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Amy Tale/s – Limp Dick Syndrome

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…I let myself squirt, and I shot Paige in the face and breasts. Paige screamed AWWWW! And jumped around shaking her hands and stomping her feet…

Jim and Ethan’s big black cocks feel amazing when they are hard in your pussy. After their first ejaculation, it takes greater effort to get them hard again. Maybe bigger dicks require more blood or something? I would give them some of Ken’s dick hardening pills on occasions when I wanted them to service a group. Ken and Greg popped dick pills like it was a drug so they could pound each other and guys in the asshole, so they were always around.

I started calling and sending Rasaun texts, and I was wanting him to come to my apartment (Rasaun is the cute 19-year-old black boy I met in the store). He wouldn’t do it; he was scared his girlfriend would find out. I wanted my girls to play with Rasaun because he was cute, and had a thick 8” cock, which is still a big cock, and most of my girls could not handle Ethan and barely handle Jim’s 10” cock. Greg’s average thickness 9” cock was more than some of them were comfortable with. When I saw Rasaun’s cock size at first it was a little disappointing, but I began to want him for my reverse harem.

I assured Rasaun his girlfriend would not find out, and that we would not tell on him. He told me that I did not understand his girlfriend. When Rasaun was a high school sophomore he started dating his current girlfriend who was a junior. I have never seen his girlfriend, but I know she is white, and Rasaun says she is pretty, but she is a big girl, and she beat up two girls in high school that hit on Rasaun. Rasaun had only slept with two other girls before dating his current girlfriend (Alyson). Rasaun’s former sex encounters were your variety sex in a back seat or behind the bleachers type encounters.

Apparently, Alyson pussy whipped Rasaun, and if any other girls went near him during her junior/senior years, she would threaten to kill them. Alyson graduated a year ahead of Rasaun, but she kept close tabs on him as they continued to date. Rasaun was not just scared Alyson would find out and dump him, but he was fearing for my life as well. Rasaun shared more details about Alyson’s intimidation tactics, and how she pulverized a black girl and another white girl over Rasaun in high school, and I was a little scared.

It was worth the risk, and I kept hounding Rasaun to come over one night when he could spend the night. Finally, there was a Friday that he could, and Alyson was out of town visiting family. He arrived and Clair, Paige, Courtney, and Aliya were here, and they saw how cute and fit Rasaun was (he played football, basketball, and baseball in high school). Rasaun is 19, and graduated last year, so he was still young and fit. Paige and Courtney had Rasaun’s shirt off before he could sit his bag down, and they were rubbing his chest, and I noticed he had taken my advice and removed that little patch of hair.

Rasaun was cute, and Paige and Courtney were kissing him and rubbing his chest. I grabbed Rasaun by the hand and said, I found him, I go first. I led Rasaun to the shower and we undressed. In the shower I rubbed both my hands up the inside of his thighs and cupped his balls, and rubbed up his dick shaft, tight stomach, muscly chest, and over his broad shoulders and onto his back. I leaned my breasts against his chest and rubbed my trim white hairy pussy against his black balls. I said, I am glad you got rid of that hair, you feel so smooth now baby boy, and I kissed him.

His dick was hard, and I knelt and sucked it, and lick the hell out of his smooth balls, and I jacked and sucked, and he ejaculated in my mouth, and I swallowed his cum. I stood and kissed him as I used my hand to milk the remaining cum out of his dick. Rasaun was shaking in excitement. I said, I hope you can get it up again, because there are four more girls wanting to fuck you. I washed him and myself, and we got out and the girls took him to the bed while I dried my hair. I was not surprised to find him in missionary with Courtney. Her body is so hot, that a man wants to stick a cock in her just to be in between her curvy hips, and her ample thighs, and stare at her lovely hairy pussy as his cock goes in and out of it. Her hairy pussy is so pretty, any guy would think his cock was entering heaven.

Paige appeared to be next, and she was straddling Courtney’s face as Courtney at her pussy. Clair and Aliya had locked up on each other and were eating each other’s pussy. Rasaun was short stroking Courtney, and I walked up behind him and rubbed his tight ass and back, and he got off in Courtney’s pussy, and I rubbed his balls as I pressed my breasts on his back. Paige pulled Rasaun down and started sucking his cock, and Courtney helped. Ten minutes later he was rock hard again. Rasaun did not suffer from limp dick syndrome.

Paige reverse cowgirled Rasaun, but she laid back and he held her waist as she propped on her hands and feet. Sometimes Paige and Rasaun would stop going up and down or thrusting and Courtney would suck and agitate Paige’s clit for a bit, and they would start again. They repeated this until Paige orgasmed fucking Rasaun’s cock, and it looked like it felt really good to Paige. Over the next two hours Rasaun went through a fuck, suck, and repeat phase until he had fucked Courtney, Paige, Clair, and Aliya. We took a break and ate, and we all walked around naked, even Rasaun.

Ken was staying with Greg tonight, and I think Eric and Troy were with them playing video games, and probably gay fucking. I knew no one was going to disturb us. We went back to the bedroom and I sucked Rasaun, and he got hard quick. Because Rasaun was a little bigger than my ex-husband, and he was also uncircumcised, I began calling Rasaun eight two five meaning his thick 8.25” cock was a ¼” longer than my ex. There is something different about your hand going up and down on an uncircumcised cock. I liked watching the foreskin move over the head, and I like sucking and playing with the foreskin in my mouth too. It is difficult to play with the foreskin in your mouth after they are hard.

Overtime my nickname for Rasaun was picked up on by my girlfriends and they called him eight two until they abbreviated it to A2. Anyway, Rasaun was hard again, and I wanted to try the position Paige fucked him in. So, I reverse cowgirled his cock and propped on my hands and feet while Rasaun helped hold me up by my waist. I am not as young as Paige, and if Rasaun was not holding me this would be difficult. Paige ate my pussy and guided Rasaun’s cock into it, and I moved my hips up and down and when we were in sync, Rasaun thrusted up and down into my pussy.

It felt amazing, and at this angle, Rasaun’s cock was rubbing my “G” spot hard inside the top of my pussy wall. I would rest and Paige would eat my pussy with Rasaun’s cock inside me. After 4 or 5 stop and goes with in between clit stimulation by Paige, I knew I could get off. Rasaun was hard, and he was pounding my “G” spot with his cock and I moved my hips faster, and I orgasmed. I let myself squirt, and I shot Paige in the face and breasts. Paige screamed AWWWW! And jumped around shaking her hands and stomping her feet like it startled and grossed her out. Paige said, how did you do that? It was fucking amazing! I said, I don’t know? I did it about two years ago for the first time, and now if I focus on it, I can just do it with “G” spot stimulation. Paige said, teach me how to do that, as she wiped herself with a towel? I said, I can’t, you just need to do it once and then you will know how it feels and how to let it happen.

Paige asked, does it feel good? I said, it’s not much different than an orgasm. You can feel the flow of fluid, and there is a little more tremor in your thighs, but it is only very slightly better than an orgasm. Paige was smelling the towel and she said, it hardly smells like pee. I said, its mixed but mostly some other fluid. Paige made Courtney lick some of it from in between Paige’s breasts. Courtney said it mostly had no taste but maybe sweet with some salt. Paige wanted to master squirting, and I told her to practice with the “G” spot vibrator. We will see what happens.

Rasaun could easily become our little boy toy, and there was more fun to be had with his 8.25” black cock than with the bigger ones. However, I didn’t want to wait for his girlfriend to go out of town once in a blue moon to enjoy Rasaun. Either they needed to break up, or she was going to have to accept me and my desires.

Rasaun spent the night and we all slept naked, and I held him mostly with others rubbing up against him too. We fucked some more Saturday morning and then Rasaun left fearing his girlfriend’s return. I can’t wait to tell Janet I have a new play toy…

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  • Reply Anonymous

    Who are you and why and how do you post so much?

    • Maxdefault

      Amy, these are my Amy Tale/s. There are about 40 of them to go and they will be done, so I am sorry for posting so much. They happened over a four-year period, and more than a year and half ago they began as emails between me and Janet and her husband Max. I explained this to someone else in a comment, but when I started posting we had been trying to compile them for six months into a format to share. I had help editing them, and with some of the colorful language from mostly Max.