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Isabela and courtney’s prom night with johannas and ted goes as planned except for isabela

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Britney plays the sexy hot Isabela as she gets her sexy pouty ass fucked unexpectedly by Ted .

My name is Isabela and I’m Courtney’s best friend , and I’m also Spanish and our prom is tonight so I’m waiting for Teddy to pick me up . He plays on our high school football team and is also good friends with Johannas , Courtney’s boyfriend .

I’m wearing a pink gown with a very provocative and sexy side slit on my right side that goes up to my upper thigh , so when I sit down next to my Teddy he has access to my upper thighs and pussy to feel me up and finger bang me at the party table . I’m also wearing suntan pantyhose and pink high heels .

My mom called up to me and said Ted is here , as I went downstairs , I saw him in the parlor and he was wearing one of those baggy pinstripe suits with the watch chain hanging down and a skimmer hat that the gangsters wore in the 1930’s . He was absolutely handsome .He took my hand and escorted me out of my house as I said good bye to my mom and dad .

Teddy opened the door of his muscle car and helped me in , his car is a 1971 purple , dodge challenger , that is in mint state condition , and now we’re on our way to our prom party .

We just walked in and now we are in line waiting to have our picture taken , I heard my name being called out , “Isabela”! “Isabela”! “hey Izzy”!! As I looked across the room , I saw Courtney and Johanna waving at me and Ted .

“We’re sitting at the same table so when your done with your pictures come on over”! Courtney yelled .

“Okay”! we will”! I yelled back .

As I walked up to our table Courtney and I hugged each other as I sat next to her , she quickly noticed my leg showing through the slit of my gown and said , “Oh my god Isabela”!!! “that is so sexy”! what happened to the old fashioned catholic girl that I know”?

“Well ever since that I’ve been going out with Ted”! “he wants me wearing a lot more sexy short dresses and skirts”! “but I have refused to wear them and when we have sex”! I make sure he pulls out of me before he cums in me”! “but tonight I’m going to let him cum in me and I hope he gets me pregnant”!

“Well what will your mom and dad say when the baby comes out black”? Courtney asked me .

“Oh”! “they like him a real lot and they are not racists”! “Besides most of the girls here will be pregnant by next week including you , because after the prom party , they are either going to a hotel room to fuck or the backseat of the limo or car to fuck”!! I said to Courtney with a laugh .

Ted took me by the hand and led me to the dance floor , as we were dancing to a slow song he gave me a very passionate French kiss as he put his hands on my ass and began squeezing and massaging my ass cheeks through the fabric of my prom gown as my pussy started to get wet .

After the song we went back to our table as our dinners are being served , as me and Courtney are talking , Ted was able to sneak his hand through the slit in my gown and put it against my lace panties and pantyhose where he proceeded to massage and fingerbang my pussy through the nylon fabric of my hosiery . As he’s finger banging me , I’m having a hard time listening to Courtney as my eyes start to roll up into the top of my head , I’m also trying not to moan out .

Thank god Courtney turned her attention to her guy Johannas so she wouldn’t see what Ted was doing to me .

As the prom ended Courtney gave me a hug and went off with her guy for a night of pump and dump sex as Ted took me to the Paris Hilton Hotel for a night of sex for me also .

We got into our room and as Ted is sitting on the bed I knelt down in front of him and unzipped his pants .I put my hand in and took out his beautiful big black dick and I wasted no time by going down on it , licking and sucking it like a little girl sucking her very own lollipop . Ted starts to moan while his dick is growing inside my mouth . I’m stroking the base of his 8 inch black dick up and down .

Ted is moaning out , “Oh Isabela baby your mouth feels just like a warm wet tight pussy”! “Please don’t stop baby”!!

I shook my head back and fourth no that I won’t stop sucking his dick as my head is bobbing up and down , I can taste his salty precum as picked up the pace by bobbing my head up and down faster .
I’m starting to gag and choke on his dick from his big size . I knew Ted would blow his load if I keep up the stroking and sucking so I stopped because I want him to cum into my pussy .

Ted’s lying on his back and asked me why I stopped sucking his dick off , I told him that I want him to make love to me and cum inside me . He said , “Are you sure Isabela”!! “you have never let me cum into your pussy before”!! He said .

“Teddy I want your seed in me”! “I want to have your black baby”!!

Well after hearing that he wasted no time . he got up and grabbed me and bent me over at the foot of the bed and hiked up my prom gown around my waist exposing my pink lace panties and pantyhose . He ripped off my panties as I shrieked out , “OHHH”!!!! TED”!!!

The he tore a hole in my pantyhose as my perky pouty ass cheeks exploded out of them as I shrieked out again , “OHH TEDDY YOUR SUCH AN ANIMAL”!!

He placed his dome shaped cockhead at my wet pussy entrance and stuck his dick between my pussy lips as he slowly pushed his dick in me as I’m squealing out in Spanish “OH GOD YOUR DICK IS SO BIG BABY”!!

He pushed his dick all the way into me until his big black balls are up against what’s left of my ripped pantyhose covered ass cheeks . Teddy then grabs my hips and holds them tightly and he starts banging the hell out of me , the noise that his big black balls are making slapping hard against my ass cheeks was so loud that the sound was echoing out into the large room as I squealed and moaned out in Spanish , “OOH GOD”!! “OOH GOD”!! “OHH GOD I’M CUMMING”!! “I’M CUMMING ALL OVER YOUR BLACK DICK MY LOVE”!! “OHH YES”!! “YES”!!! “DON’T YOU DARE STOP”!! “OH FUCK YEAH”!

As I felt my pussy clamp down like a vise and constricted around his big dick I climaxed all over his dick , while I’m still yelling and squealing out in Spanish , “YES BABY”!! “FUCK YOUR LITTLE SPANISH PRINCESS”!! “PLEASE”!! “I WANT YOUR BABY”!!!!!

After hearing what I just said Teddy is fucking me so hard that my big 32 DD tits fell out of the top of my prom gown and are now swaying and jiggling all over the place .

Suddenly I feel Ted’s dick twitch as he made a animal grunting sound , then as he gives me his last hard thrust , his dick blew streams after streams of his hot baby making seed deep into my uterus as I can feel it fill my pussy up . I fell forward onto the bed , Ted also fell onto me as the both of us are now exhausted and that I’m now very happy that Ted has impregnated me .

Ted starts kissing the back of my neck as I’m giggling , then he tells me that he wants to fuck me up my ass . I quickly and sternly told him no . Ted didn’t take no for an answer so as I struggled with him telling him , “NO TED I HAVE NEVER BEEN FUCKED IN MY ASS AND I’M NOT ABOUT TO START NOW”!!

Well Ted didn’t listen to my pleas and put his still erect black cockhead in between the crack of my ass and started pushing and working his cum covered dick into my ass , as I’m yelling out , “NO TED PLEASE DON’T FUCK MY ASS BABY”!!

With a quick thrust Ted was able to break through my sphincter , dilating it and popping my pink ass cherry as he sank his dick all the way into my bowels as I screamed out in pain in Spanish , OH JESUS MARY AND JOSEPH”!!! “TAKE IT OUT”!!! “IT FUCKING HURTS”!!! “IT FUCKING HURTS BAD”!!! “TED PLEASE TAKE IT OUT”!!!!!!!

Well as I’m screaming Ted ignores my screaming and starts fucking my ass , I’m in the prone bone position as he’s on top of me his hands are underneath the front of my hips and he’s pulling my hips up closer so his dick can go a lot deeper into my ass .

Ted just covered my mouth with one of his hands to muffle my screams while he thrusting back and fourth on top of me while I’m screaming and shaking my head no .

He says , “Isabela baby your ass feels so damn sexy and it’s all mine”!! As I kept shaking my head no .

Suddenly with out any warning Teddy blew his sperm load deep into my bowels as I screamed out , “OH MY GOD”!!! “IT FUCKING BURNS”!! “IT FUCKING BURNS TEDDY”!! “YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE”!!!!!

After he was done filling up my ass with his sperm he fell asleep on top of me as I felt his dick shrink and plopped out of my ass , making a wettish slimy sound . I could feel his sperm come out of my but I’m afraid to look if there is blood and I won’t know until he wakes up and gets off of me in the morning .

I just woke up feeling Ted getting off of me as I also got up and as I looked down I saw a lot of his sperm mixed with my blood has leaked into the front of my pantyhose and into my prom gown but thank god there was no poop . My bleeding from my ass has stopped and as I got up I went up to Ted and slapped him hard across his face yelling out , “HOW DARE YOU FUCK MY ASS TED WHEN I STRICTLY TOLD YOU NO”!!!!!!

Ted got all luvy duvy with me and apologized saying , “Isabela baby I’m so sorry my little Spanish flower as he kissed and held me while I just melted into his arms saying ,”I forgive you my black stud”!!

We got into his car and left for home as I’m wondering how Courtney made out last night with Johannas and if she got pregnant last night , and I’m also wondering if she ever has been ass fucked like I was last night . I’m now rubbing my tummy with a smile knowing that I’m now carrying Ted’s baby !!


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  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    Courtney just to let you know that I’m writing a story from Isabela’s view as Camila come’s over at night to visit Isabela after a couple of weeks after that wonderful prom night, when the both girls are seeded . Britney

    • Courtney ID:1dakui1jeltt

      I plan on releasing my next story tomorrow just so you know, I’ll look forward to yours as well.

  • Reply Courtney ID:16l8tmzefpxt

    Britney I’ve only been fucked in my ass once. My husband wanted to try it and I’ve always been willing to experiment with him in bed so we tried it but neither of us enjoyed it much. He says my mouth and pussy feel much better on his cock and I didn’t enjoy the feel back there so we don’t do it anymore. Another erotic story that I enjoyed very much. I left this perspective open for you for just this story, but remember, in these stories to call me Camila.

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Oh my god !! I’m so sorry Courtney I totally forgot !!!! On the issue of being fucked in my ass , I totally agree with you ! I tried it once but didn’t like the feeling ! Thank you but all the credit of this story goes to you Camila !!! Britney

    • Courtney ID:16l8tmzefpxt

      I’m just glad my husband didn’t enjoy it either. I’ll always be ready to give him my pussy whenever he wants though, he put 4 babies in me already and we fuck like rabbits all the time.

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      I’d love to know if you would consider of having Camila and Isabela get fucked by Johannas and Teddy at a private beach in our bikinis ? Britney

  • Reply Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

    Another great story Britney. You and Courtney work well together. Keep it up the story just gets better every time.

    • BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

      Thanks Slim56 .