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My gf family the boys part 1

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Sam had gone to work and had asked me to babysit shirly had gone to her nans.
So it was me Ashley and Brandon two horny teens.so pizza and pop ordered and a film to watch as per usual down came the lads just in there vests and y fronts .after half hour they were complaining the film was for little kids and boring.so I said you pick a film and went upstairs to get changed.then the little devil on my shoulder whispers and I smile to my self I dig out the home made porn film me and Sam made and go down stairs just in my briefs i can feel my self getting turned on as i go down the stairs.the lad are giggling to them selves as I walk in with both of them sitting cross legged with a pillow on their laps .I can see them starring at my bulge I smile to my self.i sit between them legs spread i ask them if they had selected a film they both turn red and Brandon pressed play on comes a old porn film Taboo god knows we’re they got it I don’t say a word as it plays I slowly rub my gardening cock I look at the boys and both of them are doing the same rubbing there beautiful bulges wich were definitely very big for teen boys .just as the son starts fucking his mum in screen i chirp up i got a new film here if yiu want to see they both quitly nodd yes so i get up knowing they can both see my fully erect cock plainly sticking out my pants .
On comes the screen starts with there mum lying on the bed legs spread her fingers slowly running over her body as she talks dirty begging for daddy to come fuck her.the boys were trans fixed I pull my cock out and start to slowly wank .
Ashley looks at me and I nod at him and he follows suit omg one beautiful cock emerges I feel my throat go dry . I reach across and gently I take his cock in my hand carres his rock hard beautiful cock in my hand and slowly play with him Brandon doesn’t know we’re to look there’s his mum on the screen fucking herself with a rampant rabbit and me gently caressing his brothers cock i pull him close and i take his hand and put it in my cock he takes it and starts to gently wank me off.on the screen sam has started to suck me off that’s when I feel it his hot little mouth sucking my bellend I dip down and take Ashley’s cock in my mouth sucking his hot teen cock I feel his hips buck he tastes wonderful I can feel him getting close as he convulses and he pumps his hot teen spunk in my mouth. I lift Brandon up and I start to suck his smaller but perfectly formed penis in mouth and it isn’t long before he also starts to spray his young cum into my mouth.thats wen Ashley starts to blow me I can feel myself getting close I tell him I’m coming and he keeps sucking I shoot my load into his mouth and he swallows it all.we all sitting in the settee in post climatic bliss watching me fuck there mum in TV.

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