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Simply Jonny and his dad

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It wasn’t fair to call Jonny a retard because he wasn’t. He was in his 30’s and still lived with his Mum and Dad. Not so strange now but in the 1970’s it was pretty unusual.

Jonny worked at a factory that employed disabled people almost exclusively.

He was one of those guys that, if you met him in the street, he would talk shit to you for hours and you just couldn’t get away without being rude. He also used to laugh really loudly at something he said that wasn’t funny to anyone else. His loud laughter was a cue to the neighbours that Jonny had nabbed someone so they would watch out of their window and enjoy the discomfort of the subject of his attention.

Jonny liked making thing and could fix anything electronic.

He modified bicycles so they were driven by electric motors – decades before electric bikes were a thing.
He would put little petrol powered engines, meant for model boats or planes onto roller-skates. He could often be found in the local park or down at the promenade surrounded by kids and youths marvelling at whatever new contraption he was trying out.

The older teens would make fun of him and call him names.

One when I was a young kid, maybe 8, he was talking to me and a couple of my mates in our road. He was doing his usual trick of invading personal space, usually because he didn’t realise he was doing it. This time he kept closing the space down until he had me pushed up against the wall. His crotch was pressed into me and I could feel his cock pressing against me. He was leaning into my face still talking shit. I was uncomfortable and pushed him telling him to get the fuck off me. He genuinely looked hurt and that made me feel bad, despite his behaviour.

I liked him nonetheless and I would call out anyone I found making fun of him.

He played guitar and was quite good. He taught me a few chords and would come over to play music with me in our front room.

He built me a radio with speakers which he fitted into my bedroom so I could listen to music in my bedroom. It worked great for months and then just stopped working one day.

I told Jonny about it and he told me to bring it over to his place after dinner and he would fix it.

He had a workshop in a brick outhouse in his parents back yard. It was packed with finished (and semi-finished) projects, tools, spare parts and the like. He had fitted a light, a radio and a heater. So I brought the main body of the broken radio to his workshop and settled into a chair whilst he tinkered with it. He soldered a wire that had become disconnected and it hissed back to life. I was delighted.

We sat a while and he explained how the radio worked and how he had built it from parts he had lying around in his workshop.

I had noticed that he kept glancing down at my waist every so often which was a bit disconcerting. When I stood up to go he told me he could see my pants because my zip was open. Embarassed I went to close my zip and he stopped me by grabbing my hand.

Remember, I am maybe 14 at this point and he was mid 30’s.

He tells me he like pants and undoes the button of my jeans. I tried to stop him but he was really strong. He pulled down my jeans and stared at my underpants, holding both of my arms away from my body. He put both of my hands in one of his and pulled down my underpants. He touched my cock and it started to stiffen.

When it was fully erect he tells I have a cute small dick. I was offended, and a bit scared. I had seen the dicks of other boys my age and older, and mine compared well in size. He unbuttoned and pulled out his own. It was massive. At least twice the length of mine and half as wide again as mine. I was shocked it is size.

He turned me around and smacked me on the bottom and told me to bend over. I was scared. I was thinking he was going to fuck my arse. That had happened to me in the past and it fucking hurt. I was desperate to avoid that happening again.

I said to him that I had a medical condition with my asshole and if he shoved that massive cock into it, I might bleed to death. It made him pause for a few seconds but then he pushed me over the seat of the chair and began placing the head of his cock between my buttocks. I could feel his hot bellend between my cheeks and the pressure building on my hole.

Jonny, Jonny stop I pleaded. If you stop I will show you something better. He paused again asked me what. I told him I would show him. He agreed.

I asked him to turn around and drop his trousers and undies, and to lift up his shirt.

He did that whilst rubbing his own cock.

His back was hairy but most of his butt cheeks were smooth and hair free. There was a lot of hair around his arsehole and balls.

I climbed on a foot stool, so I could reach his arse and begin rubbing my dick on his bum cheeks. I told him he should try it because it felt good – which it did.

He made me stay the stool, turned me around, pushed me over his workbench and began rubbing my arse with his massive dick.The heat from that thing was incredible. He pressed it in hard causing my buttocks to spread and hold his dick in a tight grip. He was pumping that thing quite fast causing the workbench to dig into my hips. He had reached around and grabbed my dick hard and wanked my.

It was scary and exciting in equal measure.

After several long minutes he told me that it was nice, but he really wanted to put it in my ass. Remembering what my mate Mark had done with Kaitlin, I told him to hang on and guided his cock to between my thighs and closed them.

He started thrusting between my legs. He went hard and fast, gripping my hips and slapping my arse. Occasionally reaching round for my dick. After a few good minutes between my thighs he began to cum. He grunted and groaned spraying torrents of jiz from between my thighs and out under his workbench. Some of it splashed on his heater , hissing and smoking.

Right at that moment, the shed door opened and Jonny’s dad walked in. The sight that greeted him was me on a foot stool with my pants around my ankles and Jonny’s bare arse pumping away against my soft smooth teenage bottom.

What the fucking he’ll is going on here he yelled.

Jonny stood up dripping cooling jiz down my legs from his rapidly wilting cock.
I grabbed for my pants to pull them up to cover my embarrassment.

Jonny’s dad, an old man in his 70’s, told me to stop right there. He closed the shed door behind him and approached me. He looked at my cock, still hard, then turned my round and grabbed one of my arse cheeks. Jonny seemed scared and told his dad to leave me alone

He dad ignored Jonny and pushed me over the work bench. He told Jonny to hold me down and I could hear him fumbling with the belt on his trousers. I head the belt hit the floor as he dropped his trousers and pressed up against my arse.

I felt his cock press against my buttocks and could tell it was as big as Jonny’s. I pleaded with him not to fuck me in the arse but he told me to shut up. He instructed his son to grab my dick and jerk me off whilst he tried to force his dick in my arsehole.

The head of his coke was so large that it spread my firm bum cheeks but he was just bumping against my arsehole but was making no progress in entering me. His probing hurt a bit and he was surprisingly strong for such and old feller.

Jonny was doing a good job on my dick. He wasn’t wanking me too hard and as I got used to it, it was feeling great. His dad seemed content to continue pushing in and out of my buttocks with his helmet against my bum hole. Now I knew he probably wasn’t going to penetrate me it was quite exciting, so much so that I came in Jonny’s fist. My jizz following his under the bench and splashing the heater.

His dad carried on for a few more second and then I felt his dick squirting his cum right at my arsehole. It came out with surprising pressure splashing on my ring, balls, buttocks and dripping down my legs.

Without a word his dad dressed and left the shed. Jonny and I dressed. He didn’t say a word about what had happened either. Jonny had given me one of his shop towels to clean myself up.

He gave me my radio and I said I better go home.

It was a shocking event. I tried to stay clear of Jonny for a few weeks as I was a bit freaked out. When I did talk to him again, he acted like nothing had happened.

After pondering on the matter for many weeks, I came to the conclusion that it was quite horny being taken advantage of by two much older men and so long as they didn’t fuck my arse or mouth, I might engineer a situation where it might happen again.

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    Jay here …this reminds me of when my mom caught me and 3 of my friends have a gay 4 way and joins in….me and my wife wanna share our stories but aren’t great at writing it all out…if we share details with you could you type a couple out for us…. [email protected]