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The stag do

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Dad and his friends got me to lap dance, strip, suck and fuck him and his friends at a stag do at our house.

I had my arms around his neck while he bit in to the side of mine, as he swept his hips back ready for one final thrust, I lifted my knees and wrapped my legs tightly around him, my toes curled and my legs went completely numb, I screeched with orgasm when he pushed his cock all the way in to my pussy and filled me with his seed.

Afterwards he stood and fastened his pants while walking away, being cheered by his friends who were watching on from behind us, another man, this would be the tenth, stepped forward and pulled down his zipper, he pulled out his cock and dropped to his knees, sliding himself between my legs he pushed his arms underneath mine and held me close, my pussy was in the process of closing when he slid his cock inside me.

His breath stunk of beer and cigarettes while he exhaled directly in to my face, I could hardly stand it, thankfully he didn’t last too long and I was relieved when he dumped his seed inside me and got off of me.

I was slowly falling asleep from sheer exhaustion when another man approached pushing down his tight jeans, he was holding a beer bottle and when he got to his knees he tipped the bottle and covered my naked body in beer while he and his friends all laughed, after throwing aside the bottle he roughly turned me over and pulled my bum backwards so it was raised up, he forced his cock in to my ass hole and fucked me hard from behind.

I held on to the corners of the cushion and buried my head in to it to try and ignore the pain but his cock was so big and stretching my bum hole beyond limits, I screamed with both searing pain and intense pleasure before sinking my teeth in to the fabric when he came in my ass.

After that my dad told them that was enough and he came over and picked me up, “Let’s get you to bed.”, he carried me up the stairs and in to my bedroom, placing me down softly on to my bed and covering me with the blanket.

Dad and his friends were having a stag doo that night, they’d been out in town but came back home to continue drinking, I joined in and soon got drunk, so drunk I started dancing for his friends on tables and the kitchen counter, I gave lap dances and things quickly got out of control, they gave me money to strip for them and I sucked a few cocks before my dad got me on the floor and took my cherry, I was as much to blame, I was the one that dared him to do it, after daddy had me his friends wanted a try and one after another they fucked me on the floor.

I went from an innocent 13 year old to a full on cock slut that night. I liked it, even though a lot of it was incredibly painful, I liked sucking and fucking cocks.

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    Isn’t this the end of a much bigger story where a guy’s little sister hides in his bachelor party cake?