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Wanting to learn

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I’m a girl who can’t be around people and have had to learn my sexuality alone

Hi to anyone who reads this . My name is Lisa . I know most of the people on here will find this story so boring compared to everything else that I’ve seen on here . I’m 17 years old . I live with my dad . I’m a very anti social person . I have never been able to go to school as I have very bad panic attacks when I’m around more than like 3 people at a time for very long . Yes I’ve seen a psychologist about it and am on medication but still not at a point where I want to be around people . One of the hardest parts about it is as I got older if course I started to hit that stage in life where I had sexual feelings and of course it was like how do I act on them . It has never been like I can go out and meet a guy . So the last six months I decided I would find out what it was like to play with myself . I thought it was the only way I could try and help with them feelings . I didn’t know what else to do . So the next day when dad was at work I took of my top . I let my fingers play with my breasts and nipples . After a little bit it was feeling so good . My nipples had gotten so big and hard . I did this till I couldn’t do it anymore . My nipples just got so sensitive . The next week or so I just kept on doing that . Omg did it feel so good every time . Then I got up enough courage and layed on my bed fully naked . I let my hand go to my clit . At first it felt so weird . But the longer I did it the more my body liked it . My clit started to swell . My pussy was getting so wet . I accully started to moan . Soon I was having my first ever orgasm and I wasn’t expecting it to feel so damn good . The next few weeks I would either play with my clit or my titts . My body was getting use to these feelings . I had bigger and stronger . But I fully knew I wanted to feel so much more . So I started to not only rub my clit but also let my finger slide up and down my slit . God as I got wet it felt so amazing feeling my wetness . Getting to feel myself as I orgasmed . It was weirdly amazing feeling my pussy as I orgasmed . Soon that went to me sliding a finger inside myself . Fuck that felt so good . I always have stopped at my hymen I have not had the courage to go past there . It was like a whole new feeling having something inside of me . Getting to feel just how tight I got when I had a orgasm . My fingers feeling just how wet I was making myself . I really do want to try so much more . But I’m scared . I want like a teacher . Some one to guide me through it all . If there are any guys who would then please don’t be scared to add your snap below . If in Australia then even better . I’m just not ready by far to go out and meet someone so snap if like my safe place .

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  • Reply Lisa ID:2wdoer1649k

    I’ve read through the comments. My daddy can’t guide me through he is a bit rigid for that. I think I am old enough to wana try by someone else. Obviously a daddy. I find older men so attractive. I also wouldn’t mind a form of relationship or let me say companionship. Mainly wana get my pussy fucked and explored

    My mail is [email protected]

  • Reply Sanchez ID:buggkuf20b

    My snap is Sanng00 so pls add me

  • Reply Nattm1898 ID:43ywvs6ia

    My user is nattm1898. Feel free to messagee if you like

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    As A has commented, my first thought was your Dad could be the perfect teacher. You can both explore and experiment. I’m sure Daddy will think it’s a great idea!

  • Reply Dmac ID:c1es1do6ic

    Lisa2, I was enjoying talking to you but then you deleted me. Plz add me again

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1ee0k8fy7u59

    Lisa2, this is Gonzo and I would love to help in your journey. I have helped many young girl, many preteen and teen all the way up to adults in there journey’s including beastiality. I am as kinky as they cum but can adapt to your every needs. I am not a desperate man by no means and I get pussy all the time which is usually in their teens or preteens so a caring nature is a must. A begging man will beg you to contact him, I am simply offering my services to bring you to the next level of sexual freedom and exploration in a safe manor.
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  • Reply Baby girl ID:2px1ogpcgmh

    I want a teacher too

    • Anon ID:buggkuf20b

      I could teach you

  • Reply Yackandah ID:5lv93syujzt

    Melbourne here

  • Reply Sonny ID:1cp62wo5fpt2

    What is your snap? Love to Aus ❤️

  • Reply Owner of fat slaves ID:1cstx0bxxpsw

    I would teach you from far away

  • Reply A. ID:h2f7zeynlxc

    You have the perfect teacher at home, your dad.

  • Reply horny ID:1ek2qyxv9a

    actually my new snap is s.keoughan so add that one instead

  • Reply Anon ID:bckbhbf3cgs


    • Lisa2 ID:1dys36fdopxa

      I have sent a message to you

    • chandi ID:pwu4hgvt0d

      did she message u

    • Dmac ID:c1es1do6ic

      Lisa2 message me at dmac1718 on SC

  • Reply Anon ID:bckbhbf3cgs

    What’s your snap?