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Lost and Found 4

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After covering both girl with my cum it was time for someone to no longer be a virgin

10 year old Debbie and Jackie lay in front of me covered in my cum. I’d watched as the two of them discussed thier sexual activities with me and Jackie with her father … the discussion apparently had the same effect on them as it had on me and as I sat hidden in the brush I watched as the two of them began kissing … that let to the two of them exposing their little nude bodies to each other as they worked thier way to Debbie and Jackie laying nude on the grass as Debbie licked her friend to a massive climax (well massive for a 10 year old)

When they got to that stage I came out and stood over them unnoticed and stroked my dick until when they reached thier peak I did also …. that is how we came to be all together myself with my dick still out knelling next to two exhausted and satisfied (for now) preteen girls.

Rolling over and facing me Debbie asked…”How long have you been watching… we didn’t think you were coming”
“To be honest I was here before both of you … but I stayed back to be sure no one else was cumming ..” Jackie chuckled.. ”Guess we took care of that … we all came … and together” we all chuckled and laughed at her humor … it served to lighten the mood … I took off my shirt and let the girls use it to clean themselves up then we all got dressed and presentable except for Debbie who again had her hair covered in my cum still.

“We still need to talk about all of this” I told the girls “how about you two go to the restrooms and clean up … What Time are you both expected home ?” Debbie spoke for both of them… “We have all day … we don’t have to be home until supper time” I did the math … it was 10 o’clock now they didn’t have to be home until around 5 …. almost 7 hours … a lot could take place in seven hours …. Would you like to visit my place and see where this goes ?” “He wants to FUCK US !” Jackie said a little too loud and looked at Debbie who was wearing an expression that was hard to read …. “You do want both of us right ?” I looked at Debbie … “I am interested in seeing where our time together can go … if that means sex with one ..” and looking at Jackie “both of you we will have to see … I am an old man after all”

Jackie laughed and pointed at the bulge in my pants … “Looks to me that your not too old” “So what do you say are you game to continue ?” both girls looked at each other and nodded … then at me “YES!” “OK, you girls head down and finish cleaning up in the restroom … then I will meet you around at the back entrance to the park … if anyone is there go on down the road and I will catch up ” “Okay” answered Debbie but I need something to drink ….. seems I have an odd taste I need to wash out of my mouth” and they took off running and laughing…

We lucked out and the back area was clear so both bikes went in the back of the truck and we headed to my place in the country. I gave both of them some of the drinks I kept in my truck and out of nervousness they both quickly finished their drinks… The conversation was strained with all of us wondering just what was to happen soon. “Mr J .. have you done this kind of thing before ?” “Besides what Debbie and I have been doing with her panties … no . I have never even considered it … until this little thing came into my life ..” I put my arm around Debbie and pulled her close to me. She snuggled close and leaned up and kissed my cheek “and the thought of being with two such lovely young women is thrilling” both giggled… “He called us women” “you may have been young children before but with what we have done and my yet do …. yes I would say you are women… young women”

I drove as fast as possible within the speed limit to get to my place while the girls giggled and whispered between themselves… As I pulled into my garage and closed the door I could feel the nervousness returning to both preteens…
I let them into my living room … they sat together on the couch and I sat across from them … “That’s a huge TV Mr J … do you watch porn on it … my dad does … he likes me to watch with him” Jackie picked up the remote and turned on the TV … which I had forgotten was actually set to play a porn video with young girls… “Guess that answers that question” both girls leaned forward to see the video…. “those girls are about our age … hey … that red head goes to our school ” Debbie pointed out … I had never noticed it before or even remember seeing the girl but I will be looking for her now….

I let the girls watch the video for a few minutes uninterrupted … it didn’t take long to see that both of them were enjoying what they were seeing … as the red head on the screen went from deep throat a rather large dick to turning around and dropping to her hands and knees … the cameraman was careful to not show the mans face as he knelt behind the girl and lined up his dick with an almost bald wet pussy…. “Do me … put in all in me … daddy!” the camera pulled back and showed the man’s face as he pushed into the young girl…. “Daddy ! … that’s her dad … Mr Jackson the science teacher …” “I guess I’m not the only one with a daddy thing” … as I looked to Jackie I could see she had started rubbing her pussy thru her shorts …. Debbie had even pulled the crotch of her shorts to the side and treated me to a view of her little fingers tickling her tiny lips …

I was not gonna miss out on this opportunity … I dropped to between her spread legs and pushed my face into her crotch with my tongue going straight to her Delicious 10 year old pussy… “YES !” moaned Debbie … “wait ..” she quickly shed her shorts and panties then spread her legs and I dove in again … holding her tiny butt in both hands I ate her like a starved man … Jackie seeing what was happening joined us and removed all her cloths … she then switched from watching her young friend having her pussy licked to watching her school mate fuck her dad … rather vocally I might say … with the volume up the room was filled with the girls moans and directions … “fuck me dad … go hard .. it doesn’t hurt anymore … push all the way in …” the girl spoke to someone off screen.. “mom can dad cum in me this time … can he give me a baby ” we all paused and glanced at the screen … the thought of her fucking her dad with her mom right there and encouraging him to give his teen daughter a baby was thrilling for all three of us …

Jackie moved to the floor and pulled my pants and the rest of my cloths off as I brought Debbie to the first of several organisms … once nude she slid beneath me and pulled my dick to her mouth and began sucking me deep into her mouth … her efforts had me humping my hips to push my dick into her … and I felt my shaft pass into her throat … her dad had taught her well as she never even slowed but grabbed my ass and pulled me in until her nose was brushing my crotch ….

my hands had moved up and pulled Debbie’s top off and played with her tiny titties and nipples … her moans were louder now … I wanted her to come but I wanted her to do it with me … I pulled my dick from Jackie’s mouth and sat up …. pulling Debbie to the edge of the couch I moved in and brushed my dick against her little slit … she was dripping … to the extent that it was running down along the crack of her tight little butt … We both looked at each other looking for connect to do what we both wanted … Jackie sat up next to us … she took he hand and grasping my dick she moved it up and down her friends slit… and stared her in the eye … “this is gonna hurt … a lot” my arms were supporting my weight on the couch as my pelvis moved with Jackie’s direction along her friends preteen pussy …

Debbie looked at both of us and nodded … she spread her legs as wide as she could and when Jackie set my dick head to her opening she lifted her hips … and the same time i pushed forward and split her lips around my dick … I pushed in until I felt her hymen …. “Do it … take her cherry “said Jackie … I pushed against her … at first she resisted me and I could not go deeper … Debbie began screaming in pain … the television sound mimicked her screams as the dad on screen pushed deep into his daughter and began filling her with his cum …

Not sure who was screaming or moaning i again pushed into the preteen cunt trying to keep me out … only this time I didn’t stop … I shifted my stance and leaned hard into my little virgin and felt her give way and accept my dick into her … her tiny hands came up and tried to hold me back but I was too far into this to stop now … I moved in and out pushing deeper each time as her blood and both our fluids made my plunges go easier and deeper …

Jackie sat back and watched her friend take her first dick … she played with her pussy and clit .. remembering the thrill and pain of her father first taking her …. she rubbed her clit hard …. while one hand went to Debbie’s clit and she stroked it trying to ease her pain … weather from pain or pleasure Debbie continued to moan and scream as i fucked her … again and again I pushed until I felt my dick push against cervix and she screamed louder than ever …

Jackie worked both of their clits bring both of them to their peaks as I felt my approach …. Again and again I pushed against her womb … as Jackie and Debbie reached their climaxes she leaned in and kissed Debbie deeply … I felt Jackie’s little hand wrap around my shaft holding and stroking what I could not get into Debbie … I leaned hard into the little preteen … burying my dick hard against her womb I felt my dick throb and begin shooting cum deep into my little lover …. then I leaned in and joined both girls in kisses as I throbbed repeatedly until my balls had emptied all my cum… exhausted I fell to the side and my dick pulled from the tiny bloody pussy … no longer a virgin she was dripping with her blood and my cum onto the couch …. and I didn’t give a damn

Debbie lay passed out her legs still spread her pussy dripping …. Jackie panting to catch her breath .. “Damn Mr J” Jackie said …
“You know at this point why don’t you both just call me Jason”

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    Great writing here. Keep on making MORE stories just like this one, especially with these people in the last 3.

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    God I want this so bad. To find a young slut that needs it badly.

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    Debbie was clearly in pain, but you fucked her even harder. Great!!!

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    Great story keep it going