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My new stepdad and uncle pt1

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I m fourten yrs old with a nice firm body and perky tits, my mom was away on bussiness,I came home from school one day and my stepdad and uncle were sitting on the couch talkingwhen I came in I was in my school skirt and top my skirt was short I dropped a book and I bent over to pick it up and my skirt rode up a little and my stepdad ad uncle watche me pick it uo and then I went and sat my stuff down when they asked me to come over and join them so I didi sat down between them and they asked how school was and stuff and then wanted to know if I had any boyfriends yet I said no ,we chatted for abit and then my stepdad smiled and asked me if I had any fun with guys yet and I asked what kind and he smiled and said like sex I blushed and said not yet and he asked me why not I told him I wasn t sure, he smiled and asked me if I wanted to I smiled and said maybe,then him and my uncle smiled and said can you keep a secret from your mom and I smiled and said yes of course,then I felt a hand on each thigh and they smiled and my stepdad said we can have some fun together when she s not here as I felt his had slide up next to my pussy ,I smiled and said ok as he kissed meand then my uncle kissed me and then my tepdad asked me to undress for them,as I didi was nervous and I kinda blushed when I was naked for them,they smiled and aked me to slowly turn around for them and I did,they liked my almost hairless pussy and told me I had a great ass and then they pulled there dicks out for me,then they had me get on my knees in front of them and I learned how to suck there dicksboth of them were about 7″ hard and then my stepdad had straddle him on the couch and I felt his dick at my pussy entrance and then he had me lower mt self down,at first it hurt and then he pushed hard into me and broke meand soon he was all into me and then he helped me as I rode him , I moaned and loved it and then I felt his hot sperm deep inside of me and I got of,then my uncle had me get on my knees and rest my body on the couch and he got behind and then he pushed into my ass it really hurt ,then he fucked me slowly until he unloaded in my ass filling me,there sperm was hot but I loved it and they both kissed me and asked me if I wanted to do this again and I said sure anytime I wanted to be used like that

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  • Reply No ID:1ck66ond7uni

    Unreadable garbage.

  • Reply A. ID:1d05rigdwlif

    Too many errors, lacked punctuation made story hard to read

    • 🤬Hank ID:1ejfqxu4qzau

      So are you English teacher who fucking cares if errors were made . Is that how you spell your name (A) who names their kid A anyway . I don’t think this was a homework assignment . There was a few errors but I could make it out just . . That was a real anal comment . Your comment sucks. .

  • Reply [email protected] ID:814kuwoxv1

    Loved this story would love to know more OP. Message me.