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I Want It 2

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I want it and so does she when she comes knocking on my door

Well, Friday night gave me plenty of inspiration to jack off to for a while… Fingering a cute little 10 year old on the bus … not to mention covering her tiny slit with my cum. I filled quite a few tissues remembering what happened. Alice didn’t act any different all week when I would see her on the bus, not so much as an extra smile… I figured that we just had a one time thing and I wrote it off and hoped not to have the cops come knocking on my door.

And it looked like that may be it …. that was until early on a Saturday morning I hear a knock on my door. I live outside of town on a secluded road with no close neighbors so I had no idea who it might be …. I looked thru the peep hole on the door but could see no one … figuring it was my mind playing tricks on me I started to turn away when they knocked again …. Still not seeing anyone in the peep hole I opened the door and looking down I saw my little angel smiling up at me.

“Wow, you live kinda far out of town…” Alice brushed past me into my house… I quickly looked around outside but saw no one else just a bike stashed in the bushes by the porch. Closing the door I had to follow her into the living room where she had settled on my couch. “Alice… what in the world … why and how are you here?” “The why is I came to visit my boy friend and the how is on my bike” she giggled “Does anyone know you are here?” “Nope, told dad I was going to a friends … just didn’t say what friend … come on … sit..” and she patted the seat next to her … still in shock and on auto pilot I sat next to her. No sooner did I sit then she jumped up and moved to stand between my legs … she put her little arms around my neck and leaned in and kissed me … when I didn’t respond right away she stepped back and looked at me … “I told you I wanted to try more “stuff” and now that we are boy friend and girl friend we can”

When she leaned back for another kiss this time I joined in … my hands moved to her little ass and pulled her closer …. her kisses were not just the little pecks of a preteen but this girl had been learning somewhere as I felt her tiny tongue brush my lips and slip between them. Holding her to me I lay back on the couch and puller her little body on top of mine. She lay atop me wiggling and rubbing against me while we kissed… my hands roamed her tiny frame …. cupping her ass .. squeezing her thigh … up her sides and along her back

She didn’t break our kiss until I pulled her shirt up and she parted just long enough to take the shirt off then went back to rubbing her body to mine… “No fair ..” she said and leaned up and tried to pull my shirt off .. when I helped pull it off we were rubbing skin to skin … she had no breasts to speak of just slight swelling topped with lovely little nipples. I held her beneath her arms and lifted her nipples to my lips which brought moans from my angel. I rolled her beneath me and began kissing all over her … her neck, ears (which had her giggling when my tongue went in) … her chest … nipples and down to her belly button ..(more giggles)

As I worked my way down I began opening her pants … her hands came down and held mine … “Wait” she said … panting .. “wait” I figured this was as far as we were gonna go until she smiled and said “shouldn’t we be doing this part in bed?” “Is that what you want … you want to go to bed with me?” “Well yeah, silly isn’t that what boy friends and girl friends do, come on” she jumped up and pulled me to the stairs … “come on show me” I scooped her little body in my arms and practically ran up the steps and into my bedroom … never expected to have anyone visit here … the bed was unmade, old cum filled tissues littering the floor along with sex magazines. As I moved to the bed I kicked the trash under the bed and sat down with her still in my arms …. “You mean here?”

“Well not as nice as I hoped…. but it’ll do” and we were back to kissing as we rolled around on the bed I again went to remove her shorts… this time she didn’t hesitate and let me pull them down as I kissed my way down her body … “are you gonna …” she was panting and wiggling “are you gonna … you know …down there … kiss it?” “You mean like this..?” and I ran my tongue along her tiny lips… no more than a slit with no pronounced lips and a small bump at the top … her hood hiding her little clit… I licked and kissed up and down her tiny slit … pushing my tongue into her … tasting the nectar of heaven. No wear is there a sweeter taste than a 10 year old pussy … I loved it … relished in it … held her little butt in my hands and pressed my mouth to her … pushing my tongue as deep as I could … drawing out and drinking all I could of her preteen nectar.

Her little body wiggled in my hands pushing herself to me while she made the sweetest sounds. Louder and longer as I licked her tiny clit … and pushed my finger into her … one .. then two … in just a little the spreading her lips wider until I got three fingers into her …. just to her hymen … that treasure was to be mine … and not to my fingers… she was beyond delirious … babbling as I ate her preteen pussy … then she went rigid in my hands… arched her back … I could feel her little body tremble as she screamed in her climax and her pussy began squirting onto my face …. then she went limp as she passed out …

Slowly I stopped licking her … I licked up all of her nectar I could … each pass along her lips brought a sigh and moan from Alice…. When I finished cleaning her I sat up … looking at the nude little body laying before me. the tiny thing I saw every day on my bus … the figure just coming into being … nice curves on well defined legs topped with a wonderful butt … flat stomach .. slight mound of a chest with tiny nipples that were rising and falling as she got her breath back … her face .. held a beautiful smile of pleasure .. her blonde hair splayed about on the bed soaked with perspiration.

I leaned back and pulled my dick out and as I watched her sleep I began stroking my shaft … “So .. good .. so hot .. so tiny … so delicious” I babbled as I worked my self up to cumming all over her .. but before I could … “Oh my God what happened … did I pee on you ?” “No dear that was you having an orgasm … a big one ” “I never had one like that .. I want more …” “I’ll give you more any time ” it was then she noticed me stroking my dick ..“Hey… isn’t that my job?” her tired little voice said to me She sat up looking at my dick moving back and forth in my hand in front of her dimpled cheeks … “You … you .. did me .. it’s my turn” her tiny hand reached out and wrapped around my dick … or tried to .. “God your so big …. and hard” she held my dick and slowly moved her hand along with mine up and down my shaft “I saw dad’s in the shower but his never got this big even when I watched him play with himself”

So close… I was so close to cumming but wanted this to last … but when she leaned in … “I saw this on line” her tiny mouth stretched open and she wrapped her lips around the head of my dick .. then I felt her little tongue wipe across the head in her mouth …. I filled her mouth … mouth balls pumped cum again and again into her mouth … she could not hold it and pulled back while I still shot cum out onto her face .. coating her lips, her cheeks it dripped down her chin …. I saw her throat mussels work as she swallowed what was in her mouth … then she quickly put her mouth back onto my dick sucking out all she could. When there was no more she sat back on her heels and smiled up at me … “Did I do good?” “So good darling … but..”I cupped her face as I ran a finger across her cheeks gathering the cum “you missed some” and I pushed my cum coated fingers into her mouth and she licked them clean. I stood her next to the bed as I sat .. her face was level with mine … we stared into each others eyes … each looking for something…. “I loved what you did to me … was I as good for you …. Mr J … ” “Dear I think between us you can call me Dan now …. and oh yes what you did was wonderful” we held each other feeling the heat coming from our bodies as we kissed and ran our hand all over each other…

“Mr … Dan .. are we gonna ..?” and she looked at the bed then my dick still semi hard … “are we gonna what dear?” “You know… are you gonna … put that … ” and she looked down at herself …. “Would you like me to? … You are kinda small …” “I’m almost 11 that’s not too small is it? … Jackie and her dad …” and she stopped, realizing she may have said something she was suppose to keep secret…. “Jackie .. Jackie Brown … her dad?”
“Don’t tell … don’t tell anyone it was our secret” she looked panicked
“Please … Dan … it’s our secret you can’t tell anyone ..” “But .. her Dad?” that lucky dog i thought … Jackie was almost as nice as Alice, although she did have slightly bigger tits … “She loves him … like I love you … they love each other …” “But .. her dad … did he … did he ..force ..” “Dan! no… it was her idea … after her mom died she went to him … ” I did some math … Jackie is the same age as Alice 10 but her mother passed three years ago… “How ah … how long ..” “It doesn’t matter … does our age matter … what we are doing is no worse ..”Alice defended her friend. “No it doesn’t … as long as is was mutual I guess”

“So are we gonna .. do it or not” she asked She asked with a shaky voice and I could tell she was scared to go thru with it … so I gave her an out … “Well, you have been her quite a while already … IF we DO IT as you say it will take some time to do it right so we both enjoy it. Do you even know just what your asking me to do to you?”
“I’ve seen some porn on the internet and Jackie told me what she does with her dad” still not sure of herself…
“I tell you what for a grown up and a young lady like yourself it can be difficult at first especially if you do not know what to expect …” I got up from the bed and moved to my TV … digging thru my DVDs I pulled one out and brought it to her … “Do you have a private place you can watch this” I asked her as I handed her the DVD “I mean private, no one can know you have this or where it came from”

“Daddy’s Little Girl ? is this a porn movie?” “Yes a very special one with people about our ages” “and they do it?” “Yes dear they do it … and IT is called fucking or having sex … they do that and many other things I think you might find interesting” Alice snatched the DVD from my hands … “can we watch it now?” “Whoa … again it’s getting late if we start watching it you will not be home until tomorrow … you take it home watch it this week … can you come again next Saturday” her eyes lit up “YES , I can even come earlier” “Great, but you live kinda far away … how about we meet at the park near your house and I bring you here in my truck?” “8 o’clock?” she asked
“What time do you usually go out on Saturday ?” “9 o’clock” she said sadly “It’s a date little one … 9 o’clock it is” “A DATE? … then you are my boy friend” “I guess so …. now before you head home today how about you..”

I pulled her closer and put her little hand on my dick…. with her fingers wrapped around me and lightly stroking i went from semi hard to solid in seconds …. with her holding my dick I picked her up and turned her around with her little pussy over my face I began licking her again … with my licking she paused her working on me ….

“Dear if this is what you want you need to work too” I took my hand and pushed her head toward my dick … she took direction well and began stoking then again put her little lips around my head and tickled my dick with her tongue …. I just a quick went back to her little honey pot. Both of us knew what we wanted … Alice pushed her little pussy onto my face …. wiggling back and forth to get the most she could of my tongue … while I lightly pushed up and down with my hips …. little by little she was taking more of my dick in her tiny mouth ….

Both of us worked to bring the other off … for just learning Alice picked up giving head quickly … the more pleasure she got the harder she worked on my dick.. we both moved against each other … moaning as we could. Both of us came to our peaks quickly and together I could feel my ball drawing up to feed her another load as I could feel her body start trembling … I grabbed her ass pulling her tight and pushed my tongue in until I touched her Hymen …. she screamed …. and I came at the same time she again covered my face with her sweet sweet nectar …

This time she knew what was happening and she swallowed as quick as I did we both pulled back a little and kept licking cleaning each other slowly and gently until we just cuddled and held each other until I almost fell asleep….. “Alice …. come on we have to wake up …. we need to get you home” slowly and reluctantly we both got dressed and got Alice cleaned up. I drove Alice back to near her home and let her out … “Remember dear … your DVD … keep it secret and study all that they are doing … we’ll see what happens next Saturday …. and Alice … on the bus It is still MR D … when we are at my place Dan” I unloaded her bike and seeing no one around I gave her a quick kiss …. “Bye Dan ..”she giggled “see you Monday…

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