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Tim, Dan, Anne, and Beth

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Stupid girls. I kicked the ice over our heart, but then I stubbed my toe. Right through my shoe, and almost fell down.

“Hey, you’re Dan, right?” I looked up, and Annie shut the door. “I’m Elisabeth, but you can call me Lisa, or Beth, or whatever you want.”

I brushed the ice pellets off my pants, and picked my way carefully back over to the street.

“I don’t want to go in her house just to watch them make out, so can I come over to your house?” She hugged her arms. “It’s still pretty cold out here.”

“Okay, I guess. Watch your step.” At least the mound over the curb was salty, sandy, and slushy from the trucks driving back, and forth, but she gave me her hand.

“Let me help you.” That let me pull my boots out of the grey slush, from the tail pipes driving past, and on to the road. That was wet, but not slippery, so we could walk without slipping, and sliding.

“So, how do you know Timmy, and Annie?”

“Is it Tim, or Timmy?”

“I don’t know, Timothy. Maybe he’s started answering to Tim at school.” It’s silly missing him, when he’s only gone for a couple hours, but at least I made a friend to hang out with. While he’s playing kissyface with his new girlfriend.

“I know Anne from class. I mean, Tim’s in our same class, but I only met him today in Art Class.”

“Oh, we had music, what’s Mrs. Borlind doing this week?” She said she had a big surprise for us, last week, but we still didn’t know what it was.

She giggled, “Nudes.”

“Nudes, as in Naked, ladies?”

“Well, boys, or girls. I guess it’s up to you, whether you want to sculpt a boy, or girl. She didn’t say.” She nodded.

“Well, which one are you doing? Sculpting, like.”

“We’re still on modeling clay, next week is Kiln day. So, they have a whole week to dry out and turn Bisque.”

I nodded, “My cup broke in the kiln, but at least it didn’t blow up. Most of them blew up, because they had bubbles in them.”

“Oh, too bad. Mine turned into a saucer, I guess.” She grabbed my hand when we got to the steps. “Help me up? I don’t want to slip and fall in the ice. The sleet should make it less slick, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, I guess they just roll over the ice, instead of sticking.” I got to the top of the railing, and shook the snow off my glove before I took it off, and tried the doorknob. It was locked, so I had to ring the doorbell.

She laughed at me again, and I was starting to get annoyed. If she’s going to invite herself over to call her mom, and warm up, she doesn’t have to be so silly about it. “You don’t have a key?”

“No? They usually don’t lock it.” I looked back to see the car, still buried under a ton of ice, and they hadn’t even cleared the hump behind it yet. So I could tell they hadn’t gone no where. “When they’re stuck at home.” What’s the point of going out in this to check for unlocked doors, when someone’s most likely home, in the middle of the afternoon? I guess it’s probably even colder, and icier at night.

When most burglars wait till after dark, but they probably take the night off, unless they have to. They don’t have to go out, and break into people’s houses anyway. It’s not like the police go looking for burglars not doing their jobs like they do students skipping school, it’s the exact opposite.

“Oh, shit.” Dad pulled a coat down to cover up the front of his shorts. “Why didn’t you tell me you’re bringing someone over, and where’s your brother?” He wrapped it around the back, and held it together, backing up, but didn’t turn around with it hanging wide open.

“I didn’t know, she just came over to call her mom to get her, and Tim is over at his friend’s house.”

“Annie’s house.” I tried not to hunch my shoulders, shutting the door, when we got inside, to keep the cold out.

“Is it Annie, or Danny?”

“Annie. You’re so mad I accidentally said Danny by mistake.”

“Oh, okay.” He backed up, and pointed in the kitchen. “You can use the phone in the kitchen.” He turned the corner to the other hall, and called back. “Honey, put some clothes on, we’ve got company!”

“I’m in the bath, so shut the door.” Beth giggled.

“You think they’re doing it back there?”

“Yeah, I mean no. They knew we’d be home late, but they probably just forgot to unlock the door.” And put some clothes on. But they were doing it, before we got home. What else they going to do, snowed in, with the house to themselves. Wait until they think we’re asleep? “You really think Tim is making out with Annie, in her room?”

“Well, it’s been a couple few minutes,” she nodded, “She’s probably got her hands in his pants by now.” She looked down the front of my coat, and took her’s off. “Why don’t you take your coat off, and make yourself at home?”

“Uh,” because I could feel my peanuts shrivel up, just thinking her fingers must be cold. Well, maybe, they had time to warm up, since we had to walk home, and wait for dad to let us in. She hung her’s up, and laughed. ‘you think they’re taking a bath together in there now?’ She whispered, as if we weren’t just talking out loud about. That kind of stuff, a minute ago. Right here.

So, I nodded, and swallowed the lump in my throat. “Uh!” My voice cracked, “Huh?”

“Well,” she rubbed her hands together, “Why don’t you show me your room before they get out, and dry off? Put some clothes on, and come to check on you.”

“Okay, sure.”


Tim (bg)

“What the fuck!”

“Not again!” I pulled my pants up, and Annie wiped her mouth, jumping on the bed. “It’s not what it looks like, ow!” She yanked me out by my ear.

“Don’t give me that, you sick little pervert!”

“Ow, let go, ow ow!” She threw me out first, then my coat, then slammed the door. “Owww!” I sat up, and rubbed my elbow, where it poked through the snow, but it doesn’t feel like it’s bleeding. Then, I had to put my coat on, so I could button my pants. At least they didn’t fall down, too far before I found myself out in the cold.

I didn’t want to cry, but I barely even got back out to the street, before I realized. I probably would never get a chance to see her again. “Snh!” Don’t be stupid, of course I’ll see her Monday. Even though that’s all weekend, and there’s no way I’ll ever get to go back to her house. It’s too cold to sneak out, and inviting girls over to our house?

No way that will ever happen, right? Well, that’s what I thought, until I got back, took off my boots, and jacket, and walked in on Danny on his bed with Elise. “Oh, sorry.” I backed out, but I pulled the door slowly. Peeking back in until the crack closed, and closed the door.

“Wow.” Okay, so she had her pants down, around her ankles, and that was about it. He had his pants down to his knees, and she didn’t even bother covering up her chest. I shook my head, but my stiffy sprang right up, so I went across to the bathroom.

“Uh, shit. Sorry, mom.”

“Just shut the door!”

“Sorry, sorry. Dad, too. I just. I’ll just go.” I shut the door. “Huh!” I leaned back in the hall. “Why’s this keep happening?” It’s like the whole world decided to get naked, and fool around at once. I barely even got used to the idea of Danny going all the way, before me. Before I even got to tell him I got head from a girl, and she’s not as good at it as him yet, but I guess it’s okay if mom, and dad do it.

In the bathtub, with dad standing up, and mom sitting down. Topless, and dad’s so hairy, hard, and huge. “Huh, hHhuhH! Uh, huh! UH!” Until he lost his stiffy, and it drooped down, because I spent too long trying to make excuses before I shut the door.

I just slid down the wall, and held onto it. Twitching in my hand, and felt down to my peenuts. Felt them squeeze, and pulse, until I could catch my breath. “Whew!”

“Ihihin! Couldn’t wait, huh?” I looked over at Elise, peeking out the cracked door, then down the buttons of her blouse. I saw the top of her bra, before she whispered. ‘they done in there?’ Looking over at the bathroom door. So, that’s how she knew they’d be too busy to check up on them.

I shook my head, then nodded, then shrugged. “You better get dressed, just to be on the safe side.”

“Okay, thanks.” She shut the door, so I could pull my hand out of my pants, and zip them back up.

“Whew, that was close!”


Annie (gg Talk)

“So how’d you do?” I had to come outside, since mom wouldn’t let her in.

“Not bad you?” I looked back at the curtains, and blinds, then stuck my thumb in my mouth. Sucked it hard, and pulled it out with a “POP!”

She giggled, and practically pulled me back from the porch. Nodding, and laughing excitedly, “That’s it?”

“That’s enough, why? How far did you go with Danny?” That was the plan, since he had a brother, almost the same age. She’s 10, in 4th grade, but she was 9 when it started. She just turned 10 over Christmas break.

“Uhm,” she stopped the think. “Come on, let’s go for a walk.” She hugged me on 1 side, so I could hold onto her, and we could make to the street without slipping. “Short stop?”

“What’s that mean?”

“Well, you know in kickball, if you don’t make it all the way to third base. No wait, I guess that’s wrong, what’s between third base, and all the way?”

“I don’t know, the fowl line? I never really liked kickball. Besides, we haven’t even played it since summer, the park is practically closed.”

“Well, it’s really pretty, with it sparkling like this.”

“Yeah, the roofs too, and the ice sickles.” That helped me warm up, at least my face. Even though if you think about it, those are even colder, but they’re so shiny.

“You think it’s weird that your mom threw him out, but their mom, and dad are so cool about it?”

“How cool, about what?”

“You know, boys and girls, naked in there room.”

“You got naked?”

“Well, almost. We didn’t take our pants, and underwear off, all the way.”

“For what?”

“Dry humping?”

“Ooh, did you. Uh, do you even, finish yet?”

“Of course, you?”

“Yeah, but not without screwing, so he didn’t stick it in?”

“No? I’m still a virgin, you?”

“I guess so. Uhm.” Unless you count stuffed animals. “Define virgin.”

“You know,” she made an Okay, and poked the hole.

“Not with a boy, but can you get off with out it. Screwing in?”

“You don’t screw it in, do you?”

“Yeah, like,” I made the Okay sign, and demonstrated, “Like that?”

“How do you do that with a boy, don’t your legs get in the way?”

“No, I just barely learned how to.” I stuck my thumb in my mouth, but this time, I pumped it straight in, and out. At first, I tried to screw my head back and forth, until he held it still for me, and showed me how. He likes it, since I like screwing in, and out, instead of straight in, and out.

“Nohoho. I didn’t get the chance before his brother walked in on us, but I think I was pretty close.” She watched me, twisting my thumb around and around. So, it didn’t come out wet, in the cold. “Why do you screw around like that? You know, when the 6 graders talk about screwing around, they don’t mean actually screwing around, right?”

I nodded, “Is six grade really sex grade?”

“That’s what my brother says, he lost his virginity in 6 grade. So, that’s why he calls it sex grade, but it’s like a code.”

“I know, but I don’t have a brother in middle school, so what’s it like?”

“I don’t know, I’m not in middle school neither.”

“No, but you had to ask him.”

“Well,” she giggled, and leaned close, waving my face away, so I could turn, and pull back my hoody. ‘you know Mr. and Mrs. Borlind?’

I nodded, “Not mister, just Miss. We haven’t taken Music yet.”

‘huh, well.’ Why is she even whispering? There’s nobody else out here, and even if there was, they’d be nowhere near us. ‘in 5th grade, they stop molding clay, and start molding latex.’

“Uh huh?”

‘in 6 grade, they molded silicone.’

“Oh, what’s silicone?”

‘that’s the best stuff to make sex toys. that’s why it’s called sex grade.’

“Oh.” We barely even started on nudes, in clay. “I can’t wait!” I giggled.

“Well, if you come over to my house this weekend, you won’t have to.” She winked.


Ben (mgg Latex)

Jeeze, Beth and her friend wouldn’t stop giggling all night. They’re so immature, but at least we got to sleep in Saturday morning. “Benjamin,” until my dad woke me up. “I have to go out.”

“Okay,” I rolled over.

“So, I’ll need the car cleared.”


“Soon, there’s a 20 in it for you.”

“Huh!” I would have loved a couple more hours, but I got up. Put on some clothes, and boots. My coat, and went out to the garage for the snow shovel. That was barely long enough to reach across the hood, and get the wind-shield, but the snow thawed, froze, and then we got freezing rain, and then it snowed again.

Still 20 buck is 20 bucks. The trunk is shorter, so I scraped off the back window next, so he could back out, and see where he’s going. The driveway and the sidewalk weren’t that bad, but I scooped up some salty sandy slush to throw under the tires. So, he didn’t spin out, trying to climb up out of the driveway. Up hill, in the ice, and snow.

Why doesn’t he get some snow tiers, or chains, or both? It’s going to keep snowing, he knows that, and I don’t want him getting in a wreck either. Finally, mom, and dad came out in their coats to warm up the car. “I’m sorry,” he patted his pockets, “I’ll have to stop by the cash machine while we’re out.”

Oh, yeah. And I just realized, it’s their anniversary. So, they’re probably going out for Brunch. I shut the garage door, and hung up the shovel to drip dry. I was just thinking about how the salt, and grit keeps the water from freezing. I don’t know, honestly. That’s chemistry, but I wondered how that worked, trying to ignore the giggles coming from Beth’s room, heading back to my bed.

Well, they weren’t going to let me go back to sleep anyhow, now that they’re up. But they left the drawer pulled out underneath my bed.

“Ahahaha!” Next door, they laughed louder, and I pulled back my summer shorts. Swim trunks, and looked for what was missing. A bunch of stuff, I wasn’t mad, but if they took my. Well, sex toys, that gave me some idea of what was so funny.

“Elizabeth!” I went out to the hall, and banged on the door. Tried the knob, but she locked it. “I know you’re in there with my stuff.”

“Hang on a sec.” She unlocked the door, and when I opened it, her friend had a blanket thrown over her legs. Sideways on the bed, with her pillows stuffed up against the wall, but she pulled the covers up over her flat chest.

Like she had any titties to cover up. “You want this back?” My sister held up a dong, and it flopped around in her hands. Only the biggest one, of course.

“No, that’s okay, but.” I leaned over to ask in her ear. ‘this your girlfriend?’

“Oh, no. This is Anne.”

“I know, we met last night.” She sat up, and scooted back on the bed.

“We’re not gay or anything, but how come you’ve got so many fake penises in your room?”

“Uh,” I snatched it away from her, “None of your business, and that’s no excuse to go through my stuff.”

“What excuse? I’m sorry.” Beth rubbed my shoulder, and arm. “It’s just her mom doesn’t have any to play with.” At least she covered up her giggle. “She was humping her stuffed animals!”

“Elise!” She threw a pillow at her, and pulled the sheet back up. Without the blanket.

“So? She’s 10.”


“That makes it even worse! I mean, I don’t know. Maybe humping stuffed animals is normal for little girls, but.” I shook my head, and started heading back to my room. “Whatever.”

She said, it’s not gay, or she’s not gay, and I’m not. I’m bisexual I guess, but that’s not the point. If she wants to play bisexual chix with her little.

She’s just, too little. I mean look at her, or don’t look at her. Actually, that’s probably a crime, yeah. She’s jailbait, and it’s not like my sister is that much further along. She just barely started puberty herself.

She knocked. “Ben?”


“Can we come in?” I already threw it back in the drawer where it belongs, so I kicked it shut, and sat down.

“What for?”

“Just to talk,” her friend piped up, but at least they sounded serious. No more high pitched giggling at least.

“Huh, yeah all right.” I let them in, “Sit down, and pay attention.” The little girl pulled on a night shirt, but then she got up on my bed, and crossed her legs. Indian style.

“Ugh!” I turned away, and started pacing. “Uh, I guess. You girls, have a lot of questions.”

“Yeah, like what’s Mrs. Borlind doing, showing 4th graders naked pictures in class, molding rubbers in 5th grade, and sex toys for six graders.”

“It’s not. Okay, first off all, they’re not.” Quote “Naked pictures.” Unquote.

“No, they’re “Nudes.” Very artistic.” Liz made the quotey fingers back, and nodded, seriously. Mocking me.

“No, they’re just reference photos.”

“To get kids to make nudes in class. I know, I’m in 4th grade with her, remember?”

“Yeah, me too, but she’s really a child molester?”

“No, she’s an artist.”

“Art teacher. You know what they say, those that can do, those that can’t teach. If she was any good at sculpture, she sell at least one of those ‘Mixed Media’ contraptions she’s got in the back of her studio.”

When did she get to go in the back studio? “And secondly, it’s not rubber, like. Condoms, rubbers. Yeah, it’s latex, the same stuff they make rubbers out of, but liquid latex.”

“Latex fetish, more like.”

I just nodded, “Okay, so she’s got a Latex fetish,” Me too. “So what?” It really pulls her body in tight. Like spandex only better, because it’s translucent.

“So, an 11 year old boy shouldn’t even know about his teacher’s kinks, with her husband.”

“So, I’m not eleven, and you’re barely even ten.”

“I know, but I wasn’t even nine when you told me about it in 6th grade. Or sex grade, you’re eleven, so you weren’t even close to a teen, and now you’re telling me we’re too young, when you started when you’re even younger?”

“Huh, well?” I shook my head, and turned back. “She’s not a child molester, since you asked.”

“Why not?”

“She never touched me, and she never let me touch her either.”

“So? That’s still pretty sick.”

“Well, you don’t know her like I do.”

“And you shouldn’t know her like you do, because she’s your Teacher!”

“No she’s not.”

“Not any more, but she was when she. What did she do, exactly?”

“Well, it’s a long story, but I was a little precocious.”

“What’s that mean?”

“Early, ahead of the class, in some ways.”

“You really want to talk about this?” Anne got up, and let the hem of her shirt hang down. It was just a teeshirt, but an extra long teeshirt, on her. So, it was baggy too, but it barely hid how flat chested she was, even after she sat up topless next door in Beth’s bed.

“No, not really.”

Beth came up behind her, and felt up her shirt. At the hips, and looked over her shoulder, “You want to fool around?”

“Okay?” I shook my head. “Don’t tell mom, okay?”

“What about your dad?” Anne touched me, and I closed my eyes.

“Huh,” I shook my head, slowly. “No, not him either.” When he already knows.

Okay, I should probably stop. I already said too much…

She unzipped my pants, and flopped it out. “I thought you said they look exactly the same.”

“Well it does when it gets hard. Go ahead,” She pushed her shoulders down, “And get it hard. So,” my sister looked up at me, and I had to look away.

“Uh!” Her mouth was so hot.

“How did you get them to look so alike?”

“You’ve been looking at my dick? Uh!”

“Shlerp! Puh huh! You’re right, inimnhm!”

“She molded it, didn’t she?”

“Uh, huh. Don’t stop.”

“Schlup pugh rhgl guk guk guk!”

“Didn’t she?”

“No, she just huh. Showed me how, and loaned me a tub.” of liquid latex. Enough to last for years, but a little goes a long way.

“But she cast it in the back. In the silicone shop?”

I nodded, but it was hard to hold back.

“You think she fucks them, before she gives them back?”

“Uh fuck, huh! Yeah, ah fuck!”

“Ngh ngh ngh nghk!”



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