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Date with my niece 4

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Now we have left what really happened behind and are just having fun. We blackmail Shelly’s mom and my wife so they can’t stop Shelly and me.

We decided to set the plan in motion. Johnny and Shelly’s mom is younger than my wife. Although, I had no idea that my wife was interested in women, I could see why she was into her. 5’6″ average size, cute face, orange-red hair over her shoulders, large firm breasts and a great ass. I knewwhy Johnny signed up for this gig. He had probably jerked off a thousand times dreaming about fucking mommy.
We set up the camera in her room while she was at work. When she got home, Johnny had already made her a drink: whiskey and coke, heavy on the whiskey. It always snuck up on her and got her drunk faster than she thought. By the time she finished her third she was staggering. With just a little coaxing from Johnny and Shelly she decided to have a 4th; tomorrow was Saturday after all.
They had to help her stagger to her bedroom and undress her. The camera was rolling. Shelly decided that she liked this part so much she wanted to stay and join in. After they took off her top and her bra, Shelly took her mom’s nipple into her mouth and sucked it.
Hey. What’s that about? Mom slurred.
Your breasts are just so awesome mom, Shelly said. I used to suck them all the time as a baby, right? It’s still you and me. Just a few years have passed. But if I could suck your tits before, why not now? Without waiting for an answer, she started sucking again. Johnny joined her. One child on each nipple as they caressed her naked body. The video camera catching everything. They pushed mom onto the bed. Johnny moved down to her pussy and started licking her. Shelly moved up and started making out with her mother. Mom was so far gone now, she couldn’t turn back even if they wanted to.
As I watched the video the next day in my truck with Shelly beside me stroking my cock, i saw them sucking and fucking in every position i could imagine. The plan worked perfectly. Now she would have to do anything we wanted. Formy niece and I that meant living as lovers. Fir Johnny it meant using mommy as his sex slave.
Now the hard part. Seducing my wife. It wasn’t going to be easy. Aside from an apparent covert attraction to her sister in law, my wife was a religious prude. She wouldn’t even watch movies if they had any nudity. Still, we had to try. Johnny told his mom what the plan was. She protested and demanded, but in the end, after seeing herself laying on her bed with her son’s cock in her mouth while her preteen daughter ate her pussy, she relented. She knew she would have to do anything they ordered.

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