Friends sister and her friend back in school

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Many years ago when I was 15 or 16 , my best friend had a older sister she was around 24 very tasty,
I used to fancy her loads but she was much older as mentioned and out of my league furthest I had got at that age was quick feel of girls breasts that’s about it , Anyway one day me and my friend was sat in the shed in his parents real garden

We was looking at porn magazines his dads stash lol we was getting carried away my friend then says, I’m going up too our bathroom for a wank if your staying wait for me to finish I’ll be back down , and you can use our bathroom as well if you like after me ? As we planned on going out to the local youth club , so as younger boys we did used to not bother and Jack off together but now being a few years older it was better in private also I think my dick had become twice the size of his and he felt embarrassed I’m not sure but I think it’s part reason he went to the bathroom to get off rather than in my presence so with that

I said oh ok is anyone in your house ? As if not I’ll hang on here in the shed my mate John says ok then there’s still that magazine there if you want to use it paul and please don’t let my mother or sister catch you and with that shot off laughing

And so I picked up the mag and went back to the Paige that was making me horny and so I got out my dick and sat back enjoying the girl in the pictures,
Suddenly I heard voices it was gis older sister and her friend , apparently she used to smoke weed with her friend and hide it in the shed ,

And there i am trying my best to put it back in my trousers but she seen it and the magazine next I heard Oh fkn hell Jenny pauls jerking off over a dirty magazine her friend then couldn’t get in fast enough and they bursted out laughing ….. you dirty little sod fancy doing it here in our shed and where’s John Her brother ? So I piped up he’s upstairs in the bathroom doing the same ,
I apologised I was bright red embarrassed, don’t forget his sister is around 25 and pretty sexy in fact gorgeous as was her mate , then she says it looked bloody big and stiff to her friend he’s really bigJenny , arnt you paul ? She then says relax I won’t tell anyone we won’t will we Jenny ? and then says show me the magazine then what was you wanking over ? she picked it up saying oh wow look at her to her friend , no wonder you got carried away paul it was a picture of a woman similar age to her in stockings bent over a chair high heels pussy waiting to be fucked ,
she whispered something to her friend and then says if you put on a little show for me and Jenny we won’t say a word to my parents or anybody?
I thought really ? and was panicking a little but then agreed , come on then let’s see it , and so I pulled it out she stepped forward gave me the magazine go on then paul show me and Jenny what you want to do to this little tart ( the picture) so I was flaccid and just couldn’t get hard ,

Oh come on paul get it nice and big use your imagination you would love to bang her wouldn’t you ? Imagine your behind her shoving your big cock in her pussy ? So now I was actually at last getting turned on and grew a nice erection and started to pull , they was both quiet and watched is it nice said her friend Jenny ? I was no longer that embarrassed I mumbled yes !

Jenny says look how fkn big he is jeez how old is he ? Too angie my mates sister? your same age as John I think yes paul ? Angie says blimey it’s a bit exiting isn’t it both smiling as I tug on myself angie then says what about a real woman bet this is really gonna make that thing even harder listen this is between us and without another word she takes her top off cupping her gorgeous breasts these nice then paul , Jenny giggles I’ll do better than her for you paul and drops her skirt sits opposite on the chair that John had previously sat on , gorgeous long legs on display with tight nickers showing her beaver by this time their both in to it and giggling they start getting carried away jerk that big cock for us imagine it in between my tits love ?

Jenny then goes one better rubs over her pussy imagine licking this then ? So now I slow down as I know I’ll shoot any second and I’m having the time of my life so I’m not letting it happen they really start to tease and are having a whale of a time with me , taking the Micky out of each other and me , johns sister comes forward and says feel these so I hold both her gorgeous tits for a few seconds before she pulls way , then suddenly Jenny grabs hold of my cock at the base saying it feels gorgeous Angie , then looks up at me and says imagine I’m sucking on it ? Imagine us bothe sucking it eh? Paul and Angie says Jenny your going too far he’s only 16 your 25 I then say I don’t mind I’m loving it please carry on please ? Jenny says he might only be 15 or 16 but this is some fucking cock he has if he was older it would be between my legs angie , without warning angie says oh fkn hell and grabs it as well ,

So the pair of them are playing with me stroking me and I can tell their enjoying themselves I’m at this point in heaven , Angie puts her mouth just inches away over the top tormenting me , Jenny jerking me faster really dirty talk go on shoot your cum in her mouth just toying with me are you ready to shoot yet paul ? I feel Angie cup my balls saying your a fucking big lad paul your gonna have many girls after you , I said I would be happy with older girls like you both ,do you want to shoot over the magazine? I say I would love to shoot over your tits Angie with puppy dog eyes , so ok then she kneels in front leaning forward Jenny takes over pumps me vigorously oh I’m gonna come girls and Jenny goes faster and aims it for me over angie and a load shoots out , oh wow they both start laughing and giggling look at all his cum fkn hell there’s a good bit there isn’t there ,

And Angie puts my cock back in my trousers and zipped me up and produce a soft tissue from her handbag wiping her tits , well that was fun Jenny says you have a nice cock paul it was fun I bet your gonna think about this every time you see us ? well don’t go bragging too everyone one and you never know me and Angie might treat you again , and both made their way in to the house five minuets later John turns up says I had to relieve my hard on did you jerk off then ? I never said anything and just nodded

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