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Orphan, alone with my bad uncle

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(English is not my mother tongue, so there may be a few mistakes, so please be indulgent !)

When I was eight years old, my parents lost their lives in a tragic car accident. For the next four years, it was my grandmother who took on the responsibility of caring for me. Despite the hardships, I managed to overcome my loneliness and sorrow to lead a life that seemed normal.

However, my grandmother’s modest retirement pension and her own health problems left her no choice but to make the difficult decision to entrust me to others. She was on the verge of contacting social services when my uncle agreed to adopt me.

He was a forty-five-year-old man, unkempt in appearance, sporting a bushy beard and a stout figure. Single and childless, his situation was even more precarious than my grandmother’s. He lived in a caravan. I had never met him because he was on bad terms with my father. I found out years later that he had been incarcerated for violence and armed robbery. But at that moment, I was just grateful that a family member was going to take care of me.

I waited for him in the living room, holding my small suitcase and my stuffed animal. He rang the doorbell, and my grandmother greeted him with a hug.

“It’s been ages, Jack. You should come by more often.”
“You know I’m not here for you.”

My grandmother lowered her gaze, saddened. She knew well that her children paid little attention to her.

“Lily is here. I hope you’ll take care of her. She deserves all the love in the world.”

He didn’t respond and walked towards me. He patted my head and said,

« Don’t worry, everything is gonna be alright »

I nodded with a timid smile. I bid my grandmother farewell one last time, tears filling my eyes, and made my way to my uncle’s caravan. I sat beside him in the passenger seat. He asked me :

“Well, as you probably know, I don’t have a house, I live here. I do odd jobs here and there, I don’t stay in one place. I’ll take care of your schooling, don’t worry. I should be able to support you until you’re 18.”
“But… what about my friends? Will I not be able to talk to people my age anymore?”
“There are pros and cons to every situation. I’ll take good care of you, and you won’t lack anything, but there are compromises to be made.”

I remained silent, shocked by the news he had just delivered, and said,

“I won’t meet anyone else except you then?”
“That’s right. But you know, you’ll manage, don’t worry. While I’m out, you’ll have to clean up this caravan, cook for me, and obey me, ok?”

Lost in my thoughts, I watched the landscape pass by silently. My stuffed animal clutched to me, I thought back to my parents and how happy I was with them. A few hours later, I was about to fall asleep. My head was leaning against the window. I felt a hand on my thigh and woke up abruptly.

“Hey, sweetheart, we’ve arrived. We’re going to sleep in this forest tonight. I parked here, no one will disturb us.”

“Um… okay. I’m hungry, can you give me something to eat, please?”

“Go check the fridge.”

I stood up and opened it. There were only frozen meals and a lot of beer cans. I looked at him with surprise.

“You can have a drink if you want, you’re old enough, don’t you think? And there’s probably some cookies under the bed.”

I went around the caravan and realized there was only one bed.

“Uncle, is this where I’ll sleep?”
“Yes, I’m your uncle, it doesn’t bother you, does it?”

Innocent and tired from the journey, I told him it was fine. While my uncle settled into bed, I went to take a shower, and after washing up, I got dressed: black joggers and a Winnie the Pooh t-shirt.

I sit on the bed and eat the little food there was. I struggle to drink a disgusting beer from a can for the first time. I was still hungry, but I didn’t dare ask him for anything more. He was lying next to me, ignoring me for the evening, watching a video on YouTube. With my back to him, I couldn’t sleep. Around two in the morning, I still couldn’t find sleep. My uncle leaned against me. He hugged me. I pretended to be asleep. I could tell by his movements that he was taking off his shorts. Then, I felt pressure against my lower back. I pretended to be asleep, hoping it would stop. He stuck his sex against my jogging bottoms and rubbed them. After a while, he pulled it off and tried to penetrate my vagina. I was trembling with fear and finally said to him:

« What are you doing, I don’t like it, leave me please. »
« SSSHHH, shut up and let me do it. »

He put his right hand against my mouth to prevent me from screaming and thrust his cock into my vagina. I began to bleed profusely, the pain unbearable. I was on the verge of fainting and tears were streaming down my cheeks. He kept going back and forth, back and forth. After a while, he came inside me and a huge amount of semen poured into my pussy. I was now barely conscious. My eyes were white, my gaze blank, my mind elsewhere. He put me on my back, using me like an object. I let him do it to me, I had no strength left to do anything. He opened my mouth and rammed his cum and blood-filled cock down my throat. At that moment, a part of me had died and I had lost the purity and the little joy I had.

Once he’d finished, he spat on me. He took out his cell phone and took a picture of me in this pitiful position. He smiled at me and said:

“This is your life now. If you don’t continue to serve me as you have and be more useful, I’ll put these photos on the Internet and your life will be over”.

I didn’t reply. He took my teddy, which was at the bottom of my bed, and threw it outside, into the forest.

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    Nice, well worth the read. A story about how life should be for a young slut.

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