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We scored that day

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Our football coach got us a cheerleader to fuck so that we would focus more on our football game and less on sex.

I attended a private school for boys and I was part of the school football team, the school had won every game for the last 19 years but this year our team was losing and our coach was getting increasingly frustrated, he wanted to retire undefeated at his 20th game.

He tried tough love, forcing us all to train for 2-3 extra hours every single day, it just made us more exhausted, then he asked us what the hell was going on with us, we told him we were just distracted, he figured it was hormones because we were all 16 years old in an all boy school, so he gave us hormone blockers, but even those didn’t work in helping us focus.

One evening we all turned up to training and the coach told us all to head down to the basement instead of to the football field, he took us in to a large empty damp room and there was a table in the middle of the room with a sheet over it, there was something underneath the sheet.

“Right, lads. Maybe this will help you get your focus back.” He said, then he pulled away the sheet, underneath it was a girl, a cheerleader, still dressed in her cheerleading outfit, a girl from the all-girls school a few miles away and she was drugged, tied up and gagged.

“Do what you need to do.” He said, then he went and stood by the door behind us and folded his arms waiting.

We gathered around the table looking at the girl, she was about 14, none of us knew who she was, “What are you doing, coach?” we asked.

He raced over, lifted her jersey revealing her big breasts and then he ripped off her skirt and pulled off her panties, “Fuck her and you won’t be thinking about sex all the time.” He said.

We weren’t sure at first if he was serious, but then one of the lads excitedly walked up to the table, he grabbed her legs and pulled her ass up to the edge of the table, then he pushed down his shorts, took out his cock and started to fuck her, “Woooow – yeah.” He yelled, pounding his cock in to her pussy and making the table rattle.

He ejaculated very quickly and pulled out of her, “Thanks, coach.” He said, pulling his shorts back up, then one by one the rest of us stepped up, strangely we formed an orderly line behind each other as we waited for our turn to rape her.

By the time I got to the front of the line and it was my turn, her pussy was filled with spunk, it was dripping out of her hole and forming a little puddle of spunk on the floor, it looked a big off putting and I wasn’t too happy about sticking my cock in the other boys spunk, but her pussy looked so good, so I took a deep breath and just pushed my cock inside it.

It was very slimy inside, as I pushed my cock inside her, it forced all the spunk out of her and it seeped out the side around my cock, her pussy was incredibly tight and I knew this is what I needed, so I pounded her hard, I had to hold on to the corners of the table to stop it moving, then I reached out and squeezed her tits like I was trying to burst some balloons and I proper lost control and just hammered away with my cock.

Not satisfied with just her pussy, I turned her over, I flipped her over with such force the sound of her slamming down on to the table as she spun echoed around the room, I pulled her legs off the table so her feet were on the floor and she was bend over it, then I took my cock and pushed it up her tight little ass hole and buggered her.

After I emptied my balls in to her ass, the other boys thought fucking her anally looked like fun, so they all lined up again and took turns to fuck her up the ass, even the coach gave her a quick pounding.

I felt sorry for the girl though, not because she was getting gang raped, but because she was unconscious and missing all the fun, she will never know how good it feels to get gang raped, the pleasure of all our cocks pounding her every hole, one after the other, poor girl is missing out.

We took out all our sexual frustration on her, used her as our personal come dump for hours, we don’t know what happened to her afterwards, coach never told us, but it definitely helped us focus on the game and we actually won in the end.

Good times.

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  • Reply Thomas ID:1ah770lfxia

    I wish i was in your football team

  • Reply ian ID:2vqw7fs7499

    wonder if this shit is true

  • Reply Gen_tuu ID:2kyee16vqm

    Nice story must have been fun