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Breastfeeding boyfriend and sons

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My bf convinced me to breastfeed his sons, and one took my teat and my pussy

My boyfriend and I have been together for about a year now. I was upfront with him about my adult breastfeeding lifestyle, so I’ve been breastfeeding him regularly since very early in our relationship. I love the occasional MfM 3some, so we’ve shared my breast milk with a few of his friends, and I’m perfectly comfortable with that. I absolutely love breastfeeding men. But a few months ago, my boyfriend requested I start breastfeeding his teenage sons. They’re 15 and 17, incredibly tall already, basketball players. I was trepidatious at first, but after him pointing out in college I breastfed for pay, and those were strangers, and how a couple more mouths would help me express more, which means I’d produce more, I gave in.

It started as a typical sitting watching the TV night, when my bf pulled down one of my tank top straps, exposing my breast. He kissed me softly and bent down his head, nursed for a few minutes,then exposed my other breast and asked the boys if they’d like to try. They of course said yes. It only took them about 20 minutes to fully drain me. They latched quickly, and well. I got the sense this wasn’t their first time.

It’s become a regular part of the daily routine. Because of the near constant suckling my breasts have swollen to an H cup, and seem to just keep growing.

Usually my boyfriend will nurse in the middle of the night, sometimes I don’t even wake. The other night I felt him latch on, I woke, but didn’t open my eyes, I just kissed his head and moaned how good it felt. I was half asleep so it took a few seconds to feel his body against my back. How could he be spooning me, AND suckling? That’s when I realized my bf was still behind me and one of his sons was on my breast. I wasn’t sure what to do, and I had to admit it felt amazing. I put my arm up and back, around my bf, he started kissing my neck and whispered “growing boys need milk”. I let myself relax and enjoy it, and my bf took advantage of feeling me relax, by entering my ass from behind. I moaned and whimpered, I love it, but he’s very big and stretches me quite a bit. I don’t know why it surprised me, I guess I should’ve expected it, but I gasped as his son took my pussy. I didn’t think he could reach from his position, but I could feel his cock hitting my cervix, and he never released my nipple from his mouth.

I don’t know if we all came at once, or if me cumming made them cum, but it felt like my body exploded in to fireworks. His son pulled away slowly, and just disappeared in to the dark. My bf reached down between my legs and felt his son’s cum drain from me. I fell asleep with his cock still stretching my ass.

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  • Reply slobodan ID:26coq4k09

    the title sounds like a company name. you know, like Steinway & Sons.

  • Reply MystyGardens ID:1a4kzeo38i

    Wow! That was absolutely wonderful. I love breastfeeding adults and children a lot, so breasts stay producing milk in the maximum amount for as many years as possible. It is incredibly delightful.
    I also love a wife sexually shared with hubby’s brothers, sons, father, or best friend. This keeps the woman very happy sexually (if they treat her well ) and insures the breasts are always full again quickly. A lovely lifestyle.

  • Reply Peach28 ID:hzk7344


    • MystyGardens ID:1a4kzeo38i

      Yes, yum! Breast milk is delicious!