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First gay group fuck

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First.gay.group fuck I bottomed 4 tops inehcih I take all the guys cock bareback

So my freind who has fucked me a couple of times invited me round to his house, said there will.be a couple of other guys there. I arrived and my freind answered the door in just his pants telling.me the other guys are up stairs.

I follow him up to his bedroom and greeted by 4 other guys one of which was also a bottom, so I strip my cloths off, and make my way to the bed when one guy takes my hard cock in his mouth sucking me making me horny, then I get a hard 7inch cock stored in my face which I happily open my mouth and suck on.

The guy sucking me stops and turns me around so he can rim my arsehole I feel a tongue pocking into my hole preparing my arse for what is about to happen. While one guy is rimming.me I have another cock in my hand 9inch and one in my mouth 7inch. I feel some lube getting spread on my arse and the tip of a cock 6.5inch pushing into me slowly.
Slowly the cock is penatrating me until he is all.the way in I hear him say ” wow this is a nice tight arse” someone then hands me a bottle of poppers for me to take a hit of, I take two long hits and the effects are instant, making me instantly hornier then what I already was, the gy with his cock inme starts fuckinh my arse gripping my hips and pounding balls deep into me.

While he is fucking.me as deep as he can the other bottom is getting fucked by another 7 inch top. He is moaning like a.woman. I’ve know got one cock filling my arse one in my mouth and one in my hand, every so often someone hands me the little brown bottle of poppers just to ensure I stay ams horny as possible.

The guy fucking me is behind me fucking me.in doggy position and he sound like he’s in heaven “arrggh mmmm fuck yes, you feel great” he says pounding my arse like it’s the last one he will ever get. I’m swapping between the two cocks I have taking one in my mouth while wanking the other. When the guy fucking me speeds up and say I’m going to cum, one of the other guys says creampie him and the one last thrust he pushes deep I to me and I hear AAARRGHHH FUCK YES as he breeds me planting his seed deep in my butt. He then slowly pulls out of.me and without changing position I feel a tongue enter my arsehole licking the fresh cum which had just been planted inside me.

Then the 9inch guy says I want a go as I’m close to cumming he get behind me and using cum as lube he pushes his big.cock into me and fuck it feel amazing having something that big inside me, filling me up, he pushes me onto my front and pushes all 9inchs in to stretching my arse wide, he starts to fuck my arse his big balls slapping against mine as he pushes deep into me and then pulling out so just the head of his cock is left in me one of the other guys kneels in front me me and I suck on his cock taking as much down my throat as I can, I’m sucking one cock while taking the biggest cock I’ve ever taken in my arse using another guys cum for lube, the guy fucking me shouts ‘Iam going to bred this arse, fuck I’m cumming ” he pushes deep I to me and I feel him shoot a hugh load into me, as he cums the guy I’m sucking holds my head and he shoots his load into my mouth in which I swallow all he salty glop, I also lick around his knob making sure I get it all.
9incher slowly pull out of me giving my arse a ltle love.slap at he same time, then in less the a second on him pulling out another guy ( the one who was fuckig the other bottom) rams his 8inch cock balls deep into me and slowly fucks me, as he is fucking me one of the other guys puts his head between our.legs and licks up the leaking cum that is leaking from me while I’m being fucked. 8icnher can’t handle my arse and a tongue he pulls out and shoots his thick stringy cum over my arse and the other guys face, I then feel someone eating my arse again licking up any remaining cum.

We all then take a break wash ourselves for me to then take cock after cock for the next couple of hours, the tops would fuck the other bottom and then when I didn’t have anyone inside of me they would then stop with him to get in me again breeding me eating the cum to then plant more inside me.

Once they had all cum at least twice most of it in me, it was time for me.to cum the other bottom took my cok in his mouth and sucked me.deep again poppers where haded to me I feel a vibrating butt.plug getting pushed into me and then I feel my.self about to cum, the other bottom goes from sucking to wanking me and I cum spurt after spurt of thick cum lands on my stomach and chest with some hitting me on my face, 7incher then leans over me and licks up all my fresh cum and then tells me how nice it’s tastes.

I then shower get dressed and have to leave knowing I’ve got at least 5 loads of cum still inside of me.

This was a good afternoon sadly it hasn’t happened like that again I’ve had other group meets but those were only.3sum but still took the guys seed in me.

I.do like getting fuck raw.

So this happen in the county where I live Somerset United Kingdom.

Please.dont comment about poor spelling or grammar I’m typing this with one ha d the other is wanking my cock.

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  • Reply Danny8282 ID:1ah742a78rc

    Ass or arse or bum or butt who cares it was a story.
    Hope I get a few more gangbangs or hard violent anal fucking by a good size cock.

  • Reply Anonymous 2. ID:e4jrcmpqvev

    Eat shit, dumbass. Arse. What the fuck? Arse? Try ASS best time, you fucking idiot! I’m sure that even you can understand that! 🖕

  • Reply Bob ID:1ddi8u108zq9

    Mmmmm, lots of great sucking and fucking!!!! Wish I could add my cock to the group.
    Love, sucks and fucks,

    new email = [email protected]


  • Reply Anonymous 2. ID:e4jrcmpqvev

    What is an arse? Ass, I know. Arse, nope

    • Fuck you ID:1e2kj44bdg35




      a person’s buttocks or anus.

      a stupid, irritating, or contemptible person.
      have enough interest or enthusiasm to do something.
      “I need to cut the grass, but I can’t be arsed to do it just yet”

      Guessing your a Yank?

  • Reply Gra78 ID:zdaqepd9k

    Fuck wish that was me

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    Yeah, wanking my cock too! Great stuff!!