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It’s 1955 and britney the insurance secretary fucks her very first black guy at her desk

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Britney doesn’t care about segregation or racism as long as she gets her big black cock stuffed into her white pussy .

It was a Friday morning in 1955, Britney an insurance secretary was getting dressed for work . She
put on her silk, pink, lace trim panties and her bullet bra. That held her 34 DD tits in place as it also lifted and pushed them out. Then she wiggled into her open bottom girdle and zipped it up snug from the side zipper giving her that hour glass figure .Then she put her back seamed tan stockings on by rolling them up her very sexy legs , making sure that the back seams are very straight as she attaches the top of her stockings to the 4 garter straps that are on each side of her girdle . Britney ran her hands up and down her legs, smoothing out the wrinkles in her stockings and checking for any runs , pleased how they looked and felt .She then put on her black polished 3 inch heel Anna pumps .Then she put on her white slip with lace edging over her girdle over , and finally her black with white polka dotted swing dress with a wide red waist belt .The dress flowed nicely and is very comfortable to sit in all day at her desk, while she’s typing up insurance claims .She attached her red hair bow on top of her long black hair and put on her white gloves and went to work. Britney works for the Logan Insurance Company on the 14th floor .

Britney walked into the lobby of the insurance company and went over and rang for the elevator , the doors opened up by the same guy, every working day for the last 15 years , long before Britney was hired .He wasn’t a white guy, but he caught Britney’s eye , he was an older bald headed black guy with warm brown eyes and the thickest and softest looking lips she ever seen .He’s wearing the uniform of the insurance company and he looked quite handsome . His black shoes were highly polished and shining and his black pants were well tailored and crisp and pressed to perfection. His white shirt brought out his beautiful black skin as his bow tie brought Britney’s eyes to his very broad shoulders .

“Excuse me Miss”! He politely asked . As Britney stepped into the elevator . “What floor”?

“The 14th please”! she said as she watched his big black hand closed the door . Britney looked around and noticed that she was all alone with him in the elevator and if she was going to be bold this was the time .

“Excuse me sir”? “What is your name”? Britney asked in a very soft and timid voice .

“It’s George Miss”!! He responded with out looking at her .

“I’m Britney and are you married”? she asked .

“No Miss Britney I haven’t found a lady yet that wants to marry me”!! as he looked at her and asked ,

“How about yourself Miss Britney are you married”?

Britney responded in a very soft and shy voice , “No mister George”!! “I do not have a man in my life”!!

The elevator stopped at Britney’s floor but before Mister George opened them , Britney put her hand on his left forearm and asked , “Please won’t you come up to my desk at 12:00 noon and see me”?

“All the bosses and workers will be going out for lunch the entire hour and you’ll see them leave”!!

“Please come and see me when their all gone”??

At this point Britney is about to cross that bridge of racial segregation and the forbidden taboo, of a black man going out with a white lady and having sex , and she knows that Mister George most likely will be fired for having sexual relations at work with a white woman employee , and she’ll most likely be shunned by her fellow female coworker’s and probably loose her job also .

With a big smile on his face he whispered , “I’ll see you at 12:00 noon Miss Britney”!!

Britney released his arm as he opened the elevator doors and she stepped out onto the busy office floor and walked, as her heels made that distinctive click clack sound. While the men looked up and watched her wiggle and sway her ass, while she walked in her back seamed stockings and 3 inch heels as she got to her desk .Britney kept watching the clock all morning , that seemed like eternity, then finally she looked up from her desk and saw it was 12:00 noon and it’s lunch time . She watched as the last two men got into the elevator , she caught George’s eye and her pulse sped – up .

As Britney waited for Mister George, her silk, pink panties were wet as she thought of him all morning not getting to much of her work done, so she got up from her desk chair and walked around her heavy wooden desk and sat down on the edge of it, partially revealing the tops of her nylon stockings and garter straps while waiting for him, as she ran her hands up her legs smoothing out any wrinkles and making sure the back seams of her nylon stockings are straight in the back of her legs and looking in her make up mirror and applying some ruby red lipstick to her luscious lips.

Suddenly the doors of the elevator opened for an instant and they looked at each other , both being quite unsure if they really should cross the boundary line of color . Britney’s mouth was dry and she was also nervous as she took her finger and motioned him to come to her .

George’s legs were shaky as he responded to Britney’s sultry sitting pose, as the hem of her dress is riding up and exposing her garter straps and the tops of her tan nylon stockings , he realized that there was no going back now and he felt his old black cock grow and getting hard by looking at Britney sitting very seductively on her desk .He came over and stood before her at a respectable distance .

“Miss Britney” he said as he walked up to her as his eyes locked onto hers in a steady gaze . This gave her the courage as she placed her arm back on his arm .

“George”? “For the next hour it’s just the two of us here alone”! “I want us to be equal in this moment”!!

Britney let go of his arm as he unbuttoned his white uniform shirt and took it off revealing his well toned black chest and black specks of chest hair that Britney desperately wanted to run her well manicured long fingernails through , he took a step forward until he was close enough to her that she could feel his body hairs and his well toned chest .

Britney closed her eyes and opened her red lips and tilted her head towards him as he leaned into her and as their lips locked together it was like being struck by lighting .George felt his big black cock grow inside his pants , straining towards Britney who had chosen him to be her black lover .

As he moved closer , he pressed against her body and she felt his hardon against her hip .Their lips locked into a passionate kiss as his hands came around her and held her by her waist .

“Oh god I want you”!! Britney said in her seductive and lusty voice

George’s thick lips pressed against hers once more, before he began to kiss and lick along the side of her neck and ear. “Then I will bring you pleasure”!!! he said to Britney in a growling voice into her ear .

The growling and the heat off his breath caused Britney’s pussy to leak into the silky fabric of her pink panties between her legs .

Britney gasped as George pressed his full black 8 inch cock against her , she positioned her ass onto her desk with her stocking covered legs spread wide to accommodate George’s body . His hands found their way just below the hem of her dress and he starts feeling and massaging her stockings as they feel very sexy and smooth on Britney’s legs .She can feel his callouses on his warm hands as he continued to feel her legs up causing her pussy to get much wetter .

George the gentleman that he is, looked at Britney and asked , “May I push up your dress”?

Britney looked at him with her sexy and sultry eyes and nodded , little by little George slid his hands up her nylon stocking covered legs, the hem of her swing dress rose up alongside his black hands that are moving up her stockings .While his hands slid past the tops of her stockings , he felt the lower part of her girdle and her wet silk pink panties and the numerous garter straps that are holding up her nylon stockings .

Britney let out a very loud gasp and , “OH MY GOODNESS”!!!! as his hand touched her in her very intimate place that no black man ever touched before .

George started rubbing and pressing his two black thick fingers against the very wet, pink, silk fabric of Britney’s panties as she gasped out again , “OOH MY GOD”!!!

He increased the pressure on his fingers over the thin fabric that’s covering her white, shaven, pink pussy, In response she arched her back and her hips and began rocking against his hand .

With his free hand , George undid his pants and stepped out of them , only leaving his black briefs on as his big black 8 inch cock is fully erect , and is sticking out of the opening of his briefs .

“Miss Britney I’m going to help you down of your desk”!! As his cock stiffened even harder in response to her kitten like growl of displeasure .

“It’s just for a moment so I can lift up your dress and slip and move your pink panties to the side of your pussy .As he lifted up her black and white polka dotted, flowing swing dress and slip. He saw her sexy girdle with her attached back seamed, tan, nylon stockings, constricting her hour glass figure .He was able to pull her wet silk panties out from the bottom of her girdle .Then he picked Britney up and placed her back on her desk and lifted up both of her back seamed stocking covered legs with her black 3 inch Anna pumps and placed them up onto his black shoulders while his black cock is dribbling precum all over her tan stockings .

As Britney is looking down with her eyes wide open ,she started to whimper ,when she saw George positioned his domed shaped black cockhead inside the bottom of her girdle at the entrance of her very wet, pink pussy lips and grabbed both sides of her girdle covered hips and pushed his black cock into her tight, white pussy as she moaned and yelped out , “OOH MY GOODNESS”!! “I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M LETTING A BLACK MAN


Britney watched his big black wide cock disappear inside her girdle and George kept pushing his cock as it stretched her tight pussy beyond its limits as she kept hitting him on his chest telling him to stop it’s to big , “OH GOD PLEASE GEORGE”!! “TAKE IT OUT”! “IT FEELS LIKE YOUR TEARING ME”!!

At this point George didn’t listen to Britney , as he looks down at her while he’s fucking her, all he sees is every black guys dream fuck, of a very attractive young white lady wearing a sexy body constricting girdle with sexy back seamed tan nylon stockings and her black 3 inch heels now being fucked by him a black man, on her own work desk .

George gripped Britney’s girdled hips very tight and began a very punishing rhythm of hard and fast thrusting fucks as her desk is moving and banging, and the entire office smells like sex .

As he keeps fucking her non-stop, her heavy breathing and panting turned into whimpers as her pussy constricted tightly around his black cock and orgasmed and squirted all over his black cock and balls as she yelled out , “DON’T YOU FUCKING STOP NOW”!!! “OH GOD I’M CUMMING GEORGE”!!!

As Britney is squirting and cumming all over him and her desk , she looks up at the black guy that’s banging and fucking the hell out of her, And she can see both of her stocking covered legs and heels rocking and swaying back and fourth violently from George’s continued hard thrusting fucks, as she keeps on squealing out , “OHHH”! “OH GOD WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME”!! “I’M CUMMING”!!




George knew his hour with this attractive young lady was almost up, and he was very close to blowing his load , so he regripped his hands around Britney’s girdled hourglass shaped waist, and thrusted and buried his 8 inch cock deep into her pussy, again and again as the loud slapping sound of his low hanging black balls against her girdled ass cheeks echoed throughout the entire floor of Britney’s Insurance office .

As she kept squealing and whimpering out, “OH GOD YES”!! “OH GOD”! “OH MY GOODNESS”! “OH MY”!




Geore paid no attention to Britney ,for the last few minutes she was his beautiful white, trophy, fuck toy, lying on top of her desk with immaculate long black hair with her red bow and her make up , her dress is so professional and proper as it’s hiked up while her pussy is getting pounded by the black elevator man’s cock .

Britney’s pleas for him to pull out went unheard as she felt his cock twitch and throb , George grunted like an animal, as he shot multiple thick streams of his fertile African baby making seed into Britney’s white pussy as he kissed and licked her tan nylon stocking legs up and down each of her perfumed Chanel #5 smelling legs. Then he collapsed on top of her, kissing her as she was worried that he impregnated her .

George held and cuddled with her saying that he will take full responsibility if she’s pregnant , Britney just hugged him really tight saying , “Thank you George”!!

Britney happened to look up at the clock and said , “OH FUCK”!! “LUNCH TIME IS OVER”!! “THEY’LL BE


George quickly got up so he wouldn’t get caught being on top and fucking a white woman , he also put his pants back on and helped her clean all the cum up with Kleenex . He put on his tie as the bell for the elevator rang , Britney quickly leaned and gave him her wet, silk, pink panties to take home with him, and she gave him a kiss saying , “I’ll expect you here at 12:00 noon everyday George”!!

He smiled and winked at Britney as the elevator doors opened and all of Britney’s coworkers came in and sat at their desks and went to work. As George stepped into the elevator and disappeared. Britney had to put a womans pad on her pussy, to stop George’s sperm from leaking out all over her dress and chair , she also cleaned some of his sperm off her stockings . She went to the ladies room and fixed herself and came back and started typing with a smile knowing she fucked her very first black guy and he wouldn’t be the last, as long she’s not knocked up by him .


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  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Well Britney I just looked at your story again and yes I destroyed my pussy again, 🌹🌹🌹your stories and often read them twice, love Emma from Aus.

  • Reply Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

    Such an wonderful story Britney. I love how you are so detailed in them especially with how you are dressed and how you describe the actions. Once again had me thinking of my wife being it your situation. Keep up the excellent writing. Slim56

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Thank you Slim ! That’s my writing style, paying attention to details it makes my stories very erotic and the reader will most likely cum for me ! I just started one of your stories with your wife ! love Britney

    • Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

      Can’t wait to read the new one. Slim56

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    Very early in the morning (4am) and here I’am reading your lovely horny story slowly fucking myself with my dildo and you made me squirt, loved it. Love you 💗💓🌹🌹🌹Britney. Emma.H From Australia.

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Thank you so much Emma !!!!!! l love making my Aussie mommy cum !!! love Britney !!!!!!! I love you to Emma !!!!!!

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    Another great story full of detail and sex. Another master stroke from the Queen of Spades xx

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Thank you DA !! My big black daddy !!!!! Love your (QUEEN OF SPADES) Britney