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Groomed pt6: bad grandpa

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Coming to my grandpa for support was a big mistake.

As I was sitting on top of my grandpa and he was fingering my pussy rubbing my clit and sticking his finger in my tight little baby hole, I could feel him stretching me out and it hurt. Grandma plugged in the vibrator, which I always thought was her massager, and began teasing my clit with it pressing on my pussy then taking it off, giving me short spurts of pleasure. I was dripping all over my grandpas cock and he held me against his body while my grandma tortured me with her vibrator. I started crying. “Grandma please make him stop I’m scared!” Sobbing with tears rolling down my face my grandma said in a soft tone “ohhh poor sweetie it’s okay! This is gonna feel good you have nothing to be afraid of. Grandpa had always been excited for this moment with you. He loves you very much and I do too! He’s going to be the first one to enter your vagina and it will make him so happy. For everything grandpa and I have ever done for you, I thought you’d be happy you get to repay him this way. What better gift to give your grandfather but your virginity?! When grandpa took mine, it hurt a little but only for a few seconds, then every time after that, it felt amazing! You’ll see sweetie, you’re going to be just fine.”

Grandma kept teasing and tickling my clit making me pee a little on my grandpa, I thought it would make him mad but he just moaned with pleasure as he held my body down on him. Grandma moved the vibrator down to his cock head and started tickling him with it. “Ohhhh darling this feels amazing. See sweetie, I get ticklish too!” I looked back at him and saw him smile with his eyes closed. He was enjoying every part of this, all the while I was squirming to try to get away and he only held me tighter. “Grandpas gonna start putting his penis inside you now, okay sweetie?” Grandma said to me as she positioned his cock sticking straight up under my baby hole. I felt his cock head enter my little area and slowly insert the head in. “OWWWWW OH NO NO OW PLEASE STOP YOU CANT ITS WRONG!” Tears rolling down my face and both my grandparents ignoring my cries for help. It was going to happen no matter how hard I struggled. Grandma placed the vibrator back on my clit and turned up the vibration making me moan with pleasure while I was in pain. Grandpa cock started entering further in and now he was 1/4th of the way inside me, and he had now popped my hymen. Blood Ran down his shaft and pooled near his balls. Grandma got a towel and wiped the blood away as my grandfather kept pushing me down on his cock. I was so miserable with the pain and I was crying uncontrollably. I was no longer a virgin and my grandpa was my rapist. My grandma knelt down and got real close watching her husbands cock drive deeper inside my cunt. She put her fingers on my clit and spread my pussy lips apart, then started licking my clit. I gasped with fear and shock “grandma nooo oh my god please stop please.” It was so fucked up. Her husband was stretching my pussy with his huge cock and she wasn’t just allowing it, she joined in on his fun.

My grandfather moved my body up and down over his cock as he sat in the chair. It was like he was using me as a human fleshlight. It hurt so much I felt I would pass out as he tore my pussy, my tight baby hole open. Grandma kept watching and fingering my clit, then moving the vibrator back over me. My body was convulsing from the pain and pleasure and I just wanted it to end. Grandpa stopped for a second and repositioned his hips and thrusted himself from under me, moving faster now. I started moaning and the pain started to subside, his cock fucking me started to feel good even though the over all situation made me feel so dirty and gross. No boy is ever going to love me now.

His cock was thrusting inside me so fast and I was half passing out, half yelping from the penetration. Grandma then lifted up her dress and placed the vibrator on herself as she watched my naked body be tossed around up and down and get thrusted in by her husbands big cock. He was going faster now and let out a long moan and I could feel his cock twitching inside me followed by a warm liquid. It made my pussy twitch too. “Mmmm sweetie thank you so much for this. I just filled your pussy with my hot cum. It felt so amazing.”

I didn’t respond. I was silent, devastated and felt so sick. He picked me up off of him and laid me down on the couch spreading my legs open. He watched as a mixture of my blood and his cum leaked out of my now penetrated baby hole. I couldn’t call it that anymore, it was ruined. “Just lay there and relax sweetie, when you’re ready put your close back on and then grandma will make you a snack. Anything you want, special girl.” I stayed silent, staring at the wall, not moving or saying a word. My life was forever changed and my own grandfather had bred me. His hot cum still trickling out of me. I never wanted to come over again, but I knew I’d have to come back tomorrow… what would he do next. How was Trisha so happy about getting raped and I couldn’t be? Later that day before my dad came to pick me up, grandpa pulled me aside and gave me $50. “Go get yourself something cute at the mall sweetie, you’ve earned it!”

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  • Reply A. ID:h2f7zeynlxc

    Hope grandpa put his baby in you

    • Laura ID:1dffbrdvubsg

      Ooooh yes grandpa eat my tasty clit