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Groomed pt4: Trisha in the shed

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My uncle spent the week thinking of new ways to pleasure my pussy.

That entire week of school, Trisha didn’t talk to me. It made me so sad since we would always play at recess. We were such a team and it felt like our was forever broken. That Friday night as I was falling asleep, I was dreading the morning where I’d have to go back to grandpas and see everyone. I planned to just try to take grandmas massager and hide in the bathroom. I loved her massager and the way it made me feel that first time.

That morning, I woke up and my dad made me breakfast and drove me over to grandma and grandpas. He finally could sense something was off and tried speaking to me. “You excited to play with your cousins and uncle drew today? Drew told me you’ve been a lot of fun and super helpful this last weekend. I’m proud of you, keep it up!” I didn’t say anything, uncle drew made me promise to keep what we do our secret. Trisha’s already mad at me and I didn’t want uncle drew to be either.

My dad and I arrived around 8:30am that Saturday morning and my grandma greeted us at the door and chatted with my father for a bit while I snuck off to her room to try and grab the massager. I crept past my grandpa who liked to read in his big chair while listening to classical music and tip toed down the hallway and slowly opened my grandparents bedroom door. I lightly walked towards the drawer where I saw uncle drew take out the massager, opened the drawer and to my surprise, it wasn’t there!

“Nooo” I started to cry a little. My plan to hide and play with myself was ruined. Now I’m just gonna have to hide and that’s super boring. “Sweetie doll what do you think you’re doing?” I turned around and saw uncle drew right behind me. “Oh I was just.. uh… well… nothing I’m sorry.” I tried to push passed him and he grabbed me. “Honey stop, listen I’ve gotta talk to you.” I paused and looked up into his eyes. “I spoke with Trisha about her bad behavior and she agreed to give you some space after making you feel so bad, she wants to say she’s sorry. She’s out in the shed right now waiting for us. And I have a surprise for you in there too.” Oh my god what a relief! I get my best friend and favorite cousin back! I was so happy and started to race out of the house and down to the shed. I opened the door and what I saw shocked me!

Trisha was tied up! What? One leg was tied straight down while the other was tied to the side of the table, like she was in a L shape, dressed in her sailor costume with her pussy exposed. I took another look at her little pussy and saw something rattling inside of it. She was panting loud and enjoying herself. Her moans of pleasure were making me feel so hot and I was focused on what was happening to her. I felt Drew’s hand on me shoulder as he got down on his knees to be at my level. “We’re gonna play with Trisha today. I think she was just a little jealous and I think this will be a lot of fun for you two. Oh! Also, I brought down grandmas massager, I found a way to plug it in down here in the shed. I’m going to tie you up now and give your legs another massage, how does that sound, sweetie doll?” “Oh…uh okay.” As long as Trisha and I were together again, I was happy.

I looked over and saw my mars costume and looked up at uncle drew. “Are we playing sailor scouts again?” “Haha yes sweetie, I’m still the villain that’s going to do stuff to you, and In here, you can even play along out loud.” I put on my costume and removed my panties entirely. Uncle drew tied me up tight and right next to Trisha, spreading my legs in an L shape that was in the opposite direction as her. Trisha was moaning loudly as whatever was inside her young 10 year old pussy was vibrating inside of her. I didn’t even know how it could fit, my hole was still unbroken and the thought of putting anything up there made me uncomfortable. I didn’t know much about it, but I knew I wasn’t supposed to put things inside there, in fact I shouldn’t be doing any of what uncle Drew’s been doing. If I had never told him about Peter, would this even of ever happened?

“You bad man, what are you going to do to me!?” I said like I was playing scouts. Uncle Drew’s face grinned in a way that scared me. I could tell he was about to do something really bad to me. “Uh uncle drew I don’t think I want to play today.” “Nonsense, now be quiet sailor mars, I’m going to vibrate your little pussy and make your baby button happy!” Trisha bound legs were shaking and I looked over at her spraying, did she just pee? Yuck! She was moaning super loud like she had just gotten the feeling I got from her dad’s cock head and grandmas massager. It looked so intense and fun. I heard grandmas massager turn on and looked down at uncle drew walking towards me. Oh no it’s about to begin… something bad.

Uncle drew moved the buzzing massager up and down my legs, over my belly and finally down to my clit “uuuuUHHHH AH AH OHHHH” the pleasure was instant and I could feel my little girl clit start to feel that nice warm feeling. “Oh uncle drew uh uh pl- please stop! Ah ah ah oh my god OHHHH OH OHHH MY AH OHHH MY GOD UNCLE DREW!” He was moving the massager in circles over my pussy making the vibrations even more intense. I saw Trisha watching me and she was smiling, now we’re all playing together and she seemed happy now that someone else was getting played with like she gets. It’s like she loved watching how the massager was making me feel. “Ooooooh please make it stop I’m about to- ah ah ah AH AHHHH UHHHHH” I could feel the vibrations building as it tickled my clit, making my button go crazy. I was squirming and breathing hard as my little girl pussy and clit was experiencing intense pleasure. “Please! My button! it’s tickling it too hard! Ah ah ahhhhhh please stop! I don’t want to orgasm please!” Drew made an evil laugh as he watched me squirm still in character as the villain who had just conquered the sailor scouts and humiliated them. My clit was about to orgasm I could feel the warmth building as the vibrations tickled my pussy. “Oh sweetie doll you’re so close! Remember, don’t fight it or it will last longer! And it’s gonna be lunch time soon.” I listened to uncle Drew and relaxed myself and allowed the orgasm to come. “Oh oh ah ahhhh yes I’m orgasming yes yes yessssss ahhhhhh oh oh oh” Drew waited a few seconds before turning the massager off. It was over. Finally. Unle drew untied Trisha and I. As Trisha sat up, I was still laying down feeling ashamed I just came in front of her, she leaned over me and smiled, then gave me a long soft kiss on the lips, then moved down to my baby parts and kissed those lips too. “See you at lunch sweetie! I’m sorry for being mad at you, but now we can all play together!”
It was nice to have my best friend and cousin back.

Now, playing scouts would never be like before.

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