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how I (m14) got covered in cum by a group of friends

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I got covered in cum by a bunch of friends

this story is 100% real, I haven’t named anyone involved for privacy reasons and all that. hope you enjoy the story.

so it was a saturday night. I had gone to a party at my friends house and they all planned to get drunk and get with some of the girls they had invited. after a couple of hours almost everyone had left and they all got annoyed that their plan hadn’t worked. However… mine was just about to begin.

I slowly started dropping hints that I could help them out to each friend and one by one they all grew more fond of the idea as the night went on until someone finally made a move. I ended up sucking his cock on the stairs and one of my friends saw and asked if I could do him next to which I agreed to. and then the night went on and as it did I took cumshot after cumshot on my face and in my mouth until everyone of my friends had came at least twice each.

if you want to arrange a meet up so I can suck your cock message me on discord, my name on there is: quaba#8927 can’t wait to see you there and hopefully irl.

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  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    Barely two hundred words, nice paragraph. No details, no descriptions. Poor paragraph

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:1d0plb7c3cn4

    Everyone needs a nice little cocksucker

    • Sigh ID:3c3umj7v1

      No they don’t, neither do u