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My Teacher Used Me

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It happened after my other stories.
I was in school talking to my friends and just having a good time, when I got a notification on my phone. It was a message from my sister, for some reason she was asking for nudes. So I went to the toilet and clicked some dick pics but I accidently sent them to my biology teacher instead of my sister. I tried to delete them but it was too late, the photos were already delivered. I was scared what she was going to do.
An hour later, we had our biology class, Ms. Eva came to our class, told the students to read the chapter that she was about to teach. She told me to come with her to the principal’s office. Now I was very scared and started apologising on the way. To my surprise she went to the lady’s bathroom on the way and told me to come in with her. I couldn’t understand what she was thinking, she pulled me in the bathroom stall and locked the door. She was wearing a black shirt and a grey pencil skirt with black stockings and heels. She turned around and told me to unzip her skirt. BTW she was a really sexy woman, a lot of boys had a crush on her. I had even heard some rumours that she was even fucking some of the male teachers in our school. So, I unzipped her skirt and yanked it down, I saw her thick ass and kissed her butt cheeks. That slut did not even want to do some foreplay, she was just eager to have a dick in her. She bent over and told me to ream her from behind. I jerked my cock a little to make it hard and pushed it in her. She started moving back and fro. I thought of the times when she punished me and I thought of doing something back to her. I spanked her, I spanked her hard. She pulled and dick out, turned around and slapped me hard,” Do only what I say, understand?” I nodded my head yes. Now she told me to pick her up against the door and fuck her while standing. She was very busty and was a little heavy, so I struggled a little to pick her up but I did my best because I didn’t want to be slapped again. I started fucking her again. That bitch had fucked so many men, she didn’t even make a sound when I was having an 8 inch dick in her. I started being harder and was trying my best, she started being breathless and moaned my name lightly. She finally came in about 20 minutes and got dressed up. I did not cum, so I asked her if she could suck it or something. She slapped me again and said,” Shut up and go back to your class”. I got very angry and went to my class and didn’t talked to anyone. But turned out a girl heard the door thumping and Ms. Eva moaning my name, so the news was all around the school, but luckily, it didn’t reach any teachers or the management.
So I just got used for sex.
But on the bright side, I scored well in biology, girls started approaching me, and I became the popular boy who lived the fantasy of a lot of boys.
Now my sister got jealous.
Comment if you want me to write about what happened between me and my sister after this.

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  • Reply David kenya ID:mzgdgcd0k

    Part two plz

  • Reply Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4o

    The up against the wall thing doesn’t really require much heavy lifting, especially when it’s smooth painted metal like a lot of bathroom stalls. (It also helps to use the handicap stall with hand rails.) I mean, she said “Pick me up,” but when a woman wants to fuck that badly, she can help with the heavy lifting. It also helps the boy feel strong. Especially high school boys appreciate that kinda thing.

    Really hot. *****