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my little neighbor fantasy

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Hi, I’m Leanne and I’m 13 years old. I’ve had many fantasies before, like getting kidnapped, raped, etc. This one is also a rape fantasy, and I just wanted to share it with you guys.

So, I have this little fantasy where my neighbor who lives across the street (he is 15 years old, I’ve had a crush on him since I was 7, we were friends but then I called his friend a rich dickhead… yeah…) starts stalking me.

One day, my family leaves and I’m home alone. My neighbor rings the doorbell and I answer. I say hi and let him inside and take him to my bedroom. I ask him what’s up and he grabs me by the waist and kisses me. I kiss him back, and he pulls up my shirt.

I back away, telling him I’m not ready, but he forcefully undresses me. I ask him what he’s doing.

“I’m raping you” he says.

I try to push him away, but he’s too strong. He undresses me and unbuckles his belt. He takes out his cock, spreads my legs, and penetrates me. I scream, the pain of getting my virginity taken kills me. Not literally, though.

He pound me hard, and I’m sobbing, trying to stop him but he’s too strong. He picks me up and pushes me to the wall and grabs my hands. He puts his cock in my ass with no lube. He’s pounding me, and the pain makes me scream and cry. He’s holding my hands behind my back, so I can’t do anything. He cums in my asshole and then lets go of me.

I drop to the floor, sobbing.

“That’s what you get for being a bad girl, bitch” he says. He leaves me there on the ground, tears, blood, and cum leaking out of me.

That’s something I fantasize about often.

I’d prefer to be kidnapped though to get away from school and the bitches who do nothing but piss me off.

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  • Reply Peter from Australia ID:1cn96ee27z4f

    There is nothing funny about being raped, especially by some violent people. You may enjoy sex, but you may not enjoy the part with a really hurt you badly.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    You need to put yourself in vulnerable situations and then enjoy the outcomes – a real live rape, perhaps?!

  • Reply deviant woman ID:7mkmzyxrzk


    message me for all you darkest desires Leanne13

    • leanne13 ID:1dqctwl5oowa

      message u here?

  • Reply Dragion199 ID:1eerf5n3s3bs

    Tried to email but didnt work for some reason

  • Reply Cherry popper. ID:8foolwpob7k

    Send me your email will make your dreams come true.