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Wild 1st time

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It was my freshman year of high school and things hadn’t went 100 percent well for me. I got injured during basketball season and missed school for a week I was bummed cause I missed my friends.

That Friday a couple of seniors I was friends with came by my house Emily at the time 17 and Kelsey who had just turned 18 about a month before. We left my house and went to Kelsey’s her parents were away for the weekend. Her and Emily informed me that they were going to cheer me up.

They giggled and started kissing. The more they kissed the more clothes that came off. I was getting hard and enjoying the show.

Kelsey looked at Emily and said “let’s have him eat one of our asses first.” I told them both that I was still a virgin they said that the fine. They flipped a coun and Emily won the toss. “Lucky you, you get to eat my delicious ass first.” She said smiling. She had me get on my knees as she backed her ass up to my mouth. Kelsey opened Emily’s ass up and I slid my tongue in deep into her ass. Her ass tasted amazing. After a few minutes Kelsey said that it was her turn. Emily nodded as Kelsey now backed her ass up to my mouth.

I began eating her ass her ass was fucking delicious I’d always had a crush on Emily but tbh Kelsey’s ass tasted better.

They had me stop and they kissed some more before sucking my cock and balls making me quiver and moan in pleasure.

Kelsey asked Emily, “should I do it to him before he fucks us?” Emily said “oh fuck yes Cheer captain.” I adked “do what?” Kelsey said, “don’t worry about it” as she backed her ass to my mouth again. She spread her cheeks and right as I opened my mouth she farted in my mouth and laughed. I was in shock as she did it again.

I said “thank you” I enjoyed it as she ripped another into my mouth. She had Emily do the same then Emily peed in my mouth. She had me swallow her piss as kelsey kissed me and said, “you may fuck Emily since you were a good boy and swallowed her piss so you my fuck her raw. I slud my hard cock into her ass first it was tight. She had me switch to her pussy it was wet and tight. She told me that is where my 1st batch of cum was going balls deep in her pussy. Right as I was cumming Kelsey pissed in my mouth and had me swallow.

“Good boy” she said as she farted in my mouth again “you may now fuck me. She had me fuck her the same way I had fucked Emily. Minutes later I was creaming Kelsey’s pussy raw balls deep. They both got 69 position and ate my cum out of each other.

Later Emily jumped on top of me as Kelsey rode my face she farted in my mouth more. I went from being a virgin that weekend to a kinky horny 14yr old boy who had just had the best 1st sex of his life. It was a experience that I’d never forget.

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  • Reply Ren ID:41ery97d1

    Someobdy needs to realize t hat farting in someone’s mout AND needs to go back school an learn gramar

  • Reply Tt ID:bgggn0c43

    What the fuck was this bullshit