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Jenny’s Tryst goes horribly wrong – Part 2

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Jenny meets her first client as a whore and is abused in ways she never dreamed of

Jenny thinking to herself: I can’t believe I’ve allowed this to happen! STUPID! STUPID! STUPID! Oh my god, just for a little perverted sex I could lose everything.

Jenny still thinking to herself: I have got to make this work. I have some sexy dresses and skirts from before my kids were born. I bet they would still fit. Going home early I try them on, very tight now but still fits. The pleated skirt is so skimpy, I fingered myself thinking of being in the office like this. What if a customer comes in.

So, I went to Macy’s and got a few sexy lingerie. Something I didn’t really have. Garter belts, nylons, push up bras, sexy lacy panties. Also got some higher heels. I felt like a whore, but I was deadest determined to save my marriage and my life.

I brought my stash of sexy clothes and lingerie to work. I couldn’t leave the house this way, but could be at the office. With Covid still an issue, I laid off all employees and rarely got any customers coming in. Today, I put on a pleated short skirt over a pink garter belt, pink panty and black seamed nylons. My top was a sweater top that buttoned down the front along with a pink bra.

That morning a customer came in, a guy. SHIT! I look like a whore, and feel like one.

“Good morning Jenny” the potential customer said. He was fairly sophisticated and well groomed. Already my pussy was starting to get wet. I was panicking and breathing heavily.

“Good morning sir” I said. “How can I help you.”

“looking to sell my house and word is, your very good at that.”

“yes, well I have some forms for you to fill out, they are in the cabinet” Jenny said.

I walked over to the cabinet, and realized the forms were in a lower drawer. I tried to bend over discreetly but I heard him whistle and say “nice!”

“Thank you I said” very embarrassed and feeling humiliated.

Just then the phone rang. I picked it up and the voice was my tormentor.

“In one hour, be at the hotel” my tormentor said.

“Sir, I have a customer, can this wait?” Jenny asked.

“You now have 59 minutes or everyone you know finds out about you” the tormentor said.

Oh fuck Jenny thought. Grudgingly Jenny told the customer “an emergency came up, can you come back in maybe 3 hours?”

The potential customer said “OK, but you better make it worth my effort” he said with a wink.

I ran into my BMW, drove to the hotel and picked up the key and went into the room and sat patiently. I wondered what the man would be, what he would look like, what I’d have to do. Not knowing sent tingles through my body in excitement and apprehension.

Knock at the door. I opened it, and there was a huge gruff looking black man.

Now I’m not necessarily a racist, but I do see blacks as inferior, so the thought of having to be obedient to this guy was disgusting to me.

He looked me up and down and taking a stick he lifted up my skirt with the stick sliding up my pussy. My legs quivered.

“hold your skirt up slut” the black man ordered.

I held my skirt up facing outside, people walking by could see my panty. This was so humiliating and yet oddly arousing.

The black man took the stick back and smacked my pussy. “OUCH!” I cried out.

The black dom said “I hear you’re a cheating little slut! Is that true slut?”

I said with my voice shaking “yes sir, I’m a cheating whore.”

“Well, I know how to treat a cheating whore like you!”

The black dom grabbed my hair yanking me down, dragged me to the bed forcing me to bend over onto the edge of the bed with my elbows on the bed. He then started spanking me with his hand, over and over and over.

I was screaming in agony, then he stopped. “Stay there cunt, you’re making too damn much noise.”

Then he put a ball gag in my mouth and strapped it to the back of my head.

The black dom then starting whipping my ass cheeks with a riding crop. My muffled screams could still be heard and my ass cheeks were burning, and yet I started orgasming. Oh god, I was loving this and I couldn’t stop orgasming.

The black dom then took off my ball gag. “strip for me slut, and dance while you do it!”

I’ve never stripped before, but doing my best, I wiggled around, slowly unbuttoning my blouse. Then unzipping my skirt as I waved my ass cheeks around, my skirt slowly falling to the floor. Then I slowly teased and took off my bra. I slowly inched my panty down, slowly, and slowly, all the while wiggling for him. This was so so, so humiliating. He was stroking himself while I did this.

The black dom pulled out some cuffs and cuffed my hands behind my back. I felt so helpless, naked and cuffed. He then ordered me to kneel and sit on my heels.

I did as told, not looking up. Then he pulled out what looked like a funnel and strapped it to my head. The funnel had a small pipe that went into my mouth. OH GOD, WHATS NEXT! I thought.

“I need to take a leak, and that toilet in the bathroom doesn’t look very clean” the black dom said.

Oh fuck, NO! I thought.

The black dom, pulled out his cock and started peeing in the funnel, holding my hair so I couldn’t move.

“OH shit, I can’t not drink this, the funnel gag is making the pee go right down!” Glug Glug Glug, I had to drink his pee. Shit, tastes like broccoli.

Then he spits a lugey in the funnel and with vodka washed it down. Then more vodka, and more vodka, an entire pint. Then he peed some more and washed that down with vodka.

I was drunk and dizzy. I could barely stay up. He then took off the gag and grabbing my hair, the black dom stood me up. I was wobbly from the booze and drinking pee. It was disgusting, yet arousing. What the fuck is wrong with me, I thought.

The black dom then took off the cuffs, shoved me on the bed. Then took leather cuffs and cuffed my left wrist to my left ankle and might right wrist to my right ankle. My knees bent and my feet flat on the bed, I was completely at his mercy.

The black dom then started fucking my pussy, yelling “bet you never had cock like this you little slut.”

I was so drunk and delirious and couldn’t even talk, just moaning loudly, loving every minute I finally started spasming again and orgasmed, over and over, while he kept fucking me. “OH fuck, this is the best sex I’ve ever had ever” I thought.

The black dom didn’t squirt yet, and withdrew. I started moaning “oh please don’t stop, fuck my slutty hole.”

The black dom laughing said “oh baby I’m going to fuck your hole, don’t you worry about that!”

He then turned me over so I was on my knees, my head flat on the bed. Oh crap, I knew what this meant from my last guy as he rammed his soaking wet cock into my ass.

“AHHHHHHHHHH” I shouted as the pain was incredible, and yet I started orgasming again as he pumped his cock in my butt hole like a piston. He rubbed my clit and fucked my ass with a wreckless abandon.

I’ve never had some many orgasms in my life. My body was numb as I just kept spasming and I was completely drunk.

Finally he squirted his warm cum in my ass. Oh it felt so good, I thought.

With the cum dripping out my ass, my black dom master fingered some of it, and fed it to my mouth. It was gross, but I sucked it eagerly.

Grabbing my hair, my black dom master, turned me around so I was facing him. He pulled my head up slightly and stuck his filthy cock in my mouth.

“OK bitch, now clean off my dick.”

Oh crap, he had shit, cum, semen, everything on his cock. I tried to not suck, but he forced his cock in my mouth and started to pinch my nipples hard till I started sucking like a baby.

I got him nice and cleaned up, sucking like a popsicle. Oh god, how degraded I’ve become.

I was delirious. Between the booze, the humiliation, and the spasms, he easily pushed me backwards. My wonderful black dom master than uncuffed me, leaving me on the bed in a fetal position unable to move.

My black dom then packed up his stuff threw $300 on my body and left. I just laid there on the bed unable to move.

A few minutes later, my tormentor came in laughing. Heh, I was watching you on the spy cam’s.

“Looks like you had a great time bitch. You should be thanking me.”

I could kind of see him in my blurry vision. I tried getting up, but couldn’t. I was too drunk. I vaguely saw him pull out his erect cock. He then pulled me towards him, and fucked my pussy hard. I was so inebriated I could barely feel him in me, but my body must have as I could feel my body bucking against his cock. I couldn’t believe it, my tormentor, the person I hated, squirted his load in me and I loved it. I kept bucking even though he withdrew from my pussy, laughing the entire time.

My tormentor said he needed to check out so he slid my panties and bra on, and got me dressed. He took the money and put in my purse. He carried me over his shoulder to my car, and dropped me in. I was still too delirious to move, I just sat there for an hour. I can’t believe I’m a whore now, I thought to myself.

Looking at my watch I realized I only had 30 minutes to get back to my customer in the office.

Fortunately, I didn’t get pulled over for DUI. But I was still plastered.

My potential customer was waiting at the door, and I got out of my BMW, staggering across the parking lot, the wind blew up my skirt a few times, showing off my garter/nylons and panty.

He applauded “nice show babe. You really know how to please a customer.”

I was so embarrassed. I’ve never done anything like this.

We then went into my office, and I bent over again and got the forms.

“Man, you do put on a lovely show babe” the customer said.

I laughed “I aim to please!” I said slurring my words.

The customer said “if you want me to sign this agreement, you’ll have to bend over your desk, and I’ll sign it on your back.”

Oh fuck I thought. What the hell. He’s already seen my goodies.

So, I bent over, with my elbows on the table. He put the papers on my back. Then lifted up my skirt and pulled my panty down.

“Hey, I though you were going to sign” I said slurring my words.

He said “well baby you told me you had an emergency, and obviously you got laid by your boyfriend, so what’s one more huh?”

Then he spanked me, yelling at me for making him wait. Then he pulled out his hard cock and fucked my pussy.

OH, that felt so good. Finally pussy fucking.

I moaned and enjoyed every second of him fucking my pussy hole. I was in heaven as he started pinching my nipples and fucking my pussy like a stallion.

Finally, he squirted his load as my pussy spasmed.

He then signed the agreement, spanked me again, and laughing said “oh this is going to be fun house hunting with you baby.”

Finally, he left, leaving me laying on my desk, with my panty at my ankles and skirt on my back. I stood like that for a while, then sat down. Sitting down finally, I started fingering myself, how helpless I was, and the evil, sadistic sex I had. Crap! I’m cumming again, as I orgasmed with me fingering myself. I can’t believe a dominant woman like myself is being treated like a submissive little whore, and I’m LOVING IT!

I started thinking about the next client. Oh my, what evil things does this guy have planned. OH GOD, CUMMING AGAIN… ahhhhhhhhh.


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    Well, the stupid slut wanted it rough. The next client could be even more kinky and violent perhaps? Let’s hope so!!