and I was moaning. Seeing this was hot as fuck and I wanted those bitches to hurt. As if reading my mind, the two guys pulled out and SLAMMED their dicks into the girl’s asses. Screams could be heard for miles, but nobody stepped in, in fact some men and women started to watch. Men were smiling, women too, some even started masturbating at the sight. Eventually the two guys blew their load into their asses, but there were still things to do. They both grabbed one girl and started gang banging her which made her sob and start violently shaking.
The guy holding me let me go and we both approached the one girl still lying on the floor. I crawled on top of her and asked, “Can you fuck her while I’m on top of her?” The guy only smiled before starting his thrusts in the girl. She groaned and squirmed but my body weight kept her down.
“This is what you get for breaking the law you cunt. I am going to make sure they give you a brutal death, and even when your dead corpse is bleeding out, they will still fuck you.” I said to the girl. She sobbed and started to violently try to get out of my grasp, but she couldn’t. I punched her tits, bit them, and even started to rub my pussy against her face.
We all kept going until we came and then I stood up. “Can we punch them to death and then rape them again?” I asked. The guys wanted this too and we did just that. Punch after punch till the two girls were just corpses and then they raped them. Again the biggest guy came over and fucked me as we both watched.

Some may say this is a harsh world, but it really is just the ideal world. Men are happy, and as long as women comply, they can be too.

Hi guys! Im a girl and if you want to talk to me or send me pics I would love that! I love incest, rape, zoophilia and everything like that. Id really enjoy talking to an older woman. But everyone is welcome. I can give my age and other details if you email me.
Email – [email protected]

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  • Reply Wolf ID:22lr091mv3

    Very sexy story. It got me hard and make me feel good

  • Reply Bailey ID:1dzs383pguo0


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  • Reply Fuckyou ID:bttco5nvv1

    and plenty people get raped like children bro kimslut your going to jail one day i bet ya and if one person ever tries to rape i will stab the absolute shit out of you

  • Reply Fuckyou ID:bttco5nvv1

    and men have holes for men to fuck also

  • Reply Fuckyou ID:bttco5nvv1

    whats your problem fuck you bro im a woman to. Maybe if you had some fucking senses to your fucking heads dipshits you would’nt go to hell

  • Reply Katiekatkay17 sc ID:13qoxb5kyv5n

    This is hot holy fuck

    • Fuckyou ID:bttco5nvv1

      your fucked up

  • Reply Rosie ID:1ejhamxsqyyg

    I would like this world. Ive what’s wanted this to happen but no one looks my way so

    • Carl ID:2kyhpc18rd

      Hi Rosie well I’ve got experience in similar scenarios ok!! So if your honestly genuine then how can I chat with you more??

    • Kimfslut ID:7zv37w3xi9

      Rosie and Carl

      I not only love this story, but I have dream that this was real. I start dreaming this at around 10. If you two would like to talk via email : [email protected].

  • Reply AssGuy ID:bt1hxzrj

    Fuuuuck! I would love to rape you in the ass. Just imagine my big fat cock forcing your anal ring open, the head forcing its way inside, my fat shaft pushing hard deep inside your rectum, splitting you in half, ripping you inside, making you bleed. And then another dude pushing deep into your cunt. Both of us thrusting inside you, making you scream, feeling you spasm around our hard cocks, massaging us good and milking our cum out and into you. Yes! You fucking slut. You would feel the pain and you would love it.

  • Reply Nick ID:3n9wao7bqri

    I feel what u are say dude so bad much I want to rape my mother in law I live with so damn bad I would pay money to fuck her I have been trying to find someone to help me out because I live with her and her old man and me and my wife and are 4 year old son and her 2 brother in the same home we all live together my mother in law name is Linda Gail Strickland 42 lil thick 36dd tits and a nice round ass

    • Kimfslut ID:7zv37w3xi9

      I like how you think. Ma u be swap daughter for mon

  • Reply Barry ID:16l4v2ox8t7m


  • Reply Grandpasgirl11 ID:1cskmvr8a436

    Mmmm yes! Men should be allowed to use any women or girl in any way they want when and where ever they want regardless of age or consent. If a daddy sees a litte toddler and wanrs his dick in her mouth he shouod have it. Girls should be free use at all times and ages

    • Kimfslut ID:7zv37w3xi9

      I agree

    • Fuckyou ID:bttco5nvv1

      your disgusting the whole poin is to make them feel pain dipshit of a girl. bet you didnt think that when you were 10 what if a 1 year old got raped. your disgusting going to hell if you spread this to children various reason get help theres sex therapists do it with them. and if i ever find you in my life i swear you get one man to try and rape one or see you i will kill you

  • Reply Abby Reeves ID:1dsfx9l3k7dk

    Sorry if you guys dont like my story. I guess its not for everyone I just personally believe this is how the world should be. If you dont thats fine, you dont have to ready my story.

    • Barry ID:1cklc6cduc8d

      I love your story [email protected] it you want to chat

    • Kimfslut ID:7zv37w3xi9

      I wish it was real. I was given my first load of sweet cumm by my brother at 8 and my first load of piss ar 12. I wish I was that young again

      [email protected]

    • Kimfslut ID:7zv37w3xi9

      I love it

      [email protected]

  • Reply Abby Reeves ID:1eaenqggt70g

    Hi guys! Sorry if you didn’t like my story, but then just don’t read it. Easy fix. Personally i think its hot and think rape should be normalized. If you don’t feel the same thats fine.

    • Barry ID:16l4v2ox8t7m

      I love your story [email protected] if you want to chat

  • Reply Tiffany ID:7ylren4oic

    Your a low life piece of shit.fuck your story.

  • Reply Anna ID:rz5vjb0c

    Now Leave Your Comment…You are a foolish girl idiot

  • Reply Dude ID:1eusaskfk833

    Jan Stein, what about mine? [email protected]

  • Reply Piti ID:1ds16yt9s2xv

    Was für eine tolle Welt der Traum vieler Männer

    • Jan Stein ID:1ejgg9yi3d6m

      Stop being a showoff and commenting in German. We would all like to be able to read your co.ments

  • Reply BiPed ID:7zv2yufw43

    This is perfect in every way, those little girls got what was coming to them. Your enjoyment of their brutalization is also appreciated.

  • Reply Bailey ID:1dzs383pguo0

    This should be sick, but I weirdly enjoy it

    • Cracksniffer ID:2e0667zfib

      It is sick and that’s why it’s so enjoyable.

  • Reply Danielle ID:2kyhpc18rd

    Part 2… and just thought of all the hard cock and cum i.looked at husband and said they are and grabbed 2 other cocks sucking both

  • Reply Danielle ID:2kyhpc18rd

    I actually agree with you !!! Because I discovered that I really enjoyed it when happened to me…

    My husband had got into trouble with someone and so 1 day was banging on front door and husband opened it and this guy burst inside raging and so then came into dining room where I was and after rowing this ugly looking flattish guy said ill take her as a payment and husband shouted no way but guy took bag of coke out and made up fre lines and he sniffed couple up and then demanded i did the other one’s and then he grabbed my head forced it down and angy said now sniff them up so I did and hadn’t done it for over 20 years as I was now 56 and guy asked me hows that feel?? I said God id forgot how good it is and then he took his cock out it was enormous was atleast 12″ long and so when.he force me down i actually willing and husband watched as he shoved it in my mouth and then I was now raging horny but trying to hide it from husband…. but guy got me up and gave me another line and then just slammed me down over table and kicked legs apart and then ripped my knickers off and rubbed cock on pussy lips and husband begging please don’t and he basted cock inside my pussy and I groaned loud and as he did it again and again after almost a minute I couldn’t contain myself any longer and so started moaning and grunting really bad and looking at husband who was now crying and he could see the pleasure and desire on my face and he said please stop and then he got so fast and rough and now I was wailing and clearly loved it and then slipped out and as he thrust hard it pushed an ” into my ass and I collapsed forward and looked back at him and said arrrggghhhh fuck just force it in and he did and then whole body shaking as he started fucking my ass and soon was violently pounding it which sent me to breaking point and I started orgasm and then door opened and these guys walked in and they worked for the guy and he said she’s getting gangbanged now to husband and he shouted no

  • Reply Asd ID:bo1vx4pm2

    Love the story and world. Go on

  • Reply Asd ID:bo1vx4pm2

    Love this story and world. Go on please

    • Kimfslut ID:7zv37w3xi9

      Chapter 2 please