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My life as a submissive male bitch and cuckold #2

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I graduate to sucking cocks and getting fucked in pub.ic toiletsd

When I was 14 my father had to go into a nursing home, and it was decided that I went to live with my aunt and uncle in Cardiff for my final year-and-a-half at school. The uncle was the one who liked feeling me up when I was a few years younger. I settled in, but my hormones were playing up and I was desperate for sex. My uncle and aunt used to be in bed by 10-11pm. I started to slip out when they were asleep and I would walk down into the town. The first time I did this, I headed for Canton Bridge, on the one end of which was a basement toilet. I had heard somewhere that it was a place frequented by gay men, and I wanted to check it out for myself.

When I entered the toilets, it stank of piss. I went down the stairs and saw four men standing alongside each other at the urinals. One of them seemed to be touching the cock of the man next to him. I went into one of the cubicles and stripped completely naked including my shoes and socks. I pushed the door open, and walked out into the body of the toilets. The men saw me, and came towards me. They all wanted a piece of this underage boy who was handing his body to them on a plate. Hands were all over me, touching every part of my body, the men pushing their cocks against me. I was nervous, but it was great.

One man pulled my head down and pushed his cock in my mouth. I started sucking it, but he was excited and came right away – filling my mouth with his cum. I spat it out, but noticed he looked disappointed. Another man pushed his cock in my mouth, and two of the men were groping me. One started pushing fingers into my asshole, and did so for a few minutes before pulling them out and replacing them with his cock. My years of fucking myself with the broom handle had paid-off, as I was able to accommodate his cock with ease. The one I was sucking came in my mouth. This time I swallowed it, and another of the men pushed his cock in my mouth. The man fucking me shot his cum in me, and another took his place. He was much bigger, and it hurt. Fortunately he came quick, adding his cum to the previous man’s load. Eventually they all finished using me, and left me there naked in the toilet. I dressed and walked home. I was happy; I had been fucked at last.

I went back to that toilet and two other ones two or three nights a week for a few years, and I was always sure of getting lots of men to use me. I had also discovered several spots in the nearby Castle grounds which were cruising areas, and I made the most of them. More about that in part 3.


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  • Reply Jojo ID:1d7s36b4dg59

    I did this last month I let seven perverts use my naked 15yr body and it’s all I think about now and I’m going back again this weekend

  • Reply Aperv ID:1d63mc9vk7kc

    From the age of thirteen I used to go the public loos in our toy park and let multiple men use me .loved sucking cock through the glory hole spent hours draining cocks of all sizes even blew my dad and my uncle both were regulars at the glory hole

  • Reply John ID:1dwsftp9ld5x

    Mmmm I’ve done this when I was 12 I’m 14 now and I get naked it’s sooo fucking exciting in two years I’ve been fucked at least 20 times at this seedy restroom