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Cousin sex part 5

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Becky and I just laid on the bed, somewhat mentally drained, I reached over and grabbed her by her midriff and slid her so her ass met my cock. “Maybe we should start over” I whispered in her ear”. She cannodled backwards against my chest. I held her tight and started to feel my cock enlarge ,god what a great feeling having a women so tight to my naked chest. I stood and dropped my pants and lower my boxers and resumed my position, now my dick was between her legs. “Oh, your such a nasty boy” she quipped! We laid there for about 15 minutes or so and then I rolled her over so she was on her back, her cunt hairs were flattened from the earlier action of her women’s spunk. I gave her a sweet kiss and she reached up and grabbed the nape of my neck and slid her tongue into my mouth. We both squirmed on such a hot kiss. I now was fondling her right breast, gently twisting her nippple and she responded by latching onto my ball sack. She moved slowly along it feeling each testicle running a finger along side it’s length. It make my cock scream to attention. After what seemed like an hour of this mild foreplay , I finally reached Becky love hole with my hand, flicking my fingers across her folds back and forth barely hitting their edges. “oooh that feels so good ” she murmured as she licked her lips, I noticed her eyes were shut as she enjoyed my flittering rub. Wasn’t long before Becky’s flow had begun, first just a faint drop of pussy cum along her outer lips. I continued to probe along her folds and separated them as I teased them…she began to move with my fingers her hips followed my traceing of her lips. Her hips slowly ground up and down gently at first but they were steadily increasing as I deepened into her and had bumped her clit a few times, Each time I hit it she would rise up almost on command. Then I slid two fingers into her opening her already hot, wetness was ready for them. She wriggled to allow my fingers to go deeper and soon they disappeared into her, I hear her gasp and moan out “oooh i want you!!” I continued to tease her right nipple now with my mouth and light teeth tugs ,as well as thrusts of my fingers into he now inflamed hole. Each time I retracted my fingers from deep in her a small amount of fluid came with them and washed against her lips. Her clitorus swelled to a small bulbous red flower and as my hand massaged into her opening I noticed how it bobbed. “T..take me fuck me I need more …” I kept it up and could feel Becky muscles start to convulse in her pussy almost to the point of grabbing at my fingers. I knew it wouldn’t be long before she’d climax so I slowed my assault on her and gently expanded the lengths I pulled my fingers out of her, now long timed strokes into and out of her hole. I could hear her pants and my fingers went deep and felt her muscles trying to keep them there as i withdrew them.

It was time I was ready and I spread her legs wider, stood off the edge of the bed lowered myself down ,stuck my cock head near her wet cunt and pressed ahead. My cock slid home easily Becky’s opening was so wet I could feel her ooze leave her as my cock deepened into her. Soo my 6 1/2 inch shaft was bouncing against her cervex.. “oh yes fuck your cousin hard!!!oooo” she almost screamed. I was intent on making her climax as often as I could, I would speed up and slow down as needed . Go deep and shallow at times just to slow her progression towards her orgasm. I toyed like this for what seemed to be maybe 15 minutes, all the while my cousin Becky was squirming her ass up off the bed, across the bed as my cock onslaught was going on. I reached down and used my thumb to rub at her ciltty as my cock did other damage to her, “shit that feels great do me coz, FUCK ME oh god FUCK ME HARD” She was out of control, my cock was sending her to a place she’d never been before a nirvana of sexual explosions inside her women hood. Her hole was starting to gush her slime and made small farting sounds as my cock continued to plunge deeply into her. I also could feel my loins heat and I knew Soon we would both release ourselves. I felt my ball slap against her inner thighs as I rammed her deep. I felt a knotting in my ball sac telling me I was about to spew my sperm and within seconds my cock was shooting my load into Becky’s swollen open womb. “oh my go oh my god… are you cumming she cried”. I grunted out a “yes” and my flow washed against the interior of her walls… “oooo it’s so warm mmmmm she cooed ” as my seed flowed from me to her wet warm opening. I and her both experienced our first true sex encounter, together we both were spent my cock became flacid inside Becky’s draining hole, a mixture of her lubricant and my sperm oozed out an down across her lower lips and headed for her ass crack. ” She looked up and smiled knowing that she now knew what it felt like to bed a boy, and have him fill her with his love juice. “Oh my that was wonderful , my insides are trembling and quivering and tingling from you” Becky loved what she felt.

The following month we had sex about once or twice a week, Becky loved how my cock made her feel inside and I loved how she fucked, She like being taken doggie style so my dick’s head slammed her cervex. She told me it made her cunt feel full and she also enjoyed when I shot off inside, she told me my cream filled her and my warm sperm washed against and into her and set of little sparks of passion inside her opening. Myself I enjoyed our time together, Becky’s body was very lithe and she always enjoyed the attention I should to her titties as well as her lips and cunt. Once she had me shoot my spunk across her titties …. She preened” oh how hot it felt as it landed across her aerolas and nipples and then she creamed it into her melons. After that month of sexual excitement and lust and fucking, Becky and I never did anything again, although I see her now from time to time she and I both married and we never spoke of our summer of lust.

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