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Raped by a Mover

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When I was 14, my family and I were getting ready to move to another town. It was finally summer so I was able to just stay home all day with the movers packed our things for us. My mom was at work as so was my dad. I was an only child so it was just me and the movers. One day I was sitting in the kitchen wearing shorts and a t-shirt when all the guys left for lunch. I heard some noise and noticed one man still working. I didn’t care and went back to what I was doing. After a while, I started to head back towards my room and laid on my bed. The door to my room opened and in walked one of the workers. I was about to say something f but my tongue got tied in my mouth. He covered my mouth with tape I didn’t notice before. He then grabbed me and forced me to bend over the bed. I tried to resist, but it was no use. He was twice as strong as me. He pulled down my shorts and panties before I felt his cock rub against my bare pussy. Soon he forced his bare dick into me causing me to whine in pain, but he didn’t care. He started to thrust I to me faster and faster before he came inside of me. He pulled out of me before forcing me onto my back. He pulled off my shirt before he undid my bra. He grabbed my boob before he took a picture of them and my cum filled pussy. He played with my tits for a little bit before kissing one. “I’ll be back tomorrow to fuck you more.” He told me before leaving.

The next day he came into my room and locked the door behind him as soon as he got to my house. I didn’t say anything as he pulled the covers off of me. He pulled off my shirt and pants before looking at my tits. I didn’t bother putting a bra on to sleep in. He held one of my boobs and rubbed his thumb over my nipple. His other hand slid into my panties and he rubbed my clit gently. I couldn’t help but moan. My clit was sensitive and it was over whelming pressure. I couldn’t deny my body’s reaction to him. I became wetter with every rub on my pussy and a deep want grew inside of me. I wanted his cock inside my pussy. I didn’t know why, but it started to sound so good. He slid his cock into me and I moaned while he started to thrust into me. “How old are you?” He asked while thrusting into me.
“F-Fourteen.” I said softly. He nodded and held one of my tits again.
“I normally like younger girls, but you’ll do.” He said simply. He started to thrust faster and my moans started to match his thrusts. He knew I liked this. He knew I didn’t want him to stop. He came inside of me after a while. He looked down at me and touched my tits again.
“H-How old are you?” I built up the courage to ask.
“I’m forty seven.” Je said before kissing my cheek and leaving.

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  • Reply Lady

    Dan. I hope more dads are like you ❤️

  • Reply PervyStpDad

    Love that young pussy.. small hands wrapped around my hard cock.. fuck….
    Any ladies wanna chat?

  • Reply PansexualCas

    This story got me a little hard. If anyone wants to text or call me, my number is 352-240-5848

    • PansexualCas

      You have to be at least 18 to text me. I’m 21


    Great story do part 2

  • Reply Dan the man

    Where you on birth control?
    I like getting young teens pregnant.

    • Lady

      So sweet! What’s the youngest you’re into?

    • Dan the man

      The youngest I got pregnant was 12.
      The youngest I had sex with was 9

    • Lilslut

      I was 8 when i first got played with but i had played with myself previously

    • Ausguy

      Do tell lilslut

    • Lady


      How lovely!
      Do you have a daughter? Do you fuck her too?

    • Dan


      Yes I have a daughter in fact 2 little sluts.
      They are 11 and 12. I broke them in. I allow them to have boys to sleep over, as long as I get to pound their little pussy after.

    • Shik

      AHEM AHEM…. *Clears throat*